Jeffery & Cole Casserole

LOGO (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Into the Woods
      Main sketch, "The Into the Woods": Jeffery and Cole's trip into the woods gets dangerous when they are invited to a party for underage boys. Other sketches: "Who's Your Daddy?," "The Man Who Came at Dinner," "Little Old Ladies," "Jeffery & Cole Have Broccoli Explained to Them," "The Missing Sock Drawer," "Shorts!"moreless
    • The Erin Brockovitch
      Main sketch, "The Erin Brockovitch": Jeffery and Cole go to court to avenge Justine's death. Other sketches: "So Your Baby's an Alcoholic," "Evenin', Mama," "Counting to 10 with Elizabeth Shoe," "A Polite Witch in a College Course," "Chairs!," "Can You Heat This Up?," "What's Your Biggest Secret?," "Emotional Baggage."
    • The Weather Lady
      The Weather Lady
      Episode 6
      Main sketch, "The Weather Lady": Jeffery and Cole try to help their favorite weather lady (Erin Markey). Other sketches: "Applesauce Parade," "Tell Me When," "What's That Smell??," "Explaining How to Operate a Remote Control to Melissa Joan Hart Over the Phone," "Aunt Tizzie's Summer Sweat Tea," "Enter the Old Show Queen!," "Conspiracy Theories for Kidz," "Meet Roy!"moreless
    • The Teen Moms
      The Teen Moms
      Episode 5
      Main sketch, "The Teen Moms": To improve their careers, Jeffery and Cole decide to become teen moms. Other sketches: "We're Out of Milk," "The Shoe Police," "Jeffery & Cole Private Moment," "What Do U Want 2 Be When U Grow Up?," "Watching Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy Have Sex," "Heavenly Music," "Break Up," "Giggling Angels," "Two Bananas,"moreless
    • The Becky II
      The Becky II
      Episode 4
      Main sketch, "The Becky II": When Becky finds a new friend, Jeffery and Cole audition people to be their new Becky. Other sketches: "I'm Your Hangover & I'm Here for You," "This Coffee Tastes Like S#*t!," "The Rude Foot," "Borscht Belt Homosexuals," "Shannon! Who Do You Have a Crush On?," "You're Not Getting Any Younger," "No Cell Phones, Please," "Giving Advice to Jeanne Tripplehorn While She's in the Shower," "A Polite Witch at a Job Interview," "They're Back!"moreless
    • The Class Ring
      The Class Ring
      Episode 3
      Jeffery's dad and Cole's mom are at odds over a class ring that Cole's mom allegedly stole from Jeffery's dad years ago, which puts Jeffery and Cole's friendship to the test.
    • The New Guy
      The New Guy
      Episode 2
      Main sketch, "The New Guy": Jeffery and Cole compete for the affections of a new guy in town.

      Other sketches: "Clown Hystertome," "Giggling Angels," "Rise and Shine North Dakota," "Throwing Wigs at New Jersey," "Meat," "Sick Sad Shower," "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor... Wacky Jack's Adult Care Facility," "Let's Do Something Really F*#@d Up," "More Water?," "Word Game,"moreless
    • The Jobs
      The Jobs
      Episode 1
      Jeffery and Cole decide to get jobs to raise money to enter a fishing competition.
  • Season 1