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  • Where is series 2?

    I enjoyed Jekyll so much! I watched it on Netflix recently and it was brilliant. I loved everything about it, but they left it on such a huge cliffhanger! Why?

    Where is series 2? I have emailed the BBC about it, but I just get an automated reply. I really want them to make a series 2!
  • Hello Toots!

    Ok to be honest Jekyll only caught my eye because it stared the ever wonderful Leverage's Gina Bellman. I don't think I've ever seen James Nesbitt in anything else and unfortunately I missed Jekyll when it first aired in 2007. So really I took a punt with Jekyll and I'm so glad I did since it's probably the best 6 hours of TV I've spent watching in a long time. James Nesbitt is absolutely superb as Jackman/Hyde and with the aid of little more than a black wig and a pair of black contact lenses manages to convince us he really is two separate people in one body. I particularly liked Hyde's interactions with Jackman's wife Claire which range from initially nerve racking to pure comedy to genuinely touching (keep an eye out for the wine cellar scenes in particular and when Hyde is trying to help Claire and the boys escape from the Klein and Utterson It might be just a me thing but I ended up rather liking Hyde after all he really only harms those who thoroughly deserve it especially anyone who threatens Claire and her children. Plus Hyde definitely gets the lion's share (no pun intended) of the best lines. Gina Bellman's Claire turns out to be a feisty, intelligent not to mention brave heroine who is more than a match for her beastly husband and although a little underused at first really comes into her own in later episodes. The supporting cast is excellent too Denis Lawson is suitable smarmy as Jackman's boss/best friend/chief betrayer whilst Meera Syal and Fenella Woolgar expertly provide the comic relief. I do have a few small quibbles in that Michelle Ryan looks far too young to be an experienced anything let alone a Psychiatric Nurse, she does a competent job and I know the idea was to have a decent age gap between Claire and Catherine so Catherine would not be competition for Claire but to me she still seems a little miscast. Also the final episode leaves a fair few questions unanswered probably due to the fact a second series was planned that to date has not been produced which is a crying shame. Anyway if you enjoy well written, well acted quality drama and don't mind the sight of blood then trust me you are in for a real treat with Jekyll.
  • there really should be a 2nd series,

    James Nesbitt is fantastic in this role, even better then, Jim Carey, and that's saying something. I would love him to play a role from my book. I haven't seen him play a role like this before, but I love it. please please please, you have to make a second series. should have advertised it more when it was on, I would have definitely watched it. I always buy series that i enjoy and i would definitely buy all this series if more were made.
  • An odd take on the classic "The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

    In one word: Wow.
    A good story, with a colorful supporting cast, an incredible writer and, to top it all, James Nesbitt in one of the best performances seen on tv for quite some time now. The back and forth between Jackman and Hyde has been emotional, revelling and, in more than one occasion, quite frightening. Every episode took you just a bit further into the insanity of Hyde, and this journey was simply addictive. And even though the miniseries has a proper ending, one can´t help to want one more look inside the world of Dr. Jackman and Mr. Hyde.
    I still think wow says it all.
  • Great show! Creative writing, and original story!

    A British Mini series shown on BBC America, Jekyll tells the story of a real modern time Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It is rivetting, and truly original, as the story is told in sequences based upon the main charaters life. The acting was superb, as you can really see the difference between the two cahracters, though played by the same man. The directing and editing ia also above par, as the scenes blend well, and the story is told in two perspective that eventually links the plot together. Though the series is pretty short lived, it is sure to be a cult classic.
  • Wow, what a ride!

    Jekyll was all over very quickly when shown in Australia as they aired 2 episodes at a time. I feel sorry for those who missed this - it was exceptional. From reading some of the other reviews, I get the impression it's one of those shows you either really love or hate. There doesn't seem to be too many "in betweeners". I loved the ending and screamed in shock more so than fright. There was some excellent acting in this series and James Nesbitt who was previously unknown to me, has gained himself a new fan. The writer, Steven Moffat, was known to me (through Doctor Who) and he seems to be one of the few writers who can elicit a scream from me as I did scream in fright when I watched his Blink episode from Doctor Who. I'm not into horror or thriller type stories as a rule and it's interesting to note this show is categorised as 'Science-Fiction, Drama'. If you aren't into SciFi and prefer thriller, horror, then this series will appeal to you. At this stage there is only one season and despite it having a good ending, there is enormous scope for a second series.
  • Daddy's home….

