Season 1 Episode 3

Episode Three

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jun 30, 2007 on BBC



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    • Peter: What the hell's the matter with you?
      Benjamin: Bad day, break a head, you know how it is.

    • Miranda: It's very difficult to fake a death.
      Min: Yes, I tried it once. Well, that was more of a boyfriend thing. Oh, I had boyfriends once, dear. No idea I was a lesbian till Miranda explained it to me. Could have knocked me over with a feather. Which, oddly enough…
      Miranda: Moving on.

    • Katherine: Well, obviously, she's not a ghost, is she?
      Miranda: Now, why are we eliminating that possibility?
      Katherine: Because there's no such thing.
      Miranda: Katherine, your current professional engagement is working as a PA to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. From now on, there's no such thing as no such thing.

    • Benjamin: You're leaving.
      Peter: Yes.
      Benjamin: Well I was about to say a few words.
      Peter: The facts are not unconnected.
      Benjamin: I was just gonna inspire the troops.
      Peter: Well, make up your mind.
      Benjamin: See, you're being funny there. That's… that's you being funny, but I don't mind. I enjoy people with a sense of humour.
      Peter: Well, we enjoy you, too.

    • Peter: Do you mind if I make a few notes?
      Tom: I'm not a bloody experiment.
      Peter: What on earth gives you that idea?

    • Hyde: Hi, Daddy, this is so much better. Wine, a woman, a tied-up old guy. Okay, I'm not sure where we're going with that last one.

    • Hyde: Never try to hit me, Mrs. Jackman, when I haven't eaten. It's just a tip.

    • Claire: I'm your wife. Don't ever ask me to hit you. Just a tip.

    • Claire: Husband, I have questions.
      Hyde: I'm not your husband!
      Claire: What? Because you've changed? I don't know what you are. I don't know if you're schizoid or a werewolf, or the first man to discover PMT, but honey, yes, you are my husband.

    • Claire: You're taller than him. A bit slimmer. Younger. Maybe five years, maybe more. I remember that arse. What else is different?
      Hyde: Check it.
      Claire: Dream on.

    • Hyde: Can't tell you how fast I am, don't know exactly, but I'll tell you this. The first one of you starts getting nervous, starts pulling that trigger… dead. Then I'll have a gun, that's the next two… dead. Third one kills me, then dies of his injuries. So what you guys have got to ask yourselves… is this. "How much did I like my boss?"

    • Benjamin: My daddy once said to me a long time ago: Son, stop hitting me. I said - Daddy, stop getting up.

    • Claire: How can you be two people. What are you? I thought I married a man.
      Hyde: You miscounted.

    • Tom: I thought we were friends.
      Peter: Yes, that was the idea.

    • Peter: Tom?
      Tom: Expecting someone else?
      Peter: The question is, are you?

    • Benjamin: Listen up, English people! You know what tonight is? Tonight… is the orgasm. Tonight is everything this organisation has worked towards ever since it began, since it was a desk. Tonight is the culmination of over one hundred years of planning. We have in our hands one hundred years of the dreams of brilliant men. We have in our disposal some of the most advanced, some of the most expensive technologies the world has ever seen. What we do not have are any excuses. This is gonna be bigger than America. Dr. Jackman is coming home. Now… look at me, look at my face. Tonight… nobody… no… body… screws up. And in this organisation, when we say nobody, that means you. Over a hundred years, millions of dollars, and no screw-ups. Go!

    • Peter: Track Jackman and you're re-hired.
      Malcolm: I was fired?
      Peter: Mentally.

    • Katherine: Dr. Jackman, the longer he's constrained, the worse he gets.
      Tom: Yes.
      Katherine: He's like a dog, you need to run him.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hyde: She met me, you know. Looked right at me. Didn't see you. How thick is that? (Impersonating Claire) Lois Lane with half a brain.

      Lois Lane is a character from the Superman comics and spin-offs. She works with reporter Clark Kent, the alter ego of Superman, but she doesn't see Superman when she looks at Clark, and vice versa.

    • Hyde: Tom's gone, honey. Dr Jackman has left the building.
      An allusion to the famous line "Elvis has left the building" by Horace Lee Logan, used after Elvis Presley's last concert of the Louisiana Hayride Show in 1956, trying to have the visitors stay at the concert instead of running out to get a last glimpse of Elvis.