Season 1 Episode 6

Starbright part 1: Falling Star

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 05, 1986 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Roxy and Stormer seem to be mind-bogglingled at how wealthy Pizzazz's family is.

    • Lin-Z's look has changed dramatically from the fist time she was seen. She has gone from the jacket and pants outfit to an orange and green one. Her hair changed from being choppy to being permed.

    • The Misfits outfits' change. Pizzazz has a longer black stripe on her collar and skirt. She no longer has a black sash on right knee. Her sock has switched legs.
      Roxy's sweater has changed from black to purple. She has lost her pearls and her pants has changed from the red and green with black letters to a green/blue/yellow stripes.

  • Quotes

    • Video: Jem. Wait up. They're not getting an inch of my tape.
      Jem: I'm sorry that you wasted your time.
      Video: Getting to know you is definitely not a waste of time.

    • Jem: (After the Misfits sing Universal Appeal) You're through throwing your weight around.
      Pizzazz: I've only begun. (Throwing a hanging star at Jem)
      Jem: (Catching the star) Uh. Your a falling star. (Throwing the star back at Pizzazz, knocking her down)

    • Clash: Oh Pizzazz. I just had to meet you.
      Pizzazz: Yeah.
      Clash: I'm (Clapping her wrist cymbals) Clash. Your biggest fan. I think you're all wonderful. I love your music. I love your clothes.

    • Pizzazz: (To Jem and the Holograms before they go into make-up) Next. But why even bother.
      Roxy: Yeah. Make-up can't work miracles.
      Stormer: So don't be too disappointed.

    • Howard: (To Eric) You're running a movie studio!
      Pizzazz: Not just a studio. My father's studio.

    • Jerrica: Jem looks pretty good, doesn't she?
      Rio: Yeah. She makes the air sizzle like some bright and dazzling dream. If you can find her.

    • Synergy: (As Jerrica enters Synergy's room) Is there a problem?
      Jerrica: Just checking your power levels, Synergy. I'm changing so often, I'm afraid I'll wear you out.
      Synergy: I can project 600 holographic images a minute without power loss. Please do not worry.

    • Roxy: (Admiring the mansion they are in) Hey Pizzazz. You never told us your father was so rich!
      Stormer: Yeah, what a place!
      Pizzazz: (Dismissively) We have bigger ones. Anyway, who cares about money?
      Stormer and Roxy: (Exchanging stunned looks) We do!
      Pizzazz: I want to be famous.... I want my name spoken with awe. I want people to throw themselves at my feet!

    • Roxy: (To Jeff) I've got time handsome.
      Jeff: Uh sorry. (Shrugging Roxy off) I've got to go fall off of a roof or something.

  • Notes

    • The songs in this episode are:
      "Who is He Kissing" - Jem and the Holograms
      "Jealousy" - Jem and the Holograms
      "Universal Appeal" - The Misfits

    • Video (aka Vivian Montgomery), Clash (aka Constance Montgomery), Jeff Wright and Harvey Gabor are introduced.

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