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Why were Jem music videos repeated in some episodes of Jem?

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    I have noticed that on Seasons 2 and 3 on Jem that they repeat Jem's music videos from Season 1 but the videosare different but it's the same song. Take for instance the song She Makes An Impression which debuted in the Jem episode The Music Awards Part 1 is also featured in the Jem episode Scandal and the two videos are different but the first version of She Makes An Impression features Jem shopping with the Starlight Girls for school clothes and the second version of She Makes An Impression features Raya skating with the Holograms on the beach and what it seemed to me was a way for Hasbro to introduce the new Jem dolls rather than using the recycled video footage. I've noticed this with Ba Nee's video A Father Should Be which debuted in the Jem Jam episode and then was featured in the A Father Should Be episode with the video of the same name and also the song Nightmare which debuted in the Jem episode The Fan and also was in the episode Alone Again and the video When It's Only Me And The Music was featured in the episode KJEM debuted in the Music Awards episode of Jem too. I've also noticed this with The Misfits music videos as well and it made me surprised that Jem cartoons were smart to do this. Was this a way to save money on Jem episodes and to add new dolls to the Jem line,

    Why was this done?,


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