Season 1 Episode 8

Starbright part 3: Rising Star

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 19, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jerrica, Aja and Shana along with the rest of the movie crew can only watch in horror as Jeff rides through the explosions to get to Kimber. He's able to reach her and carry her to safety even though his motorcycle blows up in the process. Jeff takes Kimber to the nurse to make sure she's ok. No one can prove that Roxy and Clash caused the trouble, so Jem holds Eric responsible. Jem will risk her own life but not her friends. Jem, Aja and Shana quit for good this time as do Rio and most of the production crew.

The Misfits decide to scrap everything they've filmed so far and start over with a new script, new clothes and sets. Eric freaks when he realizes this will double their budget but agrees when Pizzazz threatens his job.

Kimber, unharmed by the explosions, apologizes to Jeff for her past rudeness and thanks him for saving her. That night, Jerrica reads Ba Nee Alice In Wonderland since she can no longer see the words herself. She doesn't have the heart to tell the girl what happened because she knows Ba Nee is counting on Jem to save her eyesight.

Anthony, Howard, Video, the Countess and others who quit the movie gather at Starlight Mansion and volunteer to work for free on the original Starbright script. Jem convinces everyone that they can save Ba Nee's eye sight, donate money to the Starlight Foundation and work on a production that they actually believe in. They get plenty of support in promoting the film with Puttin' It All Together.

Clash drives up and sees Video filming outside the mansion. She confirms rumours that Jem is making her own movie and Video tells Clash to tell the Misfits that they are going to make them look like the phoney trash that they are.

The Misfits are furious with this and they tell Georgia to give Clash a complete makeover for a screen test and must look completey unrecognizable. Georgia remakes Clash into a blond.

Lin-Z reports on both movies that are making headlines. She interviews the Holograms as well as different members of the crew.

Meanwhile, the Misfits are terrorizing their new crew and driving up production costs. Nick Mann finally can't take anymore of Pizzazz's mean attitude and bullying and ends up walking off the Misfits' set.

The disguised Clash manages to sneak onto Jem's set and starts stealing costumes, supplies and equipment. By now Georgia, who had believed Pizzazz's lies and bad mouthed Jem from the beginning, has realized that Jem and the Holograms are in fact good people. She quits and when Eric complains that he has no people left, Pizzazz tells him it's his tough luck.

Clash spots Jeff asking Video for the Jem accident. She realizes that if Video gives the tape to Jeff, it's over for the Misfits. Menwhile, Georgia shows up and ask Jem to forgive her. Jem accepts her apology and lets her work on the film.

The technicians notice that their stuff is missing along with other stuff. Georgia recognizes that the blond girl is Clash. Clash steals Video's bag and takes off. The Holograms, Rio, Jeff and Video chase Clash by car. The Holograms are hot on her trail when they're cut off by a gas truck almost causing an accident.

Jem realizes that they won't be able to catch up with Clash and calls upon Synergy to project a fallen tree in front of Clash. Clash covers eyes and comes to a stop. Unharmed, Clash abandons her car and runs off leaving the equipment she stole for the crew to recover. Jeff lets everyone know that he is definately going to deliver the tape to the Union offices.

Back on the set, Rio and Jem's scene is interupted by Nick. He pushes Rio aside to be the star in the movie. Jem tells everyone that she'd be happy to have Nick in the movie and that they could find a bit part for him for free. Nick who's outraged stalks off the set.

On the Misfits set, the are bored with the hard work. Action is completely stopped when Officials from the Director's Guild and the Producers Union confront Eric. Pizzazz says that they've got enough scenes already and walks off the set leaving Eric to deal with the reps.

Jem and the Holograms finish up their movie with People Who Care. The crowd goes wild after all the long hours and weeks of work is now finished.

The Misfits throw a party for their movie when her father, Mr. Gabor shows up, announcing that Eric has cost him millions in lawsuits. He tells Pizzazz that she is out of the business forever and gives Howard Sands control of the movie studio.

Jerrica takes Ba Nee in for surgery even though she doesn't have the money yet but she is hoping that the movie makes a profit but if it doesn't she could lose Starlight Mansion.

Opening night, fans line up for both the Misfits and the Holograms' movie. The Misfits show up and ignore fans as they head into their premiere.

The Holograms see that the Misfits movie has longer lines. Once people see the Misfits' movie, they are disgusted. Fans of Starbright come out and want to see it again. The Misfits crowd leave once they hear how great Jem's movie is.

The Holograms are elated when everyone runs over to their movie from the Misfits movie. The Misfits come out to see their fans leaving and have a fit.

With the movie a success, Howard hands the Holograms their check. Jerrica takes the Starlight Girls to a special screening of the film. No one at the theater enjoys watching it more than Ba Nee.