Jeeves and Wooster - Season 4

ITV (ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • The Ex's Are Nearly Married Off
    The Ganymede Club book-- containing potentially scandalous information about certain members of the ruling class, as recorded by their personal valets-- has been stolen. The impending wedding between Madeline Bassett and Spode at Totleigh Towers is fraught with complications.
  • The Ties That Bind
    Episode 6
    Bertie is convinced he is a free man. Jeeves however, decides to err on the side of caution
  • 6/13/93
    Bertie finds himself becoming a thief and having to impersonate an African Chief.
  • Totleigh Towers
    Totleigh Towers
    Episode 5
    When Gussie ends his engagement to Madeline, Bertie fears that he'll have to fill the hole in Madeline's heart, and so rushes to Totleigh Towers to make things right between the two. Arriving to find that Stiffy and Stinker are also having problems, Bertie learns that all difficulties can be attributed to a cursed African tribal totem that Sir Watkyn has recently purchased. Gussie's failed attempt at vegetarianism puts the seal of doom on his engagement to Madeline, but luckily for Bertie, there's someone else waiting in the wings to ease the pain of her broken heart.moreless
  • Arrested in a Night Club
    Bertie's new mustache comes between Lady Florence and fiance Stilton Cheesewright. Aunt Dahlia requires assistance from Jeeves to retrieve a pearl necklace she has pawned.
  • 6/6/93
    Back in England Bertie finds himself dressing as a maid to help his Aunt Dahlia out of a sticky situation, meanwhile, Stilton Cheesewright, jealous of Lady Florence's attentions, threatens Bertie with violence.
  • 5/30/93
    Perpetually love-sick Bingo Little has bestowed his affections on a mild-mannered waitress, and once again he implores Bertie to assume the identity of a popular romance novelist to appeal in the name of love to Bingo's disapproving uncle (This plot thread continues from episode #20.). Sir Roderick Glossop hopes to take a bride, but first he has to marry off daughter Honoria, so Bertie must find a suitable means to disengage her revived interest in him as a prospective husband.moreless
  • Bertie must arrange a secret meeting between two millionaire business tycoons. Meanwhile, fiery-tempered Stilton Cheesewright suspects Bertie has designs on his betrothed, Lady Florence.
  • Return to New York
    Episode 1
    While in New York, Bertie commissions a portrait of Aunt Agatha from a young artist whom he hopes to marry. Tuppy Glossop sells a recipe for Cock-a-Leekie soup to an American soup mogul.