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  • One of my favorites..

    Loved the music. Only thing is that Jerrica trusted the Holograms, but Rio.

    Oh Jem and the Holograms are on Dicovery family at 7am to 8am.
  • One of the best animated TV shows in television history!

    This show is sweet, cool and funny. My favorite characters are: Rio, Kimber and Riot. Famous voice actors, such as: Charlie Adler and Kath Soucie, both came to the show back in the day, including Cathy Cavadini (the voice actress who voiced Blossom from "The Powerpuff Girls"). I love this show, it is amazing with all the plots, characters and music. I heard there is gonna be a reboot. So excited to see it!
  • Glamour, glitter, fashion and fame... it can all be found on "Jem," a classic cartoon show of the 1980's.

    Glamour, glitter, fashion and fame... it can all be found on "Jem," a classic cartoon show of the 1980's. As a girl in the right age range to be in the target market when this show was on the air, it resonated with me and became one of my all-time favorite shows. For me, one of the strongest selling points of the show back then was strong female characters (and this is still a strong selling point for me 20 years later). I also enjoyed the music on the show back when I was a kid, and overall, I'm not embarrassed to listen to the songs now as an adult (except for maybe a couple of exceptions). While there was the occasional "clunker" episode ("Journey Through Time," "Journey To Shangri-La," and "The Presidential Dilemma" come to mind), the show overall had some really good episodes ("A Father Should Be...," "Homeland, Heartland," "Out Of The Past," and "Alone Again" just off the top of my head). The idea of the dual identity (Jerrica and Jem) and the holographic technology (Jerrica's computer, Synergy), were also elements of the show that caught my attention. All of these elements combine to make one of the best female-oriented animated programs of the 1980's.
  • Memorable music and characters.

    Honestly I missed most of the first season of Jem, initially dismissing it as an attempt to market cheap toys to young girls. I still think that is true, but there's more to this show than it's superficial commercialism.

    My step-daughter watched the show every day, so I ended up watching a few episodes with her. I soon found myself drawn into the world of Jem and her friends, humming along with the music, and caught up in the the drama. Those songs are very catchy, and the music sequences are accompanied by fantastic dream sequences explaining the characters emotions in response to the action. I still enjoy listening to the songs to this day, simple though they are.

    The character designs are really quite appealing, and are drawn in a nice semi-realistic style. This is to be expected from a show adapted from a line of toys, since the whole point of the show is to sell toys. Still, comparing Jem and the gang to character designs of other show of that era I think they stand out among the best.

    The stories are actually very good, with lots of realism, though very simplified. I can't think of any events from the show that could not happen in real life, aside from the fantasy sequences of course. There is enough drama and romance in every episode to keep viewers' attention, and some serious life issues are dealt with, though it's all portrayed in an overly simplified manner.

    Overall I score Jem higher than most cartoons of the 80s because it has a high enjoyment factor. The characters, music, and drama of Jem have kept me interested in the show for all this time.
  • This show is outrageous! Truly Truly Truly outrageous!

    I love classic cartoons like these. Especially periodic ones, like Jem. This show has all the works. It's fun, it's flashy. The clothes they wear is so bright and colorful, and some of the songs that they sing. Though the Music videos aren't their strong suit, but still they high light the episodes.

    I still hum some of the Jem songs in class. Usually it's "Who is he Kissing?", "Jealousy", "Universal Appeal" and of course, "Truly Outrageous". It's so rare to find shows that are this original. Or even this colorful, they don't need to match! Give it a chance if you haven't, you get as much as you put in!
  • Rock group helps make the world a better place each show using Synergy and other stuff.

    Another show that i hardly remember, and yet, i am here trying to review it or atleast leave my ideas on the show. I recall watching this when i was probably 8 and there was nothing else on TV to watch, partly, because i was a boy trying to look tough as the rest of my friends and watching this show would be called something like "treason to the gang" If i remember correctly, there was an evil band that played too and they were always trying to make Jem look bad or destroy the world. A very nice show if you were a girl in the 80's, otherwise, stay away from it.
  • Classic Eighties TV

