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Raya and Jetta

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    So overal what do you think when they added members to the Holograms and Misfits at beginning season 2? You like them before or after?

    Personal, I am indifferent to Raya, it didn't really matter to me to much, since Aja and Shana didn't too much to begin with, it was just another character like Aja and Shana, so it makes no difference.

    However I liked the Misfits much better as a band when it was just the three of them. Pizzaz, Roxy, and Stormer had superb chemistry. Jetta didn't add much, especially playing the saxophone, that instrument is not what I incorporate with the Misfits sound. Though ironicly I liked the Misfits better as characters in the second half of the series when they mellowed out a bit, and weren't almost killing people ever episode. But Jetta has nothing to with that obviously.

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    OOh that's a great question.. I personally like that they added the new members.

    I liked when they added Raya to the Holograms because that gave more spice to them. I mean, there was only 1 guitar player, Aja. Who herself was great alone but when Shana came off drums, she was able to pick up the base and give the band more depth. Not knocking Shana as a drummer. She was good but Raya might have been just a tad bit better. IDK.. As for Jetta, she gave them, I guess you can say, more international exposure. How much, I don't know. I mean, Stormer's brother, Craig, was a drummer in England. Jetta probably brought more trouble to the Misfits more than anything. She was more coniving than anything.
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    I liked Raya when she joined the Holograms because she brings some added spice to the band. While I thought Shana was great on drums and they chemestry was great when it was just her, Jem, Aja and Kimber. She also made a better base guitarist because she helped alieviate Aja playing dual role for concerts. As a drummer, Raya adds more to the Holograms sounds and makes it better. Jem and the Holograms benefitted from it. To me, she fit right in with the band from the beginning.

    Whereas, I liked The Misfits better when it was just the three of them. They had very good chemestry together. I don't think Jetta contributed much for them. Roxy mistrusted her when they first met, while Pizzazz liked her style and Stormer liked how she played her saxaphone. Her choice of instrument, didn't fit in with their music. Maybe if she played drums, it would've been fine. While Jetta brought them more international exposure, she also brought them more trouble to begin with. She was too conniving for them to handle and didn't fit in with them from the start. I think Rapture from the Stingers would've fit right in with Pizzazz and the others.

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    Raya is wonderful and kind, that she would be a great Hologram member and as for Jetta, she should be a new member of the Misfits so they could to beat the Holograms, but they always lose. I like new characters who come to the shows, because it's exciting. I like Misty Cornwell from Vandread, I like Lum Cheng from Silent Mobius, I like Iris and Cilan from Pokemon Black and White, and I like Sai from Naruto Shippuden. I find new characters as a new expericance.

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    When Raya joined Jem and The Holograms in Season 2 I instantly liked her not because she was pretty and an awesome drummer but rather because Raya has a really cute Spanish accent and she comes from a wonderful family that understood her dream of becoming a drummer and just like Raya I also speak Spanish fluently and I always smile when she speaks Spanish. As for Jetta when she joined the Misfits I have always thought of her as the tough girl because she really made the Misfits give a whole new attitude to their sound and look. But the weird thing about Jetta is when they introduced her to the Misfits she is supposed toplay the saxophone in The Misfits but in all the other Jem episodes in Season 2 and 3 she no longer has plays the saxophone. Did Jetta become a singer in The Misfits rather than a saxophone player?,


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