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Episode One

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 16, 2007 on BBC
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The last living descendant of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is Tom Jackman. From time to time his alter ego Hyde wakes. Tom's wife hires a private investigator to find out why Tom left his family life six months previous.

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  • Jekyll

    I watched this series when it first aired in 2007. I love anything Jekyll and Hyde related and i have spent years since first seeing it wanting to see it again. Now i have access to it whenever i want which is awesome because its definitely one of my favorite TV series of all time. I cant wait for a remake of this show to be done, if it is ever re-done. It will be interesting to see what direction a different writer would take it in.moreless
  • New BBC science fiction thriller disguised as a character study drama.

    It seems to be another typical BBC drama. Start out with an original, fresh idea and turn it into a heavy slow-paced drama that takes itself a bit too serious.

    I can't help but think this subject matter should be great in the form of an actionshow. Speed it up, make it look a little better visually (out- as well as indoors) and improve the special effects. I mean, it was kind of a letdown to hardly see the difference between Jekyll and Hyde (apart from the smile) on top of the silly effects they did with his teeth. That's way too b-movie like. This pilot episode could just have been tighter. There were too many unnecessairy shots and (apparently) meaningful looks and it felt like two hours instead of one. Big plus is Michelle Ryan who plays the prettiest and sexiest Sidney Bristow I've ever seen.moreless
  • We all have a dark side that we hide from the world - but what happens when it forces it's way out and has some fun? The first episode of Jekyll does not disappoint!moreless

    Wow, now this certainly was a pleasant surprise. What may have been a bland an uninteresting drama, turned out to be a thrilling and dark slice of entertainment. In this first episode, we see Tom Jackman (descendant of Mr.Jekyll, and also Mr.Hyde) trying to cope with his...well, let's call him his 'dark side', shall we? Or not, as the case may be!

    Nesbitt's portrayal of Hyde certainly stole the show, giving the episode a touch of black humour (see the encounter between Hyde and the unfortunate Billy for the prime example of this) and creating a charismatic and creepy take on an old character.

    I give the first episode a 9.3, and shall certainly be watching every episode from now on!moreless
  • Jackman and his alter ego are introduced.

    Great pilot episode with a good introduction to the characters including some background information with lots of teasers at more information being hidden.

    An excellent script (by a writer who's also written some fabulous Doctor Who episodes) and amazing acting by Nesbitt.

    I love Michelle Ryan as Katherine too, a strong woman yet not as strong as she thinks she is.

    The dictaphone, GPS and tracking system are modern touches to this classic story of good and evil, two sides of the same coin.

    How can a man wage war with himself?? I guess we are about to find out in the coming episodes.moreless
  • You will not want to miss this british program! it is excellent. completely different. the character Hyde is played brilliantly by James Nesbitt.

    this program has taken me completely by surprise. what a gem. james nesbitt plays the character of Hyde brilliantly. u get a little taste of whats to come in this episode. jekyll (dr. jackman) is fighting his other self, hyde. hyde is getting increasingliy violent and strong. hyde is the bad guy but u want to see more and more of him. he is so naughty. in his self control he is kind of like a child, and calls jackman 'daddy'. each week i waited eagerly for the next episode. sad to see this series coming to an end, Hyde is truly mesmorising.moreless
Al Hunter Ashton

Al Hunter Ashton


Guest Star

Gemma Baker

Gemma Baker

Billy's Girlfriend

Guest Star

Andrew Byrne

Andrew Byrne

Eddie Jackman

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (17)

    • Tom: I can't believe you actually put a private detective on me.
      Claire: I can't believe you actually left your wife and kids without a word of explanation. I win.

    • Katherine: Did you pay her?
      Tom: Yes.
      Katherine: Prostitutes take their money up front. You paid her twice. No reason for you boys to pay double when you only got the one... you know.
      Tom: Thank you, Katherine.

    • Tom: Advertise my job.
      Peter: What's that expression about Satan skating to work? Something to do with Hell freezing over. There might be a snow plow involved. It was sort of a quip.
      Tom: Not anymore.

    • Tom: Was he attacking you?
      Billy: What's it to you?
      Tom: Just trying to salve my conscience. While I still have one.

    • Hyde: You know what I call this, children? I call this the perfect start to an evening. The night is young, there's a beautiful girl, and somebody's going to die. It's you, by the way.

