Jem - Season 3

ABC (ended 1988)


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  • A Father Should Be...

    Ba Nee's depression over missing her father is growing steadily worse. Using Riot's army contacts, Jerrica and the others track down the three men who could potentially be her father. One man, an amnesiac sees this investigation as a chance to learn more about his past. A gambler sees this as a ready opportunity to make some cash off of these famous celebrities.

  • Riot's Hope
    Riot's Hope
    Episode 11

    After years of being away, Riot returns home to share his newfound success with his parents. But his father, who's long disapproved of his musical talents and never forgiven him for leaving the army, kicks him out after starting a bitter fight. Things get so bad that Riot's mother, who has spent years mediating between the two, experiences a nervous collapse and winds up in the hospital. It's up to Jem to help Riot repair the damage between him and his father so that his mother can recover.

  • A Change of Heart
    A Change of Heart
    Episode 10

    After a near-death experience, Minx decides to change her bad habits. She helps out the Holograms, Rio and the Starlight girls but it's just too much. Minx gets fed up and reverts back to her old selfish self.

  • Straight from the Heart

    The Countess du Voisin introduces Jem and the Holograms to her newest protégé: Regine Cesaire, a promising young talent whose early success has gone to her head. Regine is dying to design clothes for her favorite band but takes their criticisms way too personally. She soon falls prey to the Stingers' flattery and becomes their newest designer. But the longer she stays in the Stingers' world, the more Regine realizes who her real friends are.

  • That Old Houdini Magic

    A superstitious dowager is sponsoring a magic-themed concert to benefit a local children's hospital. Rapture, upset that Jem and the Holograms are headlining instead of the Stingers, concocts an elaborate scheme to steal the spotlight. She tricks the dowager into believing she's been possessed by Harry Houdini's spirit by enhancing her own performance skills with some of Techrat's gadgets. Jem and the Holograms can't convince the impressionable dowager that Rapture is a fraud. It's up to their new friend Astral to expose Rapture for the con artist she truly is.

  • The Day the Music Died

    Riot whisks a stressed-out Jem away on a Mexican cruise, then pair then disappears and no one hears from them for months. Without Jerrica, the Misfts are able to take complete control of Starlight Music and the Starlight Foundation. Pizzazz then forces the Holograms and the remaining Stingers to join the Misfits makeing the mega group rule the airwaves. Rio, the Holograms and the Singers have to find Riot and Jem fast in order to get their lives back to normal.

  • Midsummer Night's Madness

    Jem and the Holograms are headlining a concert in Greece along with the Stingers. Rio and Jerrica have a big blowout. The Holograms find Rio and Riot fighting in the streets and the concert goes on as scheduled.

  • Homeland, Heartland

    Jem and the Holograms travel to Zagreb, Yugoslavia to shoot a music video at the Zagreb Ballet. Danse accompanies them to perform in the video and search for her mother. The Ballet's controlling director Victor Krosach becomes obsessed with Danse since she resembles her mother Nadia, his former prima ballerina. His determination to keep Danse in the country leads Danse to her long-lost father.

  • Beauty and the Rock Promoter

    Red Johnny Mac badly needs a hit show to get him out of debt, so he gets Jem and the Holograms to star in a rock version of Beauty and the Beast. Jem, the leading lady, becomes obsessed with learning her part and discovering the identity of the actor playing the Beast. She works so hard that she collapses from exhaustion and is put on immediate bed rest shortly before opening night. It's highly doubtful that Johnny's show will be a success without Jem – especially once Pizzazz and the Misfits step in as understudies!

  • Video Wars
    Video Wars
    Episode 3
    Clash is determined to prove to the Misfits that she’d good enough to join their band. She disguises herself as a shy film student and asks Jem and the Holograms to let her come on tour with them to shoot a documentary. Her plan is to shoot footage of the Holograms looking ridiculous and air the footage in place of the new music video her cousin Video is finishing. However, her plan could go awry as she finds herself actually liking the Holograms as she spends more time with them.moreless
  • The Stingers Hit Town (2)
    Riot, Minx and Rapture have managed to completely shake the normal order of things. Jem and Rio aren’t speaking, Starlight Mansion is in chaos, Pizzazz is a lovesick idiot and the Misfits have broken up. The Stingers still haven’t made up their mind about which music company to sign a contract with. Then Eric makes the Stingers an offer so good that Jerrica has no hope of matching it – at least, not without her alter ego making a huge personal sacrifice.moreless
  • The Stingers Hit Town (1)
    Both Eric Raymond and Jerrica Benton are searching for new talent to revitalize their music companies. Eric in particular needs to find new blood now that he’s bought Misfits Music and the Misfits refuse to listen to him. Both music company executives visit a hot nightclub to listen to a new band from Germany called the Stingers. Little do they know just how much Riot, Minx and Rapture will impact everyone’s lives.moreless