Season 3 Episode 12

A Father Should Be...

Aired Daily 12:00 AM May 02, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

After all this time, Ba Nee is still convinced that her father is still alive. Jerrica is so worried about how depressed Ba Nee is getting that she decides to take definite steps to locate him. Based on the little information Ba Nee's mother passed on before she died, Riot is able to utilize his father's army contacts and find three possible candidates. The man Rio and Raya visit turns out to be a dead end, but Aja and Kimber have hopes about a gentle artist named Martin who remembers nothing about his Vietnam experience.

Meanwhile, Jem and Shana track down a sketchy gambler who claims to be Ba Nee's father once he hears that the girl lives in a mansion that Jem provides the income for. He abducts Ba Nee and holds her hostage in an abandoned zoo for millions in ransom. Aja and Kimber have brought Martin back with them. He remembers enough of his training to scout for Ba Nee while Jem distracts the kidnapper. During the rescue mission, Martin experiences a series of flashbacks about being wounded and getting married to Ba Nee's mother. Newly motivated, he rescues his daughter and the bad guy is taken into custody.
Ba Nee is given a huge going away party and everyone is invited. The Stingers come due to the vital role they played in locating Martin and the Misfits crash the party bringing presents for Ba Nee and an offer of a truce for the Holograms.

Ba Nee refuses to leave without saying good-bye to Jerrica, who tells her that she'll always be her little girl. Ba Nee is then scooped up by her father and they leave Starlight Mansion as the whole cast sings good-bye to her.

The last shot of the series is of Jem, who is smiling as she waves good-bye to Ba Nee and the viewers.