Season 1 Episode 15

The Rock Fashion Book

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Sep 27, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

A book publisher hears about Jem and the Holograms winning a fashion show in Venice and signs the group up to make a rock fashion book of Shana's designs. The shoot locations include an aquarium, the Washington Monument, the Grand Canyon, and a shipping port. The Misfits send Clash out to spy on and sabotage the Holograms' shoot while they try to make their own rock fashion book. Seventeen publishers reject their amateur work, so Pizzazz convinces her father to buy the rights to the Holograms' book. They use their new creative control to make the Holograms look ridiculous, but the photographer has managed to take shots of Clash and the Misfits that prove they were responsible for the shoot's accidents. Mr. Gabor is thunderstruck that his own daughter is trying to sabotage him. Howard Sands convinces Mr. Gabor to sell back the book rights so that the Holograms can release a high quality fashion book.
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