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Jennifer Slept Here

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This series focused a family that moved into the home of a deceased actress named Jennifer Farrell. When they moved in, they had no idea that Jennifer's ghost still walked the halls -------------------- Release date USA -- 21 October 1983 ============================= Theme lyrics (Sung by Joey Scarbury) (Hello, it's me, and only you can see me) I just saw the most beautiful ghost in the world She slept here. I just saw the most outrageous kind of a girl She lives here. Jennifer, what are you doing to me when out of my life you appear? They say the stars don't shine as bright since you left here. Jennifer slept here! She lives here She loved here, laughed here and wept here. She slept here. But she never really left here. Jennifer slept here! =============================== The series was a Larry Larry Production for Columbia Pictures Television and the NBC Television Network. ----------------------------- Production Companies * Columbia Pictures Television * The Larry Larry Company Distributors * Columbia TriStar Domestic Television (2001) * National Broadcasting Company (NBC) * Sony Pictures Television (2002-) ================================ Awards Fifth Annual Youth in Film Awards: 1982-1983 Won "BEST YOUNG ACTOR IN A NEW TELEVISION SERIES" --JOHN P. NAVIN, JR. (Joey) Nominated for "BEST NEW TELEVISION SERIES" didn't win. Special Award -- "YOUTH IN FILM'S FORMER CHILD STAR AWARD" --Ann Jillian Special Award -- "YOUTH IN FILM'S SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" -- Glenn Scarpelli Emmy Awards: 1984 Nominated for "Outstanding Technical Direction/Camerawork/Video for a Series" O. Tamburri (technical director) Les Atkinson (cameraperson) Mike Higuera (cameraperson) Roy Holm (cameraperson) Kurt Tonnessen (cameraperson) Arnold Shapiro (senior video control) For episode "Life with Grandfather". Young Artist Awards: 1984 Won: "Best Young Actor in a New Television Series" -- John P. Navin Jr. Nominated: "Best New Television Series" & "Best Young Actor in a New Television Series -- Glenn Scarpelli" ============================ Interesting article found on-line (A "historical" look ) FARRELL HOUSE Location: Jennifer Farrell lived