Season 1 Episode 22

Intrigue at the Indy 500

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 01, 1987 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Eric Raymond panics when he finds out that Starlight Music is sponsoring the world's best driver for the Indy 500. The gamblers he's dealing with will take their displeasure out on him if their driver doesn't win the race. Starlight Music's race car is sabotaged, causing the driver to get into an accident that severely injures both him and Rio. With Synergy's help, Jerrica and the Holograms manage to repair the car in time for the big race. Jem takes over as driver of the car and wins the race despite Pizzazz's interference. As for Eric, he wins nothing and has to deal with the gamblers on his own since the Misfits are upset about being neglected lately.moreless

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    Bobbie Block

    Bobbie Block

    Roxy/Roxanne Pelligrini

    Britta Phillips

    Britta Phillips

    Jem/Jerrica Benton [singing voice]

    Cathianne Blore

    Cathianne Blore

    Kimber Benton / Aja Leith

    Charlie Adler

    Charlie Adler

    Eric Raymond

    Cindy McGee

    Cindy McGee

    Shana Elmsford

    Ellen Bernfeld

    Ellen Bernfeld

    Pizzazz [singing voice]

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Pizzazz: Eric. You and your stupid plans. (Pinning Eric with her race car) Jem won!

      • Eric: Harry. You've got to help me. Jem's going to win.
        Harry: Too late, Eric. (Eric takes his wallet out) I've never seen nothing like it.
        Eric: Please, Harry. Please. Take the wallet.
        Harry: Have another hot dog, Eric. (Handing him a regular hot dog)
        Eric: Thank you, Harry. Thank you.

      • Pizzazz Hologram: Don't you think it's time you started playing fair.
        Pizzazz: What? Who the heck are you?
        Pizzazz Hologram: Your conscious.
        Pizzazz: Impossible. (Swatting at the hologram) I haven't got one. Now scram. Get out of here.

      • Announcer: It's a miracle. Jem has survived but her car has taken an incredible beating.

      • Pizzazz: (Coming out of pit row) Out of the way, you morons.

      • Pizzazz: You jerk. (Throwing the hot dog bun at Eric's face) Not only did you forget the mustard. You forgot the hot dog.

      • Harry: How's it going, Eric?
        Eric: Terrible.
        Harry: Let me guess. You wanna change your bet.
        Eric: Could I?
        Harry: Sure. I get a commission in every bet. You wanna change your bet. I get another commission.

      • Stormer: (After Jem takes lead of the race) Does this mean we won't be playing at the victory party, Eric?

      • Pizzazz: Don't look now, Eric but Martino's car is back in the race.
        Roxy: And Jem is driving it.
        Eric: What? That's impossible.

      • Jerrica: It's auto mechanic time, Synergy.

      • Jerrica: (After seeing Rio all bandaged up from the wreck) Rio, I'm so sorry.
        Martino: Think how I feel.
        Jerrica: Martino?
        Martino: Yep. Listen. Don't feel bad. It only hurts when I breathe.

      • Roxy: (Being escorted out of the kitchen with spaghetti on their heads) Let go of me, pizza brain.
        Stormer: Yeah, you can't do this to the Misfits.

      • Pizzazz: (While driving through the Auto Club) This will teach you not to invite the Misfits to your party.

      • Pizzazz: We'll take a car and crash it.
        Stormer: But won't that ruin our car?
        Pizzazz: We're not going to use our car, you idiot. (Pointing to the Rockin' Roaster) Look.

      • Eric: Okay, Harry. Here's the money. I want to put it all on car number double 07.

      • Pizzazz: I'm sick of looking at his ugly mug, anyway.

      • Pizzazz: (Throwing darts at Eric's picture) I want to go.
        Roxy: (With a mouthful of doughnut)You missed the bulls eye.

    • NOTES (1)

      • The songs in this episode are:
        "I'm Coming from Behind" - Jem and the Holograms
        "Back in Shape" - Jem and the Holograms
        "Ahead of the Game" - The Misfits

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The character, Martino Granzetti is a take off of Champ Car racer, Mario Andretti who was one of the greatest race car driver of all time.

        Mario won the Indy 500 in 1969, Three-time Indy 500 pole winner in 1966, 1967 and 1987 and was inducted into the Indianapolis 500 Oldtimers' Hall of Fame in 1986.
        Not only was Mario a race car driver, his family is also behind the wheel. He has two sons Michael and Jeff, a grandson, Marco(Michael's son) and his nephew, John that are/were also drivers.

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