Season 2 Episode 7

Father's Day

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Oct 01, 1987 on ABC
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Father's Day
Video is having trouble coming up with a Father’s Day present, so Jem suggests creating a film featuring video footage of their fathers and an original song. Everyone is excited except for Kimber who's depressed over having no father to celebrate with and refuses to write the song. A chance encounter with Harvey Gabor helps Kimber put the day into perspective. Meanwhile, the Misfits spend Father’s Day with Clash’s family and tell the entire town that Video lied about being friends with Jem and the Holograms.moreless

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    Bobbie Block

    Bobbie Block

    Roxy/Roxanne Pelligrini

    Britta Phillips

    Britta Phillips

    Jem/Jerrica Benton [singing voice]

    Cathianne Blore

    Cathianne Blore

    Kimber Benton / Aja Leith

    Charlie Adler

    Charlie Adler

    Eric Raymond

    Cindy McGee

    Cindy McGee

    Shana Elmsford

    Ellen Bernfeld

    Ellen Bernfeld

    Pizzazz [singing voice]

    Wally Burr

    Wally Burr

    Harvey Gabor

    Guest Star

    Noelle North

    Noelle North

    Video/Vivian Montgomery

    Recurring Role

    Catherine Cavadini

    Catherine Cavadini

    Clash [credited as Cathy Cavadini]

    Recurring Role

    Hazel Shermet

    Hazel Shermet

    Mrs. Bailey

    Recurring Role

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      • (Touching a picture of her father)
        Kimber: This is for you, Daddy. And all father's everywhere.

      • Pizzazz: I don't believe this. You. My own father turing againast me. You don't have time for me on Fathers's Day. But her. (Referring to Kimber) That waif. (Pizzazz lunges for Kimber & Harvey stops her)
        Pizzazz: Just what are you doing consorting with the enemy?
        harvey: I don't have to justify myself to you.
        Pizzazz: (Yelling) Then don't. Don't. (Pizzazz runs off)
        harvey: Oh, you're impossible. I give up. (Shana puts her hand on his shoulder)

      • (As Pizzazz storms up to Kimber with her father)
        Kimber: Uh oh. There's Pizzazz. Mr. Gabor. Why don't you try to talk with her? Instead of assuming it's hopeless.
        Shana: Though it probably is.

      • (After a Concorde Jet lands in Mullberry with Jem and the Holograms)
        Clash: I don't believe it. Video's upstaged me again.
        Jetta: But 'ow did they get 'ere. Who's plane is that?
        Pizzazz: Daddy. With Kimber.

      • Buzz: She said that you and she play together. That she's a Misfit.
        Pizzazz: Clash a Misfit.
        Roxy: Don't make me laugh.
        (The Misfits laugh)
        Clash: Can't you just make me a Misfit. Just for tonight.
        Pizzazz: Clash. You don't become a Misfit, You're either born a Misfit or you're not.

      • (To Clash)
        Buzz: Hey, honey. You've got a band. Why don't you and the other Misfits play?
        Pizzazz: You've got a band?
        Kimber: The other Misfits.
        Jetta: Hey, yank. What 'ave you been telling popsie 'ere anyway.

      • (As Video walks into the banquet with her parents)
        Clash: Hey, Video. Where are your friends? Jem and the Holograms.

      • (After Harvey excuses himself)
        Jerrica: Maybe Pizzazz was right about him. All he ever seems to think about is business.
        Harvey: American Aviation. Hugh Carrington please. Tell him it's Harvey Gabor.

      • (Referring to Pizzazz)
        Harvey: Maybe I spoiled her. It's hard to raise a child on your own. She's been uncontrollable since her mother walked out on us.
        Kimber: Pizzazz's mother left?
        Harvey: Years ago. Ever since then, Phyllis resents the entire world. I don't think she ever learned to accept the loss of a parent.
        Kimber: It's hard to accept. (Kimber starts to cry)
        Harvey: (Comforting her) I know it is, Kimber.

      • (After Kimber comes to at the ranch house)
        Doc Martin: You're lucky Mr. Gabor was here and took charge.
        Kimiber: Mr. Gabor. You're Pizzazz's father.
        Harvey: Pizzazz? Oh, you mean Phyllis?
        Shana: Yeah. Your Phyllis has sure been a pain in our back sides.

      • (After Harvey Gabor and his companion here the girls' screams & see Kimber lying motionless on the ground)
        Harvey: Doc Martin is down by the stables. (To Aja) Get him.
        Aja: Right.
        Harvey: Just stay calm. And don't move her until Doc Martin gets here.

      • Kimber: I've got my own problems.
        Jerrica: You're being childish.
        Kimber: So I'm a child. Sue me.
        Jerrica: Kimber. What's wrong? I thought coming up here would make you remember all the happy times that we had with dad. (Kimber starts to cry) We used to come up here and
        Kimber: Stop it! Stop it. (Kimber takes off) I don't want to hear anymore about father's.

      • (At the river with the horses)
        Jerrica: So. Wasn't this fun, Kimber.
        Kimber: It was alright.
        Shana: Kimber.
        Kimber: Okay. It was fun. Okay.
        Aja: Feeling inspired, yet?
        Kimber: Get off my case, Aja.

      • (After pulling into Christy's Stables)
        Kimber: What are we doing here?
        Jerrica: You said you needed inspiration.
        Kimber: Look. (The Holograms get out of the Rockin' Roaster) I don't want to be here. Take me home.
        Aja: Oh come on, Kimber. Don't be such a cry baby.

