Jem - Season 1

ABC (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Glitter and Gold
    Glitter and Gold
    Episode 26
    Diskovery Records is holding it's Glitter 'n Gold contest and will give the Glitter 'n Gold Roadster to the group who sells 500,000 records first. The Misfits are a shoo-in to win but Jem and the Holograms haven't performed in ages. To make matters worse, she and Rio get in a huge fight over her reluctance to confide in him or tell him what happened to Jem. Can Jem and the Holograms make a comeback in time to win the contest?moreless
  • Culture Clash
    Culture Clash
    Episode 25
    Jem and the Holograms fly to New York City so that Anthony Julian can film their new music video. Fitzgerald Beck is the video’s art director, but his zany artistic style doesn't really mesh well with the Holograms' and the shoot is a disaster. It doesn't help that the Misfits are around to sabotage things and that Fitz has a crush on Jem. But as much as they are annoyed by Fitz, the Holograms still help him discover who has been using his mechanical sculptures in a recent crime wave.moreless
  • The Jem Jam Part 2
    The Jem Jam Part 2
    Episode 24
    Jem has a couple close calls when the Misfits’ efforts to wreck her concert go too far. Techrat builds a dangerous new gimmick for the Misfits to help them crash the Jem Jam. Ba Nee goes to dangerous lengths to test Randy’s love and prove to Jerrica that he’s her father. And Krissie learns that Dominic many not be as tough as he pretends to be.moreless
  • The Jem Jam Part 1
    The Jem Jam Part 1
    Episode 23
    The Jem Jam is a concert that’s going to feature some of the most prominent stars of rock and pop music. The Misfits, angry at being excluded from the year’s biggest concert, go to great lengths to sabotage the Jam and upstage the Holograms. Meanwhile, Ba Nee thinks that Randy James, a drummer performing in the Jam, is her long-lost father. And Krissie feuds with Dominic, the egotistical son of Lena Lurner, while he stays at Starlight Mansion.moreless
  • Intrigue at the Indy 500
    Eric Raymond panics when he finds out that Starlight Music is sponsoring the world's best driver for the Indy 500. The gamblers he's dealing with will take their displeasure out on him if their driver doesn't win the race. Starlight Music's race car is sabotaged, causing the driver to get into an accident that severely injures both him and Rio. With Synergy's help, Jerrica and the Holograms manage to repair the car in time for the big race. Jem takes over as driver of the car and wins the race despite Pizzazz's interference. As for Eric, he wins nothing and has to deal with the gamblers on his own since the Misfits are upset about being neglected lately.moreless
  • Old Meets New
    Old Meets New
    Episode 21
    For the first time in their career, Jem and the Holograms encounter a concertgoer who’s not pleased with their performance. They meet Bobby Bailey, a 1950s rocker who complains that their cover of one of his songs is no good. The band soon learns that Bobby’s bitterness stems in large part from the fact that Eric Raymond wants to bulldoze his building to build a factory. Kimber leads the band in helping Bobby keep his home and old recording studio.moreless
  • Island of Deception
    Island of Deception
    Episode 20
    The Misfits find a new reason to envy their rivals during a cruise they’re all taking since the ship’s captain is a Holograms fan and gives them the star treatment. To retaliate, the Misfits play a practical joke that causes all seven girls to fall overboard. Jem dives after Stormer to save her from drowning but Synergy’s signal gets disrupted underwater and Stormer sees her as Jerrica before passing out. Stranded on a deserted island, the Holograms must find some way to cooperate with their rivals without giving Jem’s secret away.moreless
  • The Princess and the Singer
    Jem and the Holograms are invited by a European princess to visit her country, Morvania and give a Royal Command Performance. Kimber runs into the princess, Adriana who looks exactly like her in a marketplace and accidentally switches places with her. This puts Kimber in a lot of danger when she gets kidnapped by agents of the princess's traitorous cousin in an evil plot to seize the throne. Unfortunately Jem, Aja and Shana have no idea that she's in trouble since the real princess is posing as Kimber to protect herself.moreless
  • Hot Time in Hawaii
    Hot Time in Hawaii
    Episode 18
