Jeeves and Wooster

Season 3 Episode 2

Bertie Ensures Bicky Can Continue To Live in Manhattan

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 1992 on ITV
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Jeeves and Wooster must devise a plan that will allow Bertie's old friend Bicky, an aimless drifter, to deceive his father so that he may remain living in Manhattan and receiving an allowance. At the same time, they must assist recluse wilderness-loving poet Rockmotteller in avoiding city life, when the aunt he depends upon for his livelihood commands him to move to Manhattan and partake of the urban nightlife in her stead. Tangled in the intricate webs of deception woven for his two desperate friends, Bertie finds himself hovering without a place of his own to call home.moreless

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      • M. Rockmotteller: And to think that it was by mere accident that I heard him (Jimmy Mundy)! I asked your manservant, Jeeves, to take me to the hippodrome to the matinée. The man has very little intelligence.

      • Chiswick: That blasted door was locked!
        Jeeves: I'm so sorry, Your Grace. That was my doing. There were reporters present from The Daily Chronicle. I did not have time to warn Your Grace.
        Chiswick: Reporters. The devils are on my trail already... because I'm a duke, you know! That's all it is! You don't get reporters running after you, do you?
        Jeeves: Very seldom, Your Grace.

      • (Bertie locked the Duke of Chiswick in his bedroom)
        M. Rockmeteller: There's somebody in there, I say!
        Wooster: Yes, it must be Jeeves.
        Rocky: No, it-
        Wooster: It's Jeeves. Ah, yes. It's stuck. Yes, it's all right, Jeeves! The door's jammed again. You know how it keeps jamming, particularly after a tremor.
        Chiswick: This door's locked!
        M. Rockmeteller: He said it's locked!
        Wooster: Yes, it did sound like that. What he actually said was, "the whole building rocked."
        M. Rockmeteller: Rocked?
        Wooster: Yes, it's all right, Jeeves, we'll have you out of there in no time!
        Jeeves: I brought you some fresh tea, sir.
        M. Rockmeteller: That's Jeeves!
        Jeeves: Yes, madam?
        M. Rockmeteller: Then who is in that room?
        Jeeves: In that room, madam, the painter. The room is being redecorated. I lock him in until he's finished. He's a fine craftsman, but unreliable. Get back to your work! You will have a drink when you finish and not before! Would you like some tea, Ms. Rockmeteller?

      • M. Rockmeteller: You seem very much at home here, young man. Are you a great friend of Rockmeteller's?
        Wooster: Oh, yes. Rather, yes.
        M. Rockmeteller: Well, you'd need to be... the way you treat his apartment as if it were your own. The way you keep opening and closing your mouth like that... are you ill?
        Wooster: Would you like some tea?

      • (Jeeves, Bertie, and Bicky are in a diner.)
        Waitress: Two shakes, and a coffee for the big fella.
        Jeeves: Thank you.
        Waitress: Say, you're pretty cute. You know that?
        Jeeves: Thank you, so I have been informed.
        Waitress: You really slay me!
        Wooster: Jeeves, you seem to have a fickle fascination for the women in this country.
        Jeeves: Uh, yes, it is a problem, sir.

      • (Jeeves, Bertie, and Bicky are in a diner.)
        Waitress: One burger medium, one rare, and one ham and eggs over-easy. Ya want a shake with that?
        Jeeves: Thank you, no. I shall, uh, just sit here quietly, I think.
        Waitress: Is he being funny?
        Wooster: No, he always talks like that. She means, "do you want a milkshake," Jeeves.
        Jeeves: Oh! Um, thank you, no. A cup of coffee, if you please.
        Jeeves: You got it!
        Jeeves: (looking around) I don't think I have.

      • Woman in Stairwell: Whaddaya want?
        Jeeves: Good afternoon, madam.
        Woman in Stairwell: Don't you go good-afternoonin' me; I'm a respectable woman.
        Jeeves: I have no reason to doubt it, madam. We are calling upon Mr Bickerstaff.
        Woman in Stairwell: Next floor up... Hey! Big fella! You're kinda cute the way ya talk.
        Jeeves: Madam is too kind.
        Woman in Stairwell: If ya want to come in and split a beer anytime...
        Jeeves: Well, I should most certainly bear your most generous invitation in mind if I am in the vicinity. Good afternoon, madam.

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