Season 1 Episode 6

Episode Six

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2007 on BBC
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Claire wakes up from sedation to find her children have been taken away from her, before Sophia reveals the devastating truth about Tom's involvement with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Meanwhile, renowned mercenary Carver is offered an unlimited sum to capture Jackman's malevolent alter ego.

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  • The ending was amazingly as bad as the rest of the series was good.

    This was one of my favorite TV features ever. At the end of each episode, I really wished I'd had the next, and hated waiting a week for the next installment. The acting was top-notch, the plot was clever, great writing. It was a treat to watch.

    Then came the final episode, which was good until the end -- the last 15 minutes or so the whole thing bombed, and the final scene was horrible. Such a let down, winding up the entire series on a disappointingly sour note. One can't help but wonder if the intended ending was different, but they changed it to shorten the storyline? The Jekyll-mommy, fangs and all, was just plain dumb.moreless
  • It left me wanting more!

    I enjoyed this episode as well as all the others. I saw commercials on other channels, and thought it might be too scary and gruesome for me, but I was wrong. It was funny, exciting, scary, and just a great show. It left me wanting more. The cast of characters is exceptional. I fear this episode my have put a wrap on the series. However; with all the twist and turns this show has in it; I wouldn't be surprised if it came back next season, and with a bang. I am a new viewer to BBC America, and this show is a big reason I've gotten hooked.moreless
  • 3/4 of the episode constitued the best thriller I watched on TV - ever.

    (spoilers throughout)

    The episode started with an brilliant unusual vignette which stands to fortify the danger of Hyde, with black humor to boot. Excellent. The subqequent psychological race and finding out various secrets of the order hunting Hyde(s) were quite rewarding (and the doings of the newly formed Jekyll/Hyde duo), as was the apparent death of Hyde. Some twists were to be expected (cloning, Jekyll's mother/Hydette) but were done so well that I didn't mind one bit.

    Jekyll has been a thrilling ride from top to bottom. Whether the show continues (and it could in several directions: Jekylls twins, Hyde resurfaces, other bastard descendants of Hyde) or not, this is a fitting crescendo to a fantastic, dark, edgy mini-series.moreless
  • Tom and Hyde work together to protect claire and his children!

    Very good finale! left open for a 2nd series perhaps!

    We see Tom and Hyde settle there differences and work together to protect Claire and the twins. and we also find out who Toms mother is and that she has been in it all along to capture her own son as she has the curse aswell! was not expecting the ending at all! excellent twist!

    Also the boys have the curse, only they are split, one is Jekyll and one is Hyde, the curse has evolved from a split personality into seperate bodies, and they can switch bodies, this had never happened before untill they were trapped in the small life support boxes, ebing trapped in there in the dark must have brought the curse into action.

    I do hope they make another series of this, it has alot of potantial, at first i thought it was only going to be about Tom and Hyde, but now we have the twins with the curse and also Toms mother, so this story can spread away from Tom being the main character, but i hope that does not happen as James Nesbitt made this series! they could not have picked a better person for the job in my opinion!

    Another great BBC series!moreless
  • Tom and Hyde cooperate to safe Claire and the children.

    Fabulous ending with a surprise twist during the final scene.

    Thought this was a worthy ending of this first season. Not the best episode of the season but still very good. I loved the bit about the mercenary. So much preparation and he's gone in an instant, really great scene.

    The script was great too, with a clue to the ending clearly laid out (Tom's hand not being hurt) but since this didn't reveal the twist at the end, it's still a surprise ending.

    I also loved the references to the twins switching boxes. I hope this will be explored in a second season.

    Great acting and a good script made this a good ending to an excellent season.moreless
Julian Lewis Jones

Julian Lewis Jones


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Andrew Byrne

Andrew Byrne

Eddie Jackman

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Christopher Day (II)

Christopher Day (II)

Harry Jackman

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    • Peter: Nice ring tone.
      Carver: Saved a friend's life once.
      Peter: How?
      Carver: Made me laugh.

    • Benjamin: We've got more money than God. We've got weapons tech that would give a nun a hard-on. Welcome to the world of You Want You Got.

    • Sophia: People think Hyde is rage. Or hate, or greed, or lust. But Hyde is far worse.
      Claire: What is he?
      Sophia: What was the first day you knew you could kill anyone, anyone at all, if you had to?
      Claire: The day I first held my children.
      Sophia: It's our oldest, deadliest impulse, the need to protect our own at the expense of any other living thing. And we give that impulse such a nice name, don't we? Hyde is love. And love is a psychopath.

    • Peter: Your men, will they stay?
      Hart: I'll round up those who will. I'll kill those who won't.
      Peter: Yeah. Well, try and get that the right way round, will you?

    • Peter: How does it feel to be half a god?
      Tom: I'm the other half.
      Peter: Sounds a bit Denis Thatcher.

    • Peter: (about Hyde) Is he… listening?
      Tom: Yes.
      Peter: He's a psychopath, for God's sake!
      Tom: Aren't we all?

    • Claire: Don't dim the lights. Not this time.
      Tom: What?
      Claire: I want to see it happen. I want to see you change.
      Tom: Why?
      Claire: Been over a hundred years, you and I. Did you know that?
      Tom: Yeah.
      Claire: Well, then… don't you think it's about time I saw my husband naked?
      Tom: Just for you. No one else sees this. Not ever.

    • Hyde: Look at you, Mrs. Jackman. Look at you! Wasted on him, you are.
      Claire: Yeah, well, I have been, many times.
      Hyde: Oh, let's make that a date.
      Claire: It's a date, but not for you.
      Hyde: I might peek.
      Claire: I might let you.

    • Hart: Mr. Hyde! Nothing has changed. This is over. We have your family.
      Hyde: What you have is six guys with guns. Go on, make it interesting, give me their names. I'll do 'em in alphabetical order.

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