    Jem and the Holograms, as well as the Misfits are invited to Honolulu, Hawaii to compete in the annual Battle of the Music Stars. Kimber meets a young man named Steve on the flight. He becomes the band's coach as well as Kimber's island beau. As the Misfits' coach, Zipper gives them equipment that helps them cheat their way to victory in multiple events. But there's no way the Misfits can beat Kimber in the swim race, so Zipper solves the problem by kidnapping her.moreless
  • In Search of the Stolen Album
    Harvey Gabor has banished Eric Raymond from Misfits Music. This couldn’t come at a worse time since Jem and the Holograms are about to finish cutting their first major studio album. Eric hires Zipper to steal the Holograms’ master tape and sheet music. The Misfits record new lyrics over the finished music and produce their own album right away. The Misfits then decide to have fun with Jerrica and the Holograms by sending them cryptic clues leading them on a treasure hunt for their missing album.moreless
  • Broadway Magic
    Broadway Magic
    Episode 16
    The two bands have the chance to be Broadway stars now that famous producer, Bob Merrit is holding auditions for his newest musical! To give his group the upper hand, Eric announces on live television that he’ll give a $100,000 reward to anyone who can provide him with Jem’s real name. This announcement causes Jem and the Holograms to be mobbed constantly during their stay in New York. To Jerrica’s surprise, Rio is among those who are willing to go to extremes to learn the truth about Jem.moreless
  • The Rock Fashion Book
    A book publisher hears about Jem and the Holograms winning a fashion show and signs them up to make a rock fashion book. The Misfits send Clash out to spy while they try to make their own rock fashion book. Their book is rejected. Pizzazz's father buys the rights to the Holograms' book where they use their new control to make the Holograms look ridiculous. The photographer has proof that Clash and the Misfits are responsible for accidents.moreless
  • The Music Awards part 2
    The Music Awards are fast approaching and Eric and the Misfits are still campaigning for the award. Jerrica and the Holograms no longer care at this point – they just want Deidre, Krissie and Ba Nee to come home. Hopefully, the Haven House Benefit will bring them back before a social worker closes Starlight House. But the runaways are busy trying to help a new friend who’s mixed up with some criminals. Eventually, they meet up with Danse who reunites them with the Holograms.moreless
  • The Music Awards part 1
    The Holograms and the Misfits are totally focused on beating each other at the annual Music Awards. During all of this, three of the Starlight Girls run away because they feel neglected by Jerrica and the others. Meanwhile, Video introduces the band to Danse, a talented dancer who has a special request for them. And Eric hires a new secret weapon to make trouble for his rivals.moreless
  • In Stitches
    In Stitches
    Episode 12
    Both Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits have been invited to compete in a rock fashion show in Venice Italy. Shana, the Holograms’ designer, is nervous about competing against professional designers but determined to seize this opportunity. As for the Misfits, they suffer a major setback when their designer falls ill before producing their costumes. But they have a backup plan: steal Shana’s designs before the big night!moreless
  • Last Resorts
    Last Resorts
    Episode 11
    Jem and the Holograms take a much needed vacation to the Colorado mountains. There they meet Rick Franklin, owner of a ski resort. The girls find out that Rick's resort is being threatened by a rival ski resort owned by none other then Eric Raymond. To settle the dispute over which resort controls the mountain, Jem and the Holograms challenge the Misfits to a ski race.moreless
  • Adventure in China
    Adventure in China
    Episode 10
    Rio, Jem and the Holograms are flying to China at the request of the Chinese government. The band has a huge fan base in China and they have the honor of performing a concert tour that includes the Great Wall itself. At the airport, Eric Raymond and the Misfits notice how reluctant Jem is to part with her earrings. They decide to steal the earrings, make copies to wear and then lead them on a chase around the city.moreless
  • The World Hunger Shindig

    Philanthropist Miss Sally Brand is throwing a huge hunger bash at the Houston Astrodome that features Jem and the Holograms as the headliners. British teen idol Shawn Harrison is among the other acts; his budding romance with Kimber is nearly sabotaged by his old flame, Pizzazz. She and the other Misfits want to claim the Hologram's spot on the concert album so that they can become internationally famous. As for Eric, he has his own plans for making a profit out of the concert.