    This show had it all! Great music, great characters, great stories and great effects even for a cartoon. I don't know of a real recording manager could have really balanced being a singer, manager, foster mother and a private life, but this series made it look possible. Synergy, the Jem Earrings and the theoretical hologram technology was another thing that made the series a hit as Jerica never realized the full power of what she could do. The female characters, however, did look a bit thin and anorexic, but they were made to look like the dolls the series endorsed. The characters mostly didn't have the animation of the G.I.JOE cartoon, but it more than made up with it with the infectious songs, lively music and cartoon videos. I loved Jem, even probably would have dated Jerica or Kimber if they were real. The Misfits were the band you loved to hate. In real life, they might have been accused of using drugs or witchcraft. Eric Raymond was the only character I could live without; his role as the opportunistic and unethical business man became too far-fetched and unlikely as his stereotype became stretched and stretched. Eventually, he made J.R. Ewing look like Major Tony Nelson as a cowboy. All together, all these characters sometimes seemed like they really existed in another reality along with G.I.JOE and the Marvel and DC Comics characters, and they possibly did. Unfortunately,the series had reached it's end with the Stingers; their appearance just didn't fit in the series. It was a sure sign the series was at an end. The only chance to see this again is the dream of a live-action movie with Jem played by her true-life counterpart, Britta Phillips. Truth be told, there is not a single cartton since that could measure up to any of the carttons from the Eighties.
  • Truly Outrageous

    Wow I loved this show so much. I remember watching Jem when I was very young. I think it was one of the best cartoons of the 80's. I was such a Jem junkie that I had all of the dolls and all of the cassette tapes of the music, (oh my god I cant believe I just admited that). Honestly I would love to see this show re-vamped and brought back, I think it was a wonderful show for girls and had a great message. Jem also had some great story lines that never failed to surprise and entertain. In two words Jem and the Holograms was "Truly Outrageous."
  • Jem is a FOND memory!

    I'll never forget before I left for school in the morning, putting on my slippers, pouring a bowl of Frosted Flakes and pulling up a chair to the kitchen table to watch the adventures of Miss Benton-AKA Jem. This show was awesome! It represents all of who I was as a little girl. Remember the Jem doll? She had pink hair and these earrings that really lit up? I was so jealous of my cousin for having that doll and I didn't. I remember one episode in particular (this was obv a big deal b/c the show first aired when I was 5); anyway the episode was when Jem and The Holograms got stranded on a deserted island. And Jem called to a ship for help-"May Day, calling the Bahama Queen". Gosh, that show is so classic 80's. I hate to sound old, but they don't make original TV like that anymore. I remember wishing that I was Jem and I had a cool BF like Rico, what a geek I was!
  • Jem started out as a test cartoon to see which of the cartoons the network chose got the best ratings.

    How did Jem win the ratings to become the new cartoon? Lack of vision on part of the network management. Unless they are just a total box of crisy critters, they missed out on some of the biggest marketing bonanzas of the decade. When Transformers came out, the aftermarket went crazy. This is what Jem cost the network. Just how far can you carry a concept with holograms that won't break the pocketbooks of parents...not too far.
    It doesn't matter that Jem won the ratings, the network lost money in the long run. It doesn't matter that Jem has a following, many shows do, good and bad. Jem wasn't bad, just not what I would watch except to see the other show (all of 9 minutes or so of it) which was crammed into a 30 minute time slot.
  • This show is, without any doubt, the best classic show ever created!

    Jem is the #1 classic anime I have ever seen. Eversince I really little, I would wake up as early as I can to watch an episode that used to air on USA. But it's too bad they don't air them anymore.

    The characters were beautifully created. The episodes were awesome. And the show...well you get the idea.

    But when I was less than seven years old, the show was sadly cancelled before I watched the reruns on television.

    And as time went by, I waited for the right moment to watch some of the episodes that I haven't watched yet. But now, I have some of the episodes on tape. It's not much, but it's entertaining.

    That's why I gave the show a 10.
  • Jem is Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous! Jem was about this hot pink haired singing sensation and her band the Holograms...

    Jem is Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous! Jem was about this hot pink haired singing sensation and her band the Holograms... Unkown to the rest of the world Jem, was actually bussiness woman Jerrica Benton, Kimber Benton's (the keyboardist of the Holograms) older sister the manager of Jem and the Holograms... How could she be two people all at once? I'm glad you asked, with the help of the super computer, Synergy... See after the Benton girl's mother's death and when there father found out he was dieing he made Synergy to look after the girl's. Synergy can portray her self as a human by useing holographic technology, useing this same technology, she makes Jerrica look like the hot pink haired singing sensation know as Jem. Of course it's Jerrica's voice singing, but no one beside friends and family ever heard her sing... So why go to all of this trouble you may ask... Well after there father's death Jerrica inherits half of STARLIGHT MUSIC and Eric Raymond, inherits the other half... Eric wants to run it all himself and wants Jerrica out... So Jerrica enters a challange with him to find the next "Great" band... If Eric's band the Misfits, won the Battle of the Bands then he would get all of STARLIGHT MUSIC, but if Jerrica's band won then she would get all of S.M...

