Jeeves and Wooster - Season 3

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • 5/3/92
    Bertie's old friend Bingo Little masquerades as a Bolshevik activist to impress a woman with whom he has become infatuated. Bertie must try to persuade a prominent author to allow her latest novel to be published in Aunt Dahlia's magazine.
  • 4/26/92
    Everyone at Totleigh Towers feels Sir Watkyn Bassett must be prevented from publishing his scandalous memoirs, as it is feared they will tarnish reputations if they reach the public eye. Meanwhile, Jeeves is distressed by Bertie's engagement to the dictatorial Lady Florence Craye.
  • Bertie Takes Gussie's Place at Deverill Hall
    Having returned from his sojourn in America, Bertie reenters the all-too-familiar world of authoritative aunts and starry-eyed ex-fiancees. A crisis of identity ensues when Bertie steps in to help Gussie Fink Nottle make a lasting impression on bride-to-be Madeline Bassett's demanding Godmother at Deverill Hall, while Bertie is himself meant to be there wooing young Gertrude Deverill.moreless
  • Right Ho, Jeeves
    Episode 4
    When Gussie Fink-Nottle is arrested, Bertie has to assume his identity and take his place at Deverill Hall to meet his fiancee's godmother Dame Daphne Winworth. Meanwhile, the scheming Aunt Agatha has come up with another prospective wife for her nephew.
  • 4/12/92
    Lady Bassington-Bassington is adamant her son Cyril will not go on the stage, so she sends him to Bertie in New York. But there's trouble when Cyril lands a part in a musical and Aunt Agatha decides to visit Manhattan.
  • Cyril and the Broadway Musical
    A struggling American portrait artist who desires his controlling uncle's approval to marry enlists Bertie's aid. Aunt Agatha places under Bertie's supervision a young man consumed with an unshakeable passion for the theatre.
  • Jeeves and Wooster must devise a plan that will allow Bertie's old friend Bicky, an aimless drifter, to deceive his father so that he may remain living in Manhattan and receiving an allowance. At the same time, they must assist recluse wilderness-loving poet Rockmotteller in avoiding city life, when the aunt he depends upon for his livelihood commands him to move to Manhattan and partake of the urban nightlife in her stead. Tangled in the intricate webs of deception woven for his two desperate friends, Bertie finds himself hovering without a place of his own to call home.moreless
  • Safety in New York
    Safety in New York
    Episode 1
    Jeeves and Wooster set sail for New York, hoping for a quiet getaway from Bertie's tyrannical Aunt Agatha. But Bertie can't evade responsibility that easily, and he soon finds himself charged with the exasperating task of looking after a sheltered mother's boy and giving him his first taste of big city life. Tuppy Glossop ventures to New York, as well, to embark on a business scheme of not-so-grand proportions.moreless
  • Bertie Sets Sail
    Episode 1
    Bertie finds he has been won in a raffle by the unspeakable Honoria Glossop and decides the only option is to flee the country. On board the same New York bound liner is the overbearing Lady Malvern and her Son Lord 'Motty' Penshore. Just as things start to look gloomy 'Tuffy' Glossop appears on the scene.moreless