Jeeves and Wooster

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 05, 1991 on ITV
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Bertie's cacophonous trombone playing drives Jeeves to give his notice Soon he is snapped up by Chuffy Chuffnell who owns the village to which Bertie was forced to move after his playing bothered his neighbours. Bertie's school chum Chuffy hopes to propose to a wealthy American, Pauline, one of Bertie's former fiancées.moreless

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      • Bertie: Brinkley, there's a curious smell.
        Brinkley: Smell? Ah, that's your meat pie!
        Bertie: Ah... uh, Brinkley, look: there's been a slight change of plan. I've just remembered that my uncle's not very well.
        Brinkley: What uncle?
        Bertie: Um...Reginald, if you must know. So, uh, I think I'll just, uh-
        Brinkley: What about your pie?
        Bertie: Haven't got time for that. Help yourself.
        Brinkley: I'm not eating that.

      • Chuffy: I've nearly finished the letter. I've start more or less to what you've suggested.
        Jeeves: "More or less," sir?
        Chuffy: Well, some of it was, I don't know... a bit too soppy.
        Jeeves: You'll pardon me for saying so, sir, but soppiness is at the very heart of a successful love letter. Without a sufficient degree of soppiness, there is a danger of the communication being laid aside by the recipient to be read at some future date together with the gas bill, sir.

      • Jeeves: His exact words were, "She's not to go getting kissed by that imbecile friend of hers again."
        Wooster: Meaning me.
        Jeeves: Seems likely, sir.
        Wooster: He said all this to Chuffie, you say?
        Jeeves: Yes, sir.
        Wooster: About this imbecile friend kissing this Stoker.
        Jeeves: Yes, sir. Lord Chufnel appeared somewhat put-out by the information.
        Wooster: What did he say?
        Jeeves: He mentioned something about scooping out your insides.

      • Seabury: My uncle says you're to come to lunch.
        Wooster: Who's your uncle?
        Seabury: Uncle Chuffy.
        Wooster: Oh, Chuffy! Well, well. Uh, shall we be lunching alone?
        Seabury: No. His mother, me, and some American people.
        Wooster: Oh. I guess I had better go put on a suit.
        Seabury: No.
        Wooster: What, you think I look all right?
        Seabury: No, I think you look rotten. But there isn't time.

      • Wooster: Well, anyway, we shall be going out to Devon for a couple weeks this afternoon, Brinkley. I hope that meets your approval.
        Brinkley: I don't have any say, do I?
        Wooster: Yes, yes, yes... I see what you mean.

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