    This show's got everything!!! Romance, thrills, adventure, fantasy, music videos, and above all else it's got S.T.Y.L.E.!!!
  • Jem and the holograms. Is about sisters Jerrica and kimber who father dies.He leaves jerrica a fanatic machine called synergy. To stop Eric Raymond and the misfits she transformed in to Jem the lead singer of the holograms. With there help they sa

    I love every thing about this show. As a child i use to want to be a hologram and was alway sing jem songs. Wish it was still on TV as my videos are getting old. A tv show that always puts a smile on my face even when things are bad.
    I have just manage to get 2 dvds with 2 ep on in england best bit i had never seen the 2 ep.My fav song is ive got my eye on you.
    Music is magic and it really is truly outrageous. Bring Jem back to TV its missed .

  • A true classic!

    I remember growing up, watching this show every morning before getting ready for school... it was \"truly outrageous\" and ahead of its time. What I love about it was that it wasn\'t just another morning cartoon show, it told a story about love, dreams, ambition, fame, and sometimes jealousy, and always gave out a positive message...something rare now and days with animated shows.
  • A girl named Jerrica was left a machine called Senagy which transformed her to Jem which was her disquise as lead of her band, by her father which also came with a pair of earing which she mainly used when she performed with her group the holograms.

    This was my best show ever I loved it it has intense thriller/drama at times which kept me wanting more. They writers knew how to mix all the elements you find in a normal cartoon, It was a very interesting cartoon and I wish it came back it was such a joy to watch.
  • This show IS Truly Outrageous

    Without a doubt, this show is TRULY OUTRAGEOUS. When other guys would watch G.I. Joe and other shows geared for just boys, I (OK, I am a guy) tuned in everyday to see this soap opera-type series to see the everyday adventures of Jem and the Holograms. I loved how they combined action, romance, music and issues of the day in this series (world hunger, literacy, drug abuse, the music biz, and social issues). Even with the Stingers joining the cast, JEM never faltered (I would love to see the rest of the shows since I have the first two DVD sets of the series).
  • This is about a young woman named Jerrica whose father died and gives her the responsiblity of owning the music company along with a hologram machine. She goes on a journey with her holograms and battles with the misfits. It is great for young & old girls

    This show was really great because of the way the music sounded and just how Jerrica was a leader. I really love this show and hope the final DVD will come out soon. The music was truly outrageous and very catchy. The stories behind the episodes really impacted my life.
  • Jem was about music, a bit of mtv,the making of the band,star search,newly weds and has a touch of magic to the show.

    Jem is awesome, impressive music and cool music videos. Excellent voice acting and animation done by japanimators. Some of my fave jem songs were : its only me and the music, truly outragaous, jealousy, who is he kissing. My fave Misfits songs are: taking it all, i\'m am a giant, universal appeal, and it takes alot.Aja was the best on the show ... maybe cuz shes the rockin ass kickin asian one with the electric guitar.Synergy was the greatest x1000.
  • About 10 years too soon.

    I remember the series from French TV (just like a lot of other series I've never - or only recently - seen in German TV). At the time I saw it, towards 1990, I had no idea the series had originally been designed for MTV (though it fits in hindsight).

    Seen with today's eyes, the series came out too soon. Today (or towards the middle or end of the 90'th) it would probably work much better. Not because of the songs - that's rather unusual in cartoons these days -, but because of the whole style and the merchandise. There are a lot more 'strange'-looking toys these days, parents are a lot more used to dolls that don't exactly look like the classical, pink barbie.

    Don't misunderstand me: the songs were great. As were the stories (as far as I a) saw them and b) could understand what was really going on - French TV, remember).

    Seeing an up-to-date version of Jem - especially technically, since the series of course doesn't meet the quality standarts of 2005 (it's 20 years old, so that's understandable), would be great.