Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 23, 1987 on ABC
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Jem and the Holograms go to the beach for an interview and run into Shawn Harrison, who wants to write a song with Kimber. Jetta finds Kimber’s diary after she leaves it on a bench and mails it to Cool Trash Magazine. The Holograms manage to reclaim the diary, but the Misfits already tore out the juiciest details for Cool Trash to publish. Feeling humiliated and angry, Kimber goes to Synergy for advice on how to face the situation.moreless

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    Bobbie Block

    Bobbie Block

    Roxy/Roxanne Pelligrini

    Britta Phillips

    Britta Phillips

    Jem/Jerrica Benton [singing voice]

    Cathianne Blore

    Cathianne Blore

    Kimber Benton / Aja Leith

    Charlie Adler

    Charlie Adler

    Eric Raymond

    Cindy McGee

    Cindy McGee

    Shana Elmsford

    Ellen Bernfeld

    Ellen Bernfeld

    Pizzazz [singing voice]

    Dan Gilvezan

    Dan Gilvezan

    Shawn Harrison

    Guest Star

    Catherine Cavadini

    Catherine Cavadini

    Connie [credited as Cathy Cavadini]

    Guest Star

    Marlene Aragon

    Marlene Aragon

    Harriet Horn

    Recurring Role

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      • (After Sean asks Kimber if she's still going to write the song for him)
        Pizzazz: What? I'm suppose to write your song. I'm better than she is.
        Sean: don't believe everything you read. Quit dreaming adn grow up, Pizzazz.
        Pizzazz: Why I ought to..
        Harriet: Sit and stiffle yourself.

      • Harriet: So tell me more. Why did you take the diary you found to Cool Trash Magazine?
        Pizzazz: Because Kimber's such a wimp. She deserved it.
        Roxy: Yeah. What a sissy? Writing in a diary.

      • Synergy: Kimber. What did your father say in that pep talk?
        Kimber: He said be true to yourself. Believe in your song and give the whole audience a chance.

      • Kimber: Synergy. Synergy. Change me, Synergy. Change me into someone hard and mean. Someone who can never be hurt.
        Synergy: As you wish, Kimber.
        (Synergy's holograms change Kimber, who then checks herself out in the mirror)
        Kimber: Outrageous.
        Synergy: (Appearing behind Kimber, hovering on a sofa) Is this another phase you're going through, Kimber?
        Kimber: Uh uh. The dumb, little, good girl phase is over. I'm staying tough.
        Synergy: (Looking at her nails) You're father hoped you'd be strong but I suppose tough is good enough.

      • (After Ashley calls)
        Jem: Kimber is safe in her room.
        Raya: Shouldn't we head over there tonight?
        Shana: I bet she wanted to be alone.
        Jem: We've just got to let her deal with it in her own way.

      • Pizzazz: What do ya think, Harriet?
        Roxy: You get your mind blown or what?
        Pizzazz: Did we trash little goody two-shoes.
        Harriet: Hmm. I must admit. You created one heck of a scandal.

      • (At the Roller Rink)
        Pizzazz: Misfits. Let's add some spice to this boring Roller drama.

      • Pit: Sean. Just give me a little something. Like you know, Kimber Benton, in my opinion, is a flakey little girl. What do you see in her?
        Sean: I could care less about your opinion. She's a child in spirit but her work is quite mature.
        Pit: And what about a real woman? Like Pizzazz.
        Sean: Pizzazz is a real woman! (Scoffs and laughs) Don't make me laugh.
        Pit: Well, is Pizzazz going to write a song for you, Sean?
        Sean: She can is she wants to but I won't sing it. (Climbs over table) I'm leaving.

      • Pizzazz: All alone, Sean.
        Sean: Hello Pizzazz and good bye. I'm waiting for somene.
        Pizzazz: And here I am. Say cheese.
        (Roxy takes Pizzazz and Jetta's photo as they sit next to Sean)

      • (After Kimber walks out of Cool Trash Magazine with her diary)
        Pit: Blast it.
        Roxy: Relax sleeze man. (Coming out of the closet) Here. You don't need the whole diary. Just the dirt.
        Pit: Fantastic.

      • (Walking into Cool Trash Magazine)
        Kimber: Mr. Pit Thurman. Publisher of Cool Trash Magazine.
        Pit: Yeah. So what.
        Kimber: I'm Kimber Benton and I want my diary back.
        Pit: What are you talking about?
        Jerrica: As your business manager, I suggest you let your lawyers speak for you.
        Pit: Lawyer.
        Aja: Mr. Thurman. Are you familar with the penalties for recieving stolen goods.
        Pit: Now wait a minute. What's she doing?
        Shana: I'm recording every word you say.

      • (Opening and reading the letters they just recieved)
        Shana: Shana can be so ridiculously insecure about her talent. It's a real pain.
        Aja: Aja was so cold today. Sometimes I wonder if she has any feelings at all.
        Raya: Who wrote those things?
        Jerrica: Sometimes, I wish Jem were my sister instead of Jerrica.

      • (After read some of Kimber's Diary)
        Pizzazz: She even bad mouths members of her own group.

      • (Refering to Jetta's book)
        Roxy: What's that?
        Jetta: Kimber's diary. Here, read what she says about you.
        Roxy: Ha. I would't waste my time.
        Jetta: Roxy isn't dumb but she is so ignorant.
        Roxy: Oh yeah.
        Jetta: And Pizzazz is just a rich spoiled brat.

      • Roxy: Why those creeps! They cut out our segment.
        Stormer: Now nobody knows we're in Venice.
        Pizzazz: Sweet Kimber Benton. Gag me. Ugh, I'd love to get something on her.

      • Connie: Raya. How does it feel to be the newest member of Jem and the Holograms?
        Raya: Oh, it's a dream come true.
        Terry: But how will you feel on Friday when you're being barbecued by Harriet Horn, the Queen Barricuda of Rock Gossip.
        Kimber: Oh, come on, Terry. Ms. Horn doesn't incinerate everybody. Besides we're pretty boring as gossip material.

      • (After The Misfits arrive)
        Connie: The Misfits have arrived here and as usual managed to gain everyone attention. Tell us, Pizzazz. What are the Misfits doing here on Venice Beach? Are you working anywhere or are you just cruising for a vacrancy charge?
        Jetta: (Taking Connie's mic) Hey, We've got lunch with Mick Jagger, a possible recording session with Michael Jackson, Pizzazz and Sean Harrison have got something going and.
        Connie (Interupting and taking her mic back) I see but you have no work lined up.

      • Sean: Why it's Jem and the Holograms. Some of me favorite ladies.
        Raya: (Bewildered) You know Sean Harrison, the British Teen Idol.
        Kimber: Uh-huh.

      • (Walking along the boulevard)
        Raya: I just hope I make a good impression.
        Kimber: You're one of the Holograms now.
        Shana: That's right girl. You can't miss.

      • Jem: Mmm. The smell of the ocean.
        Shana: We're free. We've got no worries.
        Raya: I have a small one. In one hour, I'll be in the middle of my first interview. How do you act? What do you do?
        Kimber: Just be yourself, Raya. You'll see. It'll be easy.

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