Season 1 Episode 6

Starbright part 1: Falling Star

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 05, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

Preparing for their movie Starbright with Hollywood producer, Howard Sands, Jem and the Holograms have invited the biggest names in the rock business for a celebration being held at Starlight Mansion. The Countess Danielle du Voisin, Anthony Julian and Lin-Z Pierce are among many guests in attendance. Jerrica works hard in attempt to keep the party moving by entertaining guests and organizing the Starlight girls in their chores of helping out.

Howard comes looking for Jem and Jerrica volunteers to find her. She slips away and transforms into Jem where the Countess presents her new outfits to the band. The band changes into the new outfits and displays them to the guests.

Mrs. Bailey comes looking for Jerrica and Jem slips away to change. She goes with Mrs. Bailey to the TV room where Mrs. Bailey tells Jerrica that she's worried about Ba Nee's eyesight. Ba Nee is sitting really close to the television. Jerrica informs Mrs. Bailey she'll make an eye appointment for Ba Nee. She then slips away to check on Synergy's power level. Jerrica tells her that she fears that she'll wear her out since she has been changing so much. Synergy reassures Jerrica that she'll be okay and not to worry.

Jerrica changes again on her way out into Jem, where she catches up with Anthony Julian who introduces her to a new filmmaker, Vivian Montgomery. Video receives Jem's blessing to shoot a behind-the-scenes documentary of the production.

Lela, another Starlight girl, calls for Jerrica but Jem answers attempting help but catches her reflection to see she's Jem. She changes back to Jerrica and helps out Lela with some of the kitchen things. Rio finally snags Jerrica away to the terrace telling her she's got to relax and let the others due some of the work. Jerrica comments on how good Jem looks. Rio says she's like a dream if you can find her but Jerrica is so dependable. He gives her a kiss and Jerrica begins to think "Who Is He Kissing?"

Jerrica returns back to the party unbeknowst that the Misfits are spying on the party from Pizzazz's father's mansion. Pizzazz is disgusted with what she sees. Roxy and Stormer are surprised at Pizzazz's money and how big her place is. She tells them that they've got bigger ones and doesn't care about the money. She wants famous and her name spoken with awe. She wants people to throw themselves at her feet. Roxy comments that if she had all this money, she'd make her own movie.

Pizzazz gets an idea & goes to visit her workaholic father, Harvey Gabor. She asks him for her own movie studio for her birthday. She throws a temper tantrum until her father finally gives in and buys the movie studio.

That morning, Howard Sands informs Jem and the Holograms that the studio has been sold and the new head of the studio wants to see them. Jem and the Holograms with Howard Sands walk into the head office where they find that Eric Raymond is out of jail. Pizzazz tells them that Eric is now running the movie studio that her father bought. Eric has put The Misfits in the movie as the new co-stars. Despite their protests, Jem and the Holograms can't do anything about this and refuse to be bullied off the production. The Misfits are in the movie whether Jem likes it or not. Eric pulls out the contracts and tells them that if Jem quits, they'll be in breach of contract. Howard lets the girls know that if they want to quit, he'll provide the lawyers who'll win the case. Jem agrees to make the movie despite Eric Raymond and the Misfits.

On the first day on the sound stage, Anthony Julian complains about Eric's changing the script without consulting him. Jem and the Holograms show up and head towards make-up when Kimber asks Jem what she's going to do about her holographic disguise. Jem tells her she'll think of something. The Misfits rush in first but not with out some parting words attempting to provoke the Holograms. Inside, Pizzazz tells the make-up artist, Georgia, that Jem is a snob and starts some rumors. Finally the Misfits come out and tell the Holograms not to bother because make-up can't work miracles. Jem tells Georgia that she does her own make-up. Georgia doesn't like this and comments that Jem really is a snob.

Once everyone is on set, Pizzazz make an announcement that even though her father owns the studio, she wants to be treated just like any other star and asks for a chair. Kimber starts to sit down but the chair is taken out from her and stuntman, Jeff Wright, catches her. He starts to talk with her but she has her eyes on someone else, Nick Mann, who has been cast as the leading man. Roxy takes advantage and tells Jeff that she's got time but Jeff tells her that he's got to go fall off a roof or something. Nick comes over to Jem and wants to go over their love scene and tells her that all his leading ladies falls for him. Jem introduces Kimber to Nick but he ignores Kimber as well as Pizzazz. Pizzazz sees this and how stunned Rio is and takes advantage of this and tells Rio that Jem's fickle.