    • Hyde: Are you ready, Billy? Here comes God!
      Billy's Girlfriend: Don't kill him!
      Hyde: The truth is—are you listening, Billy? The truth is, if I'm being honest, if I'm not winding you up, I don't get a lot of pleasure out of killing children. (twists his neck) But I get enough.

    • Barman: You were here before, weren't you?
      Hyde: Yes. Yeah.
      Barman: Well, I'm surprised you can remember it.
      Hyde: My liver applied for a transplant. This time, let's not give him the chance.

    • Hyde: Mr Hyde
      Benjamin: You didn't know that's your name? Oh, come on. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you read that.
      Hyde: Do I look like a big reader?
      Benjamin: Movies, then. All those movies. You're a movie star, you know that? You've been, uh, Spencer Tracy, Michael Caine. Jack Palance, even. Who else?
      Christopher: John Barrymore.
      Benjamin: Barrymore? Is that a silent.
      Christopher: Yes, sir.
      Benjamin: Who cares about silents?

    • Benjamin: You're wondering what the hell I'm talking about?
      Hyde: I'm wondering about that wee window up there, and if you'd fit through it at speed.

    • Hyde: If Jackman gets a hard-on, I'm it.
      Katherine: That's interesting, because I've always thought of you as a bit like a hard-on.
      Hyde: Oh, yeah?
      Katherine: Yeah. Usually disappointing.

    • Tom: He has Disney favourites?
      Katherine: He likes the songs.
      Tom: My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school.

    • Mr Hyde: Let's play Lions!

    • Tom: (To his dictaphone) Listen to me. We've had an agreement. A truce. And it has worked. We have survived. But understand me, there is a line I will not allow you to cross. If you ever come here again, if you set foot near my family again, no agreement, no truce, it's war. Do you understand me? Come to my family again and you and I are at war.

    • Tom: Anything else I should tell you?
      Katherine: Do you ever smile?
      Tom: Let me know.

    • Katherine: You really need all these?
      Tom: I'm not sure how strong he is.
      Katherine: He's stronger than you?
      Tom: Yes.
      Katherine: Strength isn't usually a variable.
      Tom: I'm sorry?
      Katherine: In cases like this. You don't get extra muscles or anything.
      Tom: There aren't any cases like this.

    • Hyde: Okay, lions… Do you know anything about lions?
      Billy's Girlfriend: Lions?
      Hyde: You know what happens when the head lion gets killed by one of the young ones? Do you know what the lionesses do? They go straight into heat for the new head of the family. It's like hubby's dead on the grass, all the cubs have been slaughtered and suddenly everybody's singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

    • Peter: I'm fairly certain you used to have some sort of ego.
      Tom: I did. It go got so big, it left me.
      Peter: Actually, that's quite funny.
      Tom: You've got no idea.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Benjamin: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you read that.

      Benjamin and other characters refer to the 1886 novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which documents a scientist, Dr Henry Jekyll, who creates a potion to unmask the evil urges that he has felt throughout his life. Jekyll transforms into Mr Edward Hyde, which goes on a series of rampages after Jekyll takes a potion of his own creation. However, Hyde soon becomes dominant and Jekyll is forced to take the potion to prevent the transformation.

    • Benjamin: You've been Spencer Tracy, Michael Caine. Jack Palance, even.

      Spencer Tracy starred in the 1941 film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, a remake of the 1931 version starring Fredric Marsh. Michael Caine starred in a U.S. 1990 TV adaptation, Jekyll & Hyde. Jack Palance starred in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1968), a Canadian TV adaptation produced by Dan Curtis.

    • Tom: My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school.

      Mary Poppins (1934) is a series of eight children's books written by P. L. Travers. The books center around a mysterious, magical English nanny who is blown by the wind to Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane, London and into the Banks' household to care for the Banks' children. The books were adapted in 1964 into a musical Disney film starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. They have also been adapted by Disney Theatrical as a stage musical in London (2004), and a Broadway musical (2006).

    • Hyde: …and suddenly everybody's singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight".

      This takes place at the end of Hyde's lion metaphor. He is alluding to the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", composed by Sir Elton John with lyrics by Sir Tim Rice. The song was written and made popular in the Disney animated film The Lion King.

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