      • (After Video announces that Jem and the Holograms will be singing a special song for her father)
        Pizzazz: Jem and the sing-a-longs here. Ohhh, and I was just begining to like this place.

      • Girl: Video. I just wanted to tell you that you that you didnt have to lie about knowing Jem and the Holograms. We like you anyway.
        Video: I do know Jem and the Holograms.

      • John: Buzz. I think Clash owes Video an apology.
        Buzz: Oh she was just having a little fun, John. Don't you remember what it was like to be a kid?
        John: That's not the point. I.
        Buzz: Well, look at there. (Seeing the crowd around the Misfits' car) I see event Video has come to appreciate my daughter for the star that she is.

      • (After Clash calls Video a fake.)
        Clash: I mean (Shouting while standing on her car) that she doesn't really know Jem and the Holograms.
        Video: Clash. That's a lie and you know it.
        Clash: Ladies and gentlemen. As you can with your own eyes, Video is not the one hob knobbing with celebrities. I am. I present the Misfits.

      • (As Clash is driving the Misfits around)
        Pizzazz: (Yawning) I've had it with this place. There's nothing to do. Let's blow this bird.

      • (Someone knocks on Kimber's door)
        Kimber: Go away!
        Jerrica: Kimber. We need to talk.
        Kimber: Do we?
        Jerrica: Yes. (Sitting on Kimber's bed next to her) By the way, how's the lyrics to the video coming?
        Kimber: I'm not writing it!
        Jerrica: Kimber. You've got to. We promised Video we'd do the song.
        Kimber: I didn't.
        Jerrica: Kimber. Please!
        Kimber: I told you, I'm just not inspired. I'm never writing the song. Never!

      • John: Buzz. I think it's time for you and your guests to go home.
        Buzz: (Chuckling) Well, sure, John. No hard feelings I hope. (The Misfits walk out the door) I guess somethings never change. Vidoe's still taking a back seat to my daughter.

      • (After watching home video of Clash getting her first musical instrument)
        Video: Yeah. The only way she knew how to get attention was to try to hurt someone.
        Clash: Oh, yeah! (Clash dumps a bowl of popcorn on Video's head) Love your hair Video.
        Video: Ooo. I've had enough. (Turning in her chair & attempting to get at Clash but Jetta pulls out her chair)

      • (Belching after eating her food)
        Pizzazz: Oh, that was great!
        Video's mom: You girls' certainly have an appetite.

      • (After Buzz invites himself, Clash & the Misfits over for dinner)
        Video: I'm warning you. (To the Misfits) You'd better not cause any trouble in my parent's house.
        Pizzazz: (Innocently) The Misfits cause trouble.

      • (After seeing Video arrive at her parent's house)
        Pizzazz: Don't you think we should go over and be neighborly.

      • Buzz: Clash. Welcome home, sweetheart. (He picks her up and spins her around How's my favorite daughter?
        Clash: Daddy. I'm your only daughter.
        Pizzazz: (Amazed) He really does adore her!

      • Pizzazz: Come on, Misfits. We're going to Mullberry
        Clash: All right.
        Roxy, Stormer & Jetta: (Together) Oh no.

      • (After Clash mentions that her home town is having a Father's Day Banquet)
        Pizzazz: Stop. Don't say another word. No one in there right mind would go to any sort of Father's Day Banquet.
        Clash: But my father adores me!
        He adores you! Come on Clash. Nobody's father adores them.

      • Pizzazz: I need to get out of this place.
        Clash: I've got an idea, Pizzazz.
        Pizzazz: Yeah!
        Clash: Why don't you all come down to Mullberry.
        Pizzazz: Mullberry? Ha. Sounds like a new soda for wimps.

      • Harvey: Now if you want to buy me something, fine. Please don't make it too expensive. After all, it is my money.
        Pizzazz: Daddy. I am a famous rock star. I have my own money. (Slamming her father's door)
        Harvey: Hmm. Now what is wrong with her?

      • Pizzazz: Daddy! I am talking to you.
        Harvey Gabor: Huh! Oh. Oh, what is it now?
        Pizzazz: I said. Is there anything special you would like to do for Father's Day?
        Harvey: Phyllis. I can't do anything. I'm meeting a man tomorrow about some pure arabian horses. Which I can't do if I don't finish reviewing these reports.

      • (As Kimber leaves the room)
        Shana: What's with her?
        Jerrica: Oh, just one of her tantrum's.

      • (Video and the Holograms prepare to watch the home videos)
        Jerrica: Okay. We're all set. Will somebody hit the lights!
        Kimber: I'll get it. I'm leaving anyway.
        Jerrica: You're not staying to watch the movies.
        Kimber: I've got better things to do with my time
        Jerrica: Yes. Like writing the song for the video.

      • (As Jerrica and Kimber are driving)
        Jerrica: Why are you so quiet?
        Kimber: I think this whole thing is a terrible idea. It has nothing to do with our musical careers. It's completely off the track and I'm against it.
        (The girls pull into Starlight Mansion's drive and get out)
        Jerrica: Kimber. I'm surprised at you. Are't you being just a little selfish? Video's our friend and she deserves our support.
        (Kimber ignores Jerrica as she walks starts to walk in the mansion) Kimber I'm talking to you! We've got a lot of old movies up in the attic. Go and dig them out, okay.

      • (After filming Only Me and the Music video)
        Producer: This will be your greatest video yet.
        Jem: Why thank you. (Coming down off the revolving stage) I tell you. Video deserves most of the credit. Your video's have a lot to do with creating our image.

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