Season 1 Episode 10

Adventure in China

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 23, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jem and the Holograms have been invited by the Chinese government to perform a concert tour that will end at the Great Wall of China. The Misfits come too and are completely upstaged by the huge following their rivals have. Jem has trouble getting through customs because her earrings set off the metal detectors and she refuses to take them off. An ambassador lets her through, but Eric and the Misfits notice her discomfort and decide to make trouble.

At the hotel, Jem takes off her earrings to enjoy a mineral bath with her friends and Roxy sneaks by and snatches them. Jem turns back into Jerrica once Roxy is out of sight and without their lead singer the Holograms are unable to perform at their first concert. Rio and the Chinese officials are very confused by Jerrica's appearance and Jem's disappearance. The Misfits offer to perform instead and during the concert, Aja notices that Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer are each wearing earrings that look like the Jem Star Earrings. The Holograms confront the Misfits and chase them all over the area, but the Misfits toss the earrings out the windows of a train.

The girls try as hard as they can to find the earrings, but a jewelry manufacturer has made millions of fake copies. In order to cheer themselves up, the band goes to a museum and sees another pair of earring thinking they might be the real ones. Jerrica swipes them and get caught in the act. Unfortuneately these are another pair of duds.

Jerrica is about to cancel the concert when she runs into a young girl named Lin, defending herself against a bully who wanted to steal her new good luck charms: a pair of Jem earrings. Jerrica tells her that she was brave for doing that. Lin asks if she is there for the concert but Jerrica tells her that Jem won't be able to perform. Lin tells Jerrica to give her earrings to Jem for good luck. Jerrica lets the others know that if these earring were the real thing, that she would contact Synergy and have Jem thank Lin personally. Suddenly the Jem star earring glow and Synergy asks Jerrica why Jem and the Holograms shouldn't do the concert. Jem and the Holograms perform as scheduled much to the Misfits' annoyance. They dedicate a special song to Lin and Jem personally gives Lin a new pair of earrings just like hers.
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