Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Four

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2007 on BBC
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Tom has been locked into a mysterious box by the organization hunting him and his wife. Claire finds out the motivation of the organization from Peter.
Flashbacks show how Tom and Claire met, the birth of their children and the first manifestations of Hyde.

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  • Flashbacks reveal the first showings of Hyde.

    Fascinating epsiode with revealing flashbacks.

    The ending stopped short of revealing who will come out of the 'box', Jackman or Hyde.

    Various little touches made this a great episode. Claire insisting Peter call her Mrs Jackman again, the two detectives revelation about Churchill, the coffee, the flashbacks to Hyde first appearance, the single heartbeat for twin... Too many to mention them all, but they all revealed more backgroud information about Jackman and his wife as well as about the organisation responsible for finding a cure, some sort of cure for the condition, but without a guarantee that it will actually work and without certainty who will, ultimately, come out of the box!moreless
  • Slow paced expostion episode.

    I found this epsiode really annoying, after a promising start to a new series in the previous episodes, nothing really happens in this one. Having been dropped in smack in the middle of things in the first episode in the series, it was interesting to catch glimpses of the characters past in handy bitesize format. This also helped balance the higher octane main storyline. Unfortunately this episodes breaks that pattern and we're shown a full hour of exposition without any advancement of the main plot. The end of the episode could have been its saving grace, but unfortunately that was cut short to leave us a cliffhanger for next week.

    All in all a frustrating episode, somewhat different to the rest of the series. If you missed this episode, you haven't missed much.moreless

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    • Tom: You mean there are still women here you haven't slept with?
      Peter: There's too many rumours about me.
      Tom: It's probably all the sex.

    • Miranda: Quite a handful, isn't she?
      Peter: Who's speaking?
      Miranda: And attractive, too. I'm sure you've noticed. But then you have quite an eye for the ladies, don't you, Mr. Syme?
      Min: Pot, kettle.
      Miranda: Although I'm not sure I'd trust you with the wife of a friend.
      Min: Pot, kettle.

    • Peter: Abductor? What on earth are you talking about?
      Miranda: I've just watched her being driven into your offices. I'd say it was a pretty full-on abduction. Although maybe you just lock women up in your basement recreationally.
      Min: Pot, kettle.
      Miranda: Min!

    • Peter: And this is Min, her assistant.
      Min: Actually, I'm a detective, too.
      Miranda: No, she isn't.
      Min: I'm on the cusp.
      Miranda: No, you're not.
      Min: It's a grey area.
      Miranda: Min!

    • Estate Agent: I mean, this place… I know I shouldn't say it, but quite honestly, I wouldn't lock up my worst enemy in this place.
      Tom: I would.

    • Miranda: If Henry Jekyll had no descendants, if Tom Jackman isn't a clone, then where did he come from?
      Peter: I was hoping you were gonna tell us, because we don't have the faintest idea.

    • Peter: Fascinating fairytale.
      Miranda: There's a copy of this fairytale with my lawyer. I hope that's enough to secure my safety for the evening.
      Peter: Oh absolutely. You should definitely hope that.

    • Claire: (About Tom) He was fostered. His mother abandoned him.
      Peter: On a railway platform in Belfast in 1967. Six months after he was born.
      Miranda: I don't believe that.
      Peter: You don't think he was abandoned?
      Miranda: I don't think he was born.

    • Claire: Well, isn't that just typical? Well, that's so like a man, isn't it? There's always something they're not telling you. 'Sorry, hon, should have mentioned, I'm Dracula.'
      Miranda: This is not a joke.
      Claire: This is not serious!

    • Katherine: I work for your husband.
      Claire: And do you dress like that when you work for my husband or do you wear clothes?
      Katherine: I wear clothes.
      Claire: Does he notice?
      Katherine: Half the time.

    • Peter: Tell him he's here.
      Guard: (Into radio) Gemini has landed.
      Peter: Gemini!? For God's sake, who thought that one up, was that supposed to be clever?

    • Claire: A scientist, right. What do you do?
      Tom: About 250000 a year.

    • Tom: So, what do you do?
      Claire: Rich men.

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    • Claire: Well, isn't that just typical. Well, that's so like a man, isn't it? There's always something they're not telling you. Sorry hun, should have mentioned, I'm Dracula.

      Claire is comparing her husband's split personality to the world famous vampire Count Dracula from the 1897 novel of the same name by Bram Stoker.