    One thing that pretty obvious in this show… James Nesbitt deserves the Golden Globe… he portrays Jackman and Hyde with very well…I don't know whether it's the make-up or the acting but it's great….he really change, not a drastic change but it's shown… Jackman is more human…he is kind but Hyde is more of nut job…he's a child… he destroyed anything insight…Jackman cares about his family and try to keep it a secret from Hyde…..I watch till the end and the plot took me by surprise…I have no idea that it will end that way…. I hope it gets more interesting at the 2nd season…. Maybe more about his past… how Peter involve in his life… and how they clone Claire… so many questions…..
  • Once more Steven Moffat scores with a wonderful reimagining of "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", a novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. Put aside your prejudices, let go of your inhibitions, and let the wonderful Mr. Hyde into your life.

    I gave this show a try because I have a great fondness for the works of Steven Moffat, both his comedy classic "Coupling" and the excellent scripts he has penned for the revitalised "Doctor Who". His stories regularly win awards and are some of the most popular among the fans. Plus of course it had the added bonus of the delightful James Nesbitt, though my favourite role of his is in the UK's "Yellow Pages" adverts ...

    A great actor he excels in comedy, drama and dark comedy or dramedy which is the current phrase to describe so I came to the show with no idea which of these it would be.

    It turned out to be the fashionable 'dramedy' though not so much of the 'medy' part. It was wonderfully imaginative, the dialogue was clever and witty (which is no surprise from Mr. Moffat). Characters came and went, surprises abounded and Mr. Hyde was at times both scary and a little boy lost. Which half were you rooting for by the end of the show?

    Gina Bellman, Denis Lawson and Meera Syal also excel with, for me, the only weak role going to Michelle Ryan, now better know as the new Bionic Woman.

    Can I say anything else about this great show that would compel you to watch it? It's exciting, it's surprising, it's funny, it's sexy and it's scary. Watch it now.

    And please please do not do a second series if Steven Moffat is not involved.
  • At last, something interesting

    This may not be the best, but it is the most interesting show I've seen in some time. Kudoes to the creators for breathing some new life into an old idea. But by far the best aspect is the off-the-wall humor which appears in the most unexepected places. Yes, the 'hero' is a very plain, unattractive man, but that's a relief when most shows center around good-looking young people who couldn't act there way out of the proverbial paper bag (look at MI-5 with it's cast of juvenile delinquents running a spy organization). I don't know if they could do more, and in a way I hope they don't ruin it by trying.
  • So my brother asks, Are there any hot women in it? Yes, but that's not the point. Maybe he wouldn't like this show. It's the intense character-driven suspense that makes this series addictive.

    Anyone with a disease that can flare up unpredictably, like a seizure, can appreciate the deeply disturbing nature of this accomplished serial thriller. With a typical British divorced/separating/home/family enironment as one background, we also see a scientific/medical/academic circumstance where Tom Jackman is ensconced/imprisoned in the accompaniment of a hired psychiatric nurse.

    The first episode plays out the promise of the monster for almost half an hour, and when he appears, he is more than satisfying. Seductive, charming and viciously aggressive, he entices us into loving him as much as his counterpart... the same dilemma faced by his 'nurse', who soon becomes his unwitting accomplice.

    Many dimensions are opened by this story, making for compelling viewing. I've watched each episode several times to savour the subtleties of the writing and performances. This series gets a rave from me, and I don't give those easily.
  • When I first heard of this project, I rolled my eyes and sighed, "Not ANOTHER Jekyll and Hyde story".

    I think someone suggested that I watch it in the comments. I did and WOW! I did a marathon of the mini-series and was done with it in two days.

    This version of Jekyll is a meek, frayed Dr. Jackman as the descendant of Jekyll and a sort of weird, psychotic BRITISH Tony Montana (Scarface) as Mr. Hyde. In plain spoken terms, James Nisbitt can act his ass off. He really pulled this off. It had suspense, action, sex, humor, lions, technobabble and even a costumed period piece.

    The cast was stellar! I've never seen James Nisbitt in anything before but I recognized a lot of his co-stars. First my favorite, Paterson Joseph as Benjamin. He was The Marquis De Carabas in Neverwhere and also guest starred in Doctor Who's Bad Wolf and The Parting of Ways. Next was Denis Lawson as Peter. He was Wedge Antilles in Star Wars!!! We also have a new face that we're about to be really familiar with, her name is Michelle Ryan and she played Katherine. She is also the new Bionic Woman.

