Jeeves and Wooster

Season 2 Episode 6

Wooster with a Wife

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 1991 on ITV



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    • Jeeves: Shall I contact the estate agents tomorrow, sir?
      Wooster: Estate agents, Jeeves?
      Jeeves: I understood that it was you intention to take a house of sufficient size for Mrs Scholfield and her three young ladies to live with you.
      Wooster: Oh, no no no. No, that's all off, Jeeves. No. Young ladies? Fiends, Jeeves. Fiends. Every one of them.

    • Jeeves: A thought has just occurred to me, sir.
      Wooster: This is no time for thought, Jeeves.

    • Wooster: I wish I had a daughter. I wonder what the procedure is.
      Jeeves: Marriage is, I believe, sir, the preliminary step... for those willing to undergo its rigors.

    • Wooster: Fed-up with the monotony of it all. The bally balliness of it all makes it so bally bally.

    • (about Angela's new hat)
      Tuppy: All I said was that it made her look like a raccoon peering out from underneath a flower pot... which it did.

  • Notes

    • This episode draws from five P.G. Wodehouse short stories: "Bertie Changes His Mind", "Jeeves & The Kid Clementina", "The Ordeal Of Young Tuppy", "Jeeves Exerts The Old Cerebellum", and "No Wedding Bells For Bingo".

    • This episode is a.k.a "Jeeves the Matchmaker".

    • This episode first aired in the US on January 22nd 1995.

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