At the studio gates, a punk-rock girl passes herself of as Miss Montgomery. The guard lets her onto the set. A few moments later, the real Miss Montgomery drives up. The guard tells her he just let her in. Video sighs as she realizes who it is. Inside the studio, Clash introduces herself to the Misfits as their biggest fan who loves their music and clothes and thinks that they're all wonderful. Pizzazz takes an immediate liking to Clash.

Video arrives and informs Jem and the Holograms that her cousin, Clash, is on the studio set and is trouble. Clash comes up from behind Jem and crashes her wrist cymbols together. Anthony tells Clash that she has to leave the set. Pizzazz jumps to her defense and tells Anthony that they invited her. Anthony insists that they both leave but Eric says that Anthony is out of line and the Misfits are the co-stars of the movie. Anthony tells them that he's tired of Eric's interference. Eric tells him to get out. Anthony throws the script down and walks off the set. Eric says that he'll direct then as well as produce.

That night as Jerrica gets home, Mrs. Bailey informs her that Ba Nee's eye appointment is set for Saturday. Jerrica goes up to the Holograms and lets them know that things will get better.

The next day, Eric directs Jem and the Holograms in "Jealously". Rio watches the scene and it starts to eat at him when he sees Nick and Jem in a passionate kiss. Rio punches Nick. Jem intervenes and reminds him it's only an acting scene. Eric tells Rio to get off the set but Pizzazz comes to Rio's defense and tells Eric to be nice to her if he wants to stay on the set.

Lin-Z talks about a live press conference on the Jem movie set. Eric asks if everyone is ready for the reporters who will be coming shortly. Nick tells Jem to play up on their romance. She tells him there isn't one. Jem and the Misfits are ready for the press. Rio says he should leave but Pizzazz tells him to stick around for their surprise.

Before the press comes in, Eric is told that they are a day behind schedule but he doesn't want to be harassed about it. The reporters flock in toward Jem and the Holograms and ask about Jem and Nick's romance. Nick steps in and takes Jem by surprise with a romantic, dipping kiss as Kimber, Aja and Shana look on. Kimber walks away from the press conference where Eric spots her and tells her that Jem is hogging the light and it's her fault. He promises her that he will get her a scene with Nick all by herself.

In a final move, Pizzazz sees what Nick is doing to Jem and tells Roxy and Stormer to pull on the line which reveals a banner with the Misfits name as the headliners in big letters over the title and the Holograms' name in smaller print. Pizzazz laughs it off and Rio looks shocked. Clash sees Video filming this stunt and tells Video to keep filming the good part.

A reporter asks if this was Jem's Movie. Eric tells them it co-stars the Misfits. Pizzazz chimes in by saying that her father owns the studio. Rio tries to explain that he didn't know anything of the banner but its too late.

Soon, the spotlight has gone off the Holograms and onto the Misfits. Lin-Z Pierce brings up that Anthony Julian quit the production. Eric explains that he's taken over the directing. Lin-Z points out at that he has zero experience. Eric tells her that is why he has Miguel to help him.

Howard Sands goes to Havey Gabor and pleads with him to take Eric Raymond off the movie and tells him about his reputation. Mr. Gabor isn't interested in what Howard has to say and all he's interested in is making money. And if it keeps his daughter away from him, then let her be happy.

The final straw comes when Eric replaces the Holograms' biggest musical number with a Misfits song. The Misfits sing "Universal Appeal". Jem goes on stage and tells Pizzazz that she's through throwing her weight around. Pizzazz grabs a hanging star and throws it at Jem telling her that she's only begun. Jem in turn throws the star back saying she's a fallen star. Pizzazz falls and gets angry and attempts to attack Jem. Eric stops Pizzazz. Jem tells Eric that she's finished with him and has had it with the Misfits and quits. Eric makes a plea to Kimber but she turns him down and leaves with the rest of the Holograms.

As the Holograms leave, Video rushes out and tells them that they aren't getting any of her tape. Jem apologizes that she wasted her time. Video tells her that getting to meet them wasn't a waste of her time. Inside, the Misfits celebrate their takeover of the movie and spray paint over the Jem and the Holograms names.

Jerrica takes Ba Nee to the eye doctor and learns from the Doctor that Ba Nee has a degenerating eye condition inherited probably from her parents. Jerrica tells him that they don't know much about her parents because she's an orphan. The doctor tells her that Ba Nee will be completely blind within the next couple of months or weeks if she doesn't have the surgery to fix her eyesight.