Season 1 Episode 3

Kimber's Rebellion

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 17, 1985 on ABC

Episode Recap

Rio manages to pull Jem back onto the yacht but when she kisses him out of gratitude he feels like he's betraying Jerrica. The others come and watch the Misfits ride off on their boat while thanking the Countess for everything she's done for them. The Countess, Howard Sands and Anthony Julian offer to help the Holograms film a music video in Paris but they have to concentrate on getting the music done first.

The Misfits find out that Jem and the Holograms are going to Paris and complain about not being able to go. Eric tells them that he can only embezzle so much from Starlight Music. While they are off shooting, Ashley runs off and finds the Misfits, who take her in as one of their own.

Eric sends Zipper to Paris to sabotage the video. Kimber gets upset that Jem is getting all the spotlight and nearly tells Rio Jem's secret. Aja and Shana quickly intervene. Anthony directs the girls and they finish up the "Twighlight In Paris" video. Zipper dislodges a gargoyle statue that nearly kills the girls but Rio gets them out of the way.

The Holograms come back to the States to find that the entire town is plastered with Misfts posters. They attempt to make up for lost time by "Gettin' Down to Business" but are thwarted by the Misfits, Eric and Ashley. Kimber goes to Starlight Music to lash out at Eric, but he preys upon her jealousy of all the attention Jem is getting by offering her a recording contract.

Kimber returns to the mansion where Lin-Z Pierce wants an interview with Jem and she'll get the Holograms later. Kimber gets angry and tells them to find some other flunky to plunk keys for them. She quits the band and bolts out the door taking off in the Rockin' Roadster.

Jerrica feels terrible despite Aja and Shana's assurances. Jerrica calls Lin-Z to insist that they all be interviewed or none of them at all. Jerrica, Aja and Shana head out to look for Kimber not knowing where but she would be listening to her favorite radio station, KMAX. The three ladies go to the station and make an announcement to her on the air to come home because that with out her there is no Holograms and without the Holograms, there is no Jem. Kimber hears their pleas and turns around and tells the group that with out Jem there's no Holograms.

Rio pulls up, yelling that they've got 15 minutes to get to Lin-Z's show. During the drive, Rio tells Jerrica that he can't be Jem's road manager anymore. Jerrica tells him he's irreplaceable and begs him to stay. He doesn't answer due to the Holograms pulling Jerrica away to go into the studio.

Jem and the Holograms sing, "I've Got My Eye on You" live and the Misfits see this and head toward the studio. As the interview barely starts, the Misfits burst into the studio and attempt to take over wanting equal time. Lin-Z tells them that she was going to invite them to do their own interview but they've ruined it and asks for some of the guys to escort these ladies out of her studio.

Pizzazz slaps Lin-Z on her way out telling her that her show doesn't have enough class and then tells Rio that he should come work for them. Rio tells Pizzazz not a chance and she elbows him and knocks him into a speaker causing a chain reaction that traps Jem amongst the falling equipment.
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