Season 1 Episode 5

Episode Five

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2007 on BBC
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When Hyde is released from the box, it appears Jackman is gone forever. However, flashbacks to the original Jekyll and Hyde reveal the importance of Claire Jackman to both present-day Jackman/Jekyll and Hyde. Meanwhile, Hyde asks the institute for a half hour alone with Claire and her children in return for his cooperation so that he can "play."


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  • James Nesbitt deserves an award for the character Hyde. Unique and captivating.

    This episode is absolutely brilliant. its the first time i ever replayed an episode to see the actor play the character again. even though he is the bad side, the character of Hyde is captivating. james nesbitt deserves an award for the character Hyde. the way he jumps about with his expressions and vocalisations etc. are completely entertaining. i love it. the best program to come around in a long time. i have loved it from the start but this episode is the best by far. u really get to see alot of Hyde. i'm reluctant to delete the copy i've downloaded. i'll be sad to see this one go. i would recommend anyone wanting to see it to watch the others first, its much better if u know whats going on and u get a sense of Hyde from the start.moreless
  • Jackman aka Jekyll and Hyde team up to rescue Claire and their sons.

    This was a great episode, a true series classic.

    The flashbacks to the original Jekyll and Hyde were interesting, the connection between then and now was a stroke of genius. There never was a potion! It's all about the woman!

    We still don't know what this organisation wants with Hyde, it's been planning for more than 100 years, but what??

    Hyde gaining access to Jackman's memories, in full 3D even, makes it interesting and more difficult to tell them apart. I wonder whether this will work both ways, does Jackman now gain access to Hyde's memories, his abilities perhaps??

    It's been established that Hyde is somewhat child-like but now Jackman and Hyde have a truce, there's an adult involved as well as a very, very powerful child. Next week's episode promises to be great...moreless
  • Oh my goodness what a episode (episode spoilers inside)

    loved it was so good the fact we found out all those years ago that there was nt really a potion that dr jekyll turned into hyde because of a girl the maid ( who is mrs jackman present time) the person who came out of the box was hyde and he seemed to be getting all of dr jackmans memories he convinced the company that he wanted half a hour alone with mrs jackman and the children to kill them wheninstead he wanted to help them escape hyde to mrs jackman: i see you in a world that moves so fast you make me weak

    it endered me to him so much though i have one question who the hell is that woman who seems to be running everything ?

    at the end was brilliant even though the company tried to get rid of dr jackman hyde used all the power in the city to bring him back and dr jackmans hilling message at the end tell her we are coming so cant wait till next weekmoreless
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Malcolm Storry

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Bruce MacKinnon


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    • Stevenson: People aren't stupid. This tale is not in my normal style. There are those a few, who might suspect its origins in truth, in a tale of a potion that can transform its hero into a demon.
      Jekyll: I am not a hero and it is not a tale.

    • Malcolm: The thing is, basically, you may not be stabilized yet. It's for your own good. Basically.
      Hyde: Okay, Mr. Basically. Talk to me like you know me again, in public where people can see, and the next sound you hear will be your own neck snapping. Do we now have a basis for communication?

    • Alice: What do you hope to achieve, sir?
      Jekyll: Your protection.
      Alice: With a tale of a magic potion? Do you think anyone will think that's the truth?
      Jekyll: The truth is just a tale told often enough.

    • Min: Four women locked in a room without a single magazine. It's like some kind of vile experiment.

    • Hyde: The next stage of human evolution. How much do you get for that these days?

    • Min: Do you know what I'm thinking?
      Miranda: God forbid you should ever have an unexpressed thought.

    • Miranda: Ooh! Technology's running away with me. It's just no fun being locked up any more.
      Min: Like you ever listen when I say that.

    • Hyde: You're safe with me.
      Claire: You're a psychopath and I am not safe.
      Hyde: I'm a psychopath with superpowers and you're my girl!

    • Hyde: I'm so strong, I walk through this funny little world of yours and I don't notice it. It bores me. But you, you, Mrs. Jackman… you make me weak. I notice you. You've never been safer in your life.

    • Hyde: Okey dokey, you first.
      Claire: Why me?
      Hyde: Fantastic arse.

    • Hyde: I'm supposed to be a superman. Why am I not a superman?

    • Hyde: I've got rewind. Look at that! (makes the memories rewind and fast-forward) I've got digital rewind, it's like Sky+ in here!

    • (Security enter the room)
      Hyde: The thing about consuming an alter-ego, bit like a Chinese, a minute later you're hungry again. Hello boys!

    • Hyde: Oh, this feels good, roomy, look at all this space! I could put up shelves!
      Claire: Where is he? Where's my husband?
      Hyde: Search me, love, he was in here a minute ago, turn my back and whoosh, not even a tip on the dresser! Men! Oh, this feels so peaceful, love it. No more boring little doctor yapping away in the corner, honestly you have no idea, "don't do this, don't do that, don't kill her, your turn to shave", and if I'd had one more argument about who was biting the finger-nails, ohhh. Did that bug you, the finger-nails? Did he do that when he was with you? (dons a New York accent) We should talk, you and me, we're fellow sufferers. We could have a cup of coffee and a good old chinwag about him. (loses accent) The wife and the ex. Girls together, all friends now; the bastard's dead.

    • Claire: You're killing him!
      Hyde: Trust me, I'm a psychopath.
      Claire: Leave him, don't!
      Hyde: But I've started.
      Claire: You're not going to kill that man. You're not going to kill anyone. From now on, no more killing people, got it?
      Hyde: All day, every day without killing someone? What kind of life is that?
      Claire: It's called marriage, honey.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Hyde: I'm supposed to be Superman!

      Superman, the Man of Steel, is one of the best known known superheroes of the 20th and 21st century. First appearing in Action Comics #1 (June 1938), Superman is the last survivor of the planet Krypton, sent to Earth, and gains superhuman powers. He has appeared in comics, movies, TV shows, commercials, and a Broadway musical. His archnemesis is Lex Luthor, almost always a bald genius who schemes to destroy Superman. Lois Lane is a reporter and Superman's girlfriend and eventual wife.

    • Hyde: There's not enough power in this whole building to put Humpty together again.

      This is a reference to the children's nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.