  • Starbright part 3: Rising Star
    Jem, Rio, the Holograms and most of the movie crew quit the film after Kimber and Jeff’s close call in the explosions. Unfazed, the Misfits decide to start the movie from scratch, doubling its budget in the process. As for the Holograms, they resume work on the original Starbright script with the hope that the film’s profits will cover the costs of Ba Nee’s operation. Which movie will be a success?moreless
  • Starbright part 2: Colliding Stars
    Ba Nee will go blind if she doesn’t undergo expensive eye surgery within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, Jerrica’s financial options are limited after she learns that Eric Raymond used the money from Starlight Music to promote the Misfits. Her only option is for Jem and the Holograms to finish making Starbright. But that won’t be easy now that the Misfits are in complete control over the production.moreless
  • Starbright part 1: Falling Star
    It’s time for Jem and the Holograms to begin shooting Starbright, the movie that was part of their Battle of the Bands winnings. Pizzazz has some nasty surprises in store for them: her father has bought the movie studio that produces Starbright, the Misfits are the new costars and Eric Raymond is running the studio! Jem and the Holograms are determined not to lose their movie to their arch rivals, but tempers quickly heat up as production gets underway. Meanwhile, Jerrica learns that one of her Starlight Girls, Ba Nee may be having trouble with her eyes.moreless
  • Battle of the Bands
    The Holograms rush to save Synergy from being discovered by Eric Raymond. By the night of the Battle of the Bands, Raymond and the Misfits are desperate for some way to ensure victory over their rivals. A golden opportunity presents itself when Ashley tries to end her dealings with them. Can the Holograms save Jem and Ashley in time to win the contest?moreless
  • Frame Up
    Frame Up
    Episode 4
    Ashley's odd behavior is finally brought to Jerrica's attention. She doesn't have time to deal with her though since she's just signed a contract for Jem and the Holograms to headline a show at a Las Vegas casino. The Misfits are not happy when they learn that they're opening for their arch rivals. But Pizzazz comes up with a plan to steal the spotlight - a plan which puts Ashley on the spot.moreless
  • Kimber's Rebellion
    Kimber's Rebellion
    Episode 3
    Jem and the Holograms are heading to Paris to film their first music video. Kimber’s not having much fun though since she thinks Jem is getting too much attention. Eric Raymond recognizes this upon her return and makes Kimber an offer to pursue a solo career. One of the Starlight Girls, Ashley, allies herself with the Misfits, while Rio continues to struggle with his feelings for Jem and Jerrica.moreless
  • Disaster
    Episode 2
    A disaster has destroyed Starlight House and made the band and their foster girls homeless. Jerrica comes up with a temporary solution to this problem and leads everyone over to the home of movie producer Howard Sands. Unfortunately, her plan only antagonizes the Misfits further and causes them to seek retaliation against the Holograms at an exclusive yacht party. Meanwhile, Jem begins to realize that Rio is uncomfortable around her.moreless
  • The Beginning
    The Beginning
    Episode 1
    The death of Emmett Benton initiates a power struggle between Jerrica Benton and Eric Raymond over Starlight Music. Jerrica wants to uphold her father's quality standards and continue to support the Starlight Foundation for Foster Girls. Jerrica receives a package that will change everyone's fortunes and introduce the world to the newest pop sensation: Jem!moreless