    The meat of the story was Dr. Jackman trying to control Mr. Hyde and find out where he came from, who is following him and what they know about his condition. The potatoes of the story was finding out how there could be a descendant of Dr. Jekyll because the good doctor didn't "breed". There's a weird cloning twist that I won't go into and perhaps a bit of time travel.

    This was a very different approach to the story and is totally worth watching. The BBC has really impressed me these past couple of years. They are really stepping up their game.
  • Totally awsome BBC show. I fell in love with the the way the show moderizes history. This show keeps ya guessing, & is creepy in a beautifully theatrical way!!!

    I will be so bummed if this show does not come back!
    James Nesbitt is catastrophic in the Jekyll-Hyde role!! I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a show on the tube that had this kind of effect on me! You literally can't second guess any part of this screen-gem. I am a huge fan of horror, & this show is just the thing us horror fans need! It is slightly gorey in a tasteful but chilling way. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They left a really bizzar cliff-hanger ending on many, many levels, so I can't imagine them not having a second season. One can only hope. Thie show is perfect for anyone that likes: Dexter,Fallen,Heros,Bloodties...
    But is filmed more like a ful feature movie, so the show feels more cinematic that 99% of them.
  • Seriously, one of the best shows ever.

    I haven't been scared by a tv show EVER. This was the creepiest, most entertaining, most bewildering show I've ever seen. If you love the Jekyll/Hyde story, sci-fi, british shows, thrillers, etc. this show is definitely for you. Or at least it's for me. Very very interesting and EXTREMELY creepy. Nice one BBC. I can't wait to see how this series plays out. However I am rather sad to hear that there's no definitive word on whether or not there will be a second season. And then who knows if BBC America would play it if there was. In all a really good way to end out the summer season. And a very appreciated replacement on Supernatural Saturdays now that HEX is finished. I'll be tuning in.
  • And the Brits just keep on coming!!...

    Is it me or are we Brits getting better at making TV Shows? First we had Life on Mars and now Jekyll hits us. James Nesbit absolutely shines in this show and I for one absolutely love it!!

    The story of Jekyll and Hyde has been made fresh and modern with plot twists and plenty of action and sometimes scares.

    The difference between the two (Jackman and Hyde) is subtle but you really do believe that they are two different people.

    I'm not sure if this show will or could have a second season but the season twist did leave me wanting more!!
  • Its an amazing show.

    Jekyll is one of my most favorite show. This show is thrilling, scary and unique. Every episode has a twist. It's unexpected and brilliant. It's one of the best TV shows I watched in a long time. :D

    James Nesbitt is the best. He did a fabulous work in this show. He played as Jekyll and Hyde. His performance on both role was fabulous. He deserves a award for his performance.

    Too bad Season One has only 6 Episodes. Ending of Season one was unexpected. I really hope to see more of this show. :)

    Don't miss out on this awesome show. :D
  • I enjoyed every episode! This is thrilling and scary, with absolutly fabulous acting by Nesbitt. Don´t miss this awesome show.

    Jekyll is definetly a show u have to see!
    Nesbitt´s acting is amazing, he really deserves an oscar for that. The twists and turns of the story (and sometimes the bones of those unfortunate evil-doers ;) ) makes this show an outstanding star among the flood of shows currently crashing at us. Hope this show will stay for many a season. Scary and thrilling...I really like it.
  • Amazing Show

    Amazing show, best i have seen in the last years, does anyone knows if there´s more episodes or a second season?

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  • In a world with increasingly predictable shows Jekyll brings something unique to the air.

    What about this show is so unique?

    Well first, for once its not like the writers are running the scripts through a computer program; its utterly void of the triteness seen on so many shows. I like being able to watch a show where I really don't know what is going to happen next.

    Second, Nesbitt absolutely shines in both roles, Jekyll AND Hyde. In Hyde you see a monster that you can sympathize with. In Jekyll you see a man in need of his altar ego, though his better natures want to deny that.

    Third, Gina Bellman is fantastic (and sexy) as Jekyll's wife. The romantic story line is really quite intriguing as Claire deals with her feelings for "both" here husbands. Bellman portrays the roll in a magnificent way, matching personalities with whoever is in the body. The X Files sort of government/secret agency conspiracy even has its own set of charms. It gives you an enemy to cheer for Hyde to get.

    Jekyll is doing for this Summer what Dexter gave us last summer. A unique and intriguing show to watch and look forward to each week.
  • James Nesbitt at his best! the man deserves an award for this! great show, interesting take on the Jekyll/Hyde story!

    This show is very good!, very dark at times, mainly more when Hyde comes out!

    James Nesbitt plays this role to a T!, i honestly dont think i could think of a better person who could play this! its awesome how he just switches from Jekyll to Hyde and he can play both of them perfectly!

    This is a very good take on the Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde story, keeps you watching and has a brilliant story so far! i hope this gets more than one season, as this has got potential!

    Everyone should give this a try! will probably buy the dvd!
  • I'm not one to comment on TV shows (even though I watch a lot, but this show deserves many comments as it is pure genius. The main actor is absolutely brilliant. No really. ABSOLUTELY brilliant and he deserves an Oscar for his performance.

    I'm not one to comment on TV shows (even though I watch a lot), but this show deserves many comments as it is pure genius. The main actor is absolutely brilliant. No really. ABSOLUTELY brilliant and he deserves an Oscar for his performance. I started watching this because the guy directing this show also directed one or two Doctor Who episodes that I really liked as well, so the show already had great potential purely because there was a great director.

    The story unfolds into a very well crafted story that takes you into the world of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The filming and editing is world class. The tension they manage to create is awesome and did I mention the acting? I just can't get over how this one person can split his personality so well that you can really believe he is two completely different people.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing many more episodes of this show.
  • I never seen anything like this before. Out of every show I had ever watched in my life, yes even Smallville and prison break...this show is the best of all.

    Watching this show is just amazing. The actor himself does an amazing job when switching characters from Jekyll to Hyde. I honestly hope that this show doesn't end. It's really good and the storyline is amazing. I suggest anyone who is into something mysterious or into something a bit scary, this show is the best one for you. I'm a Canadian and I love this show. I honestly can never predict what will happen next when it comes to the next episode. The story writers do a great job on surprising their TV viewers. Again as I would mention, out of every possible show I had ever seen...i only have one word for this show.....

  • I was actually waiting for it to become silly or redundant. No way. This is a biter.

    I'm actually sitting on the edge of my chair. I can't remember when I last did that. OK, for a couple of episodes of BSG I did, but nothing like this.
    The pilot was magnificent, but you know how apprehention can sink in... So I waited for mistakes, for flaws... The wife is a bit of a mushy, the young helper a bit too much ... Alias, and the plot always has ample chance to fail - but it didn't, in fact, it's getting grittier and more suspensful as we go along. Nesbit is really getting into the role and I'm glad Jekyll did not turn out to be a complete wanker in relation to Hyde - he fights with smarts and despair whereas Hyde just wants to relish life, such as it is.
    There is ample room to move - from the developing personality of Hyde to the organization that is hunting him. Trips to shady neighbourhoods under foggy conditions should insue :-) Excellent surprise on the TV menu!
  • Decent show but low-budget

    I like the premise, the action, the actors. What this show really needs badly is a decent budget. Any time there's a need for a special effect we get 'cutting-edge' camera work. It's fine once in a while but not all the time! What a shame - what could have become a ground-breaking show is just a so-so because it looks like crap. No acting can save it, I'm afraid.

    Having said that I must admit that it shines in almost every other aspect. Which is a shame. Ok, I'm gonna repeat that because of the stupid 100 words rule.
  • Another great BBC show, the show is dark and has a great cast wih James Nesbitt playing a brilliant Jekyll and Hyde.

    Another great BBC show in the ranks with Spooks, Hustle and Hotel Babylon. James Nesbitt plays a great Jekyll and Hyde, the black eyes and spikey teeth are great. The modern twist on the story is great. It's obviously completely fiction and shouldnt be taken too seriously but the show is dark and the acting is great and at times i thought quite funny. Michell Ryan's character is good and she plays it well and looks sexy. Cant wait to see her in Bionic Woman its a huge change from Eastenders. Cant wait to see how the show ends but it will be sadly missed.
  • Jekyll is one of the best new TV series I've seen in a long time.

    I'm generally not a big fan of BBC programming, other than their education stuff. However, with Jekyll, the BBS has bump up production quality to a new level. The stories are very engaging and the plot twists leave you wanting more. I would have given this show a 10, if it were not for the last few seconds of episode 3. Howling at the moon? Really? But I have to say that those few seconds are the ONLY complaint I have had with the series thus far.

    James Nesbitt plays Jekyll and Hyde exquisitely. You really believe. I honestly can't say enough good things about this show.
  • A new way to tell an old story… that's what JEKYLL is all about, and mind you, the story board is fantastic

    A good guy, a bad guy… only that they are trapped into one body… they share a body and a life… only the bad guy wants more… this story isn't surely a new one… we've got the original novel by Stevenson but through the years we have had new stories like HULK by the Marvel comics…

    The difference is simple, this series is great… you surely saw many of the adaptations (like Hulk) and they sucked… but this story is fresh… great script, great characters, and a little spies of mystery … at times you almost begin to like the bad guy. Surely a series I am not going to miss.
  • Dr Jekyll vs Mr Hyde, a classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson turned into an instant classic tv show by Steven Moffat ?

    I have never been big on English Tv Shows besides comedies like coupling (weirdly enough by Steven Moffat), Monty Python's and A bit of Fry and Laurie. Usually British TV shows try to copy American's one, using the same storyline, or the same camera angle, the same kind of acting ... and I was kind of skeptical at first when I read about Jekyll.

    But OH MY was I wrong ! This show is brilliant ! Even if the storyline is not fully developped yet (2 episodes are not enough to unveil everything lurking behind Jackman / Hyde story or should I say history ?)this show cast a new light on a story told so many times.

    The genius was not to stick too close to the original story, but close enough to bring back memories. Everyone knows Jekyll and Hyde, but Jackman and Hyde are not merely the same, Jackman did not underwent his transformation because of a potion. He is Hyde and Jackman at the same time, but did know it. His evil part/twin was just asleep until now. Now he is alive, and taking control, how can he control him ? how can he get a grip on his life ? how can he proctect his familly and friends ? Who are his friends ? who can he trust ? What secret lies in his past ? What is this company trying to control him ? That's what the show is about !

    But next to the storyline the next best unexpected thing (for me at least) is the acting, James Nesbit is just amazing, a little makeup is enough to make Hyde alive. His facial expressions radically changes, to bring the Hyde in him. Brilliant ! No need for extra make up or costly special effect, just a little move of the camera, a slightly different angle and that does the trick.

    Everything so far in this show brings a kind of new aura to British drama Tv Shows. I just hope it will remain fresh as the episodes go. So far one of the top shows of the summer.
  • For those lovers of James Nesbitt you are in for a great series. He role as both Jekyll and Hyde is well played. He adds a new dimension to an already told story.

    For those lovers of James Nesbitt you are in for a great series. He role as both Jekyll and Hyde is well played. He adds a new dimension to an already told story, so for those of you expecting the same old tired story line you will be in for a very pleasant surprise.
    The approach the writers have taken is very fresh in that they tell the story from the role of Jekyll as he comes to grips with this alternative personality who he has no control over at all and goes t great lengths to keep away from his private life. To such an extent that he hides his wedding ring before Hyde can 'occupy' his body so that Hyde cannot interfere with his own life - not with too much success.
  • Jekyll is the modern day remake of the classic story; James Nesbitt stars as the new Dr Jekyll, in this case Dr Jackman; but he has the same old problem, his alter-ego Mr Hyde. As normal, Hyde is the evil side of Jekyll who's return is not an accident.

    It's 2007, this time our Jekyll is married with two children, he'll move heaven and earth to protect his family from his inherited dark side known as Mr Hyde. Neither of them are aware that an unknown and ancient organisation is monitoring Jackman and Hyde's every move, for a century they've been working on a plan to banish Hyde forever.

    James Nesbitt, as usual, plays a brilliant part. Both good and evil sides are truly believeable, physically he changes very little between Jackman and Hyde but the attitudes and body language of the two characters could not be further apart.

    Sript by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Coupling) a Hartswood Films Production, can be seen on Saturdays at 9pm on UK channel BBC1. This six part thriller began airing on 16th June 2007.
  • Jekyll is the modern version of the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

    The classic tale is all about the duality of man, but then personified in Dr. Jekyll.
    By drinking a potion he becomes Mr. Hyde.
    Hyde lives competely on lust and impulses. He is basicly an animal.

    The new show "Jekyll" revolves around Dr. Tom Jackman who has an alter ego. ( obviously this is Hyde)

    James Nesbit plays Jackman and does a great job combining both personalities.

    The transformation between Jackman and Hyde is done really simple, but it does the trick. (basicly they use another camera angle and pull his hair back, but it's visualy stronger than turning him into the grotesque Hyde in the book).

    Even though this review is written after seeing the pilot episode, I have to say this show will make the wait until the fall shedule bearable.
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