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James Nesbitt stars as Tom Jackman, who struggles to deal with his dark alter ego, Mr. Hyde. This is a modern reworking of the world famous tale by Robert Louis Stevenson. Tom employs modern technology to keep his other half in check and protect his family. Tom is not aware that he is being monitored by a secret society and that he and Hyde are part of a terrifying centuries-old plot.

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  • James Nesbitt

    James Nesbitt

    Dr. Tom Jackman / Mr. Hyde

    Michelle Ryan

    Michelle Ryan

    Katherine Reimer

    Denis Lawson

    Denis Lawson

    Peter Syme

    Gina Bellman

    Gina Bellman

    Claire Jackman

    Meera Syal

    Meera Syal

    Miranda Callendar

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    • Where is series 2?

      I enjoyed Jekyll so much! I watched it on Netflix recently and it was brilliant. I loved everything about it, but they left it on such a huge cliffhanger! Why?

      Where is series 2? I have emailed the BBC about it, but I just get an automated reply. I really want them to make a series 2!
    • Hello Toots!

      Ok to be honest Jekyll only caught my eye because it stared the ever wonderful Leverage's Gina Bellman. I don't think I've ever seen James Nesbitt in anything else and unfortunately I missed Jekyll when it first aired in 2007. So really I took a punt with Jekyll and I'm so glad I did since it's probably the best 6 hours of TV I've spent watching in a long time. James Nesbitt is absolutely superb as Jackman/Hyde and with the aid of little more than a black wig and a pair of black contact lenses manages to convince us he really is two separate people in one body. I particularly liked Hyde's interactions with Jackman's wife Claire which range from initially nerve racking to pure comedy to genuinely touching (keep an eye out for the wine cellar scenes in particular and when Hyde is trying to help Claire and the boys escape from the Klein and Utterson It might be just a me thing but I ended up rather liking Hyde after all he really only harms those who thoroughly deserve it especially anyone who threatens Claire and her children. Plus Hyde definitely gets the lion's share (no pun intended) of the best lines. Gina Bellman's Claire turns out to be a feisty, intelligent not to mention brave heroine who is more than a match for her beastly husband and although a little underused at first really comes into her own in later episodes. The supporting cast is excellent too Denis Lawson is suitable smarmy as Jackman's boss/best friend/chief betrayer whilst Meera Syal and Fenella Woolgar expertly provide the comic relief. I do have a few small quibbles in that Michelle Ryan looks far too young to be an experienced anything let alone a Psychiatric Nurse, she does a competent job and I know the idea was to have a decent age gap between Claire and Catherine so Catherine would not be competition for Claire but to me she still seems a little miscast. Also the final episode leaves a fair few questions unanswered probably due to the fact a second series was planned that to date has not been produced which is a crying shame. Anyway if you enjoy well written, well acted quality drama and don't mind the sight of blood then trust me you are in for a real treat with Jekyll.moreless
    • there really should be a 2nd series,

      James Nesbitt is fantastic in this role, even better then, Jim Carey, and that's saying something. I would love him to play a role from my book. I haven't seen him play a role like this before, but I love it. please please please, you have to make a second series. should have advertised it more when it was on, I would have definitely watched it. I always buy series that i enjoy and i would definitely buy all this series if more were made.moreless
    • An odd take on the classic "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

      In one word: Wow.

      A good story, with a colorful supporting cast, an incredible writer and, to top it all, James Nesbitt in one of the best performances seen on tv for quite some time now. The back and forth between Jackman and Hyde has been emotional, revelling and, in more than one occasion, quite frightening. Every episode took you just a bit further into the insanity of Hyde, and this journey was simply addictive. And even though the miniseries has a proper ending, one can´t help to want one more look inside the world of Dr. Jackman and Mr. Hyde.

      I still think wow says it all.moreless
    • Great show! Creative writing, and original story!

      A British Mini series shown on BBC America, Jekyll tells the story of a real modern time Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It is rivetting, and truly original, as the story is told in sequences based upon the main charaters life. The acting was superb, as you can really see the difference between the two cahracters, though played by the same man. The directing and editing ia also above par, as the scenes blend well, and the story is told in two perspective that eventually links the plot together. Though the series is pretty short lived, it is sure to be a cult classic.moreless
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