Jeeves and Wooster - Season 2

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • 5/19/91
    Having grown tired of his daily routine, Bertie has determined that children are the answer to his loneliness, of course Jeeves reminds that he this means he needs to get married first. Soon Bertie begins to rethink is relationship with Bobbie Wickham. Meanhwhile, Bingo Little seeks his uncle's approval to marry a teashop waitress.moreless
  • 5/12/91
    The always-chivalrous Bertie is called on to protect Pauline Stoker from a mysterious stranger who's been following her about London. Their ensuing trip to Chufnell Regis embroils Bertie in goings-on that include a compromising overnight stay at an inn, a birthday party on the Stoker's yacht, a group of black-face minstrels, and an unlikely alliance with Sir Roderick Glossop, all coming to a head on the night when Old Boggy is said to walk the streets of Chufnell Regis. As usual, Jeeves comes up with a solution to everyone's dilemmas.moreless
  • Chuffy
    Episode 4
    Bertie's cacophonous trombone playing drives Jeeves to give his notice Soon he is snapped up by Chuffy Chuffnell who owns the village to which Bertie was forced to move after his playing bothered his neighbours. Bertie's school chum Chuffy hopes to propose to a wealthy American, Pauline, one of Bertie's former fiancées.moreless
  • Pearls Mean Tears
    Episode 3
    Summoned to the seaside Bertie is subjected to the match-making plans of his awesome Aunt Agatha, who wants him to meet Aline Hemmingway, the sister of the local curate. All is not what it seems, however, and Bertie soon falls victim to the Hemmingways, who, for all their masquerade of genteel respectability, turn out to be notorious confidence tricksters. When Aunt Agatha's pearls go missing, Jeeves' suspicions are aroused and while the local constabulary is brought in to investigate, Jeeves decides to some detective work of his own. Meanwhile, Bertie happens to bump into his absent-minded chum Biffy Biffen, who bemoans the fact that he has mislaid his adored Mabel, a chorus girl to whom he recently proposed. Wooster's sympathy later turns to astonishment, when he reads of Biffy's sudden engagement to Honoria Glossop, with whom Bertie was once briefly entangled. Biffy puts his engagement down to his mournful state of mind and confesses that he would prefer not to marry Honoria. Almost immediately a solution presents itself, when, with Bertie and the Glossops, Biffy attends a new entertainment at a threatre. During the show, none other than Mabel appears on stage and to Jeeves's satisfaction and the Glossops' outrage, she and Biffy scramble into each other's arms.Includes an early appearance by Martin Clunes.moreless
  • The Con
    The Con
    Episode 3
    Aunt Agatha wants Bertie to settle down, and has found the perfect girl for him: Aline Hemmingway, the sister of a Curate. She ropes Bertie into a seaside holiday, where he's forced to spend time with Aline and her brother. When Sidney requires some money, he looks to Bertie, who offers a loan with Aline's pearls used as security. Bertie loses the pearls, and is astonished to learn that Aunt Dahlia has just lost a similar necklace. Jeeves sees to the heart of the matter, solving the rash of pearl thefts and relieving Bertie of his pending engagement to Aline at the same time. Bertie's old pal, Biffy, is also at the seaside, and he's lost something too: his fiancée. Unable to remember her name, or anything about her, the case seems hopeless, particularly since he's acquired a new fiancée in the meantime. Jeeves comes to the rescue again, disposing of the new fiancée and restoring the old one.moreless
  • The Bassetts' Fancy Dress Ball
    Gussie Fink Nottle is intimidated by prospective father-in-law Sir Watkyn Bassett and his violent associate Spode and writes down all his mean thoughts about them in his notebook. However, the notebook soon goes missing and then falls into the wrong hands. Soon, he enlists the aid of Jeeves to help him get it back.moreless
  • A Plan for Gussie
    Episode 2
    Bungling Bertie Wooster gets himself into a bit of a pickle at the Bassets' Fancy Dress Ball, where the engagement of his friend Gussie Fink Nottle is due to be announced. The trouble is caused when Stiffy plants Constable Oates' helmet in Bertie's wardrobe.
  • The Silver Jug
    Episode 1
    Uncle Tom's silver collection is suffering; every piece that he tries to buy is snapped up by Sir Watkyn Bassett. Aunt Dahlia sends Bertie off to check on a silver cow creamer that Uncle Tom has his eye on; unfortunately, Bertie unwittingly tips off Sir Watkyn to the creamer's existence. With orders to retrieve it, Bertie arrives at Totleigh Towers, where he finds Gussie and Madeline's engagment in tatters. Stiffy blackmails Bertie into helping her with her own romantic problems, wanting him to steal the cow creamer so that her finace can 'catch' the thief and make good in Uncle Watkyn's eyes. Unfortunately, Bertie is under the watchful eye of Sir Roderick Spode, who threatens to beat Bertie senseless if the cow creamer goes missing. Jeeves saves the day by using the resources of his Valets' Club to get rid of Spode as a threat, and retrieve the creamer for Aunt Dahlia.moreless