Jeeves and Wooster - Season 1

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Brinkley Manor
    Episode 5
    Jeeves has to persuade Aunt Dahlia's cook to resume his employment following Wooster's disastrous ideas which caused him to resign his post. Gussie's future with Madeline depends on his ability to make a speech at the local school prizegiving.
  • Will Anatole Return to Brinkley Court?
    In order to reunite Gussie and Madeline, Bertie realizes that some extra courage is called for on Gussie's part, and so spikes his morning orange juice. Unbeknownst to him, Jeeves has done the same thing, resulting in a very tipsy Gussie, who must hand out the prizes at the local grammar school. Gussie's drunken display causes Madeline to call off their budding romance. Cousin Angela still won't speak to Tuppy, and Aunt Dahlia's ladies' magazine is in dire need of funds. It's up to Jeeves to come to the rescue, which he does by employing 'the old fire bell scheme'. With everyone outside in the cold, and the key to the house gone, it's up to Bertie to ride the nine miles to retrieve it. The plan that Jeeves has concocted has a hidden element, and by the time that Bertie returns, all is well at Brinkley Court.moreless
  • How Does Gussie Woo Madeline?
    Gussie Fink Nottle is in love with Madeline Bassett, and seeks Bertie's advice on wooing women. Aunt Dahlia demands that Bertie attend the local grammar school to hand out prizes; Bertie, looking to escape any kind of duty at all, sees a way out of both of his problems: he sends Gussie off to Brinkley Court, where Madeline is, with orders to deliver the prizes at the school. Things take a turn for the worse, and Bertie's presence is required. Arriving to find that both Gussie and Madeline, as well as Cousin Angela and her fiance, Tuppy, are on the outs, Bertie comes up with the perfect plan, and even manages to include Aunt Dahlia in his scheme in her bid to get some much-needed money for her ladies' magazine. Unfortunately, his plan has some unforeseen repercussions.moreless
  • The Hunger Strike
    Episode 4
    After leading a sheltered life, Gussie Fink Nottle has retired to the country and devoted himself to newts. Now Bertie's help is required as Gussie is in love with Madeline Bassett but has no idea what to do.
  • 5/6/90
    When she learns that Uncle George wants to marry a young waitress, Aunt Agatha is horrified, and schemes to have Bertie pay the young woman off in order to get rid of her. Jeeves, however, has a different plan, and invites the girl and her aunt over for tea. This ends one engagement, but reunites Uncle George with his long lost love: the aunt, who used to be a barmaid. In order to escape the wrath of Aunt Agatha, Bertie flees to Twing Hall, and engages in some betting on the local sports day, contrary to the express wishes of Lady Wickhammersley. He and his pal, Bingo Little, seem to have an inside track, but the local odds-man rigs the races, and it's up to Jeeves to save the day.moreless
  • Bertie is in Love
    Episode 2
    Trouble brews when Bertie becomes enamored of the wily Bobbie Wickham after a round of golf with Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps. Bertie's old friend Tuppy Glossop dotes on an overbearing opera singer and Jeeves makes a plan involving a concert in which Bertie has to sing.
  • In Court After the Boat Race
    Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha wishes him to marry the robust Honoria Glossop so she can add some much needed strong blood into the Wooster line. However, his old friend Bingo Little is in love with her. His new valet Jeeves arrives just in time to suggest a scheme for eluding matrimony.moreless
  • 4/22/90
    First of a new comedy drama based on the novels by P.G. Wodehouse. Bertram Wilberforce Wooster is temporarily without a valet and finds himself in court following the festivities around the University Boat Race. But help is at hand in the form of Jeeves. Aunt Agatha decides Bertie should marry and arranges for him to spend the weekend with Honoria Glossop, at her parents home Ditteridge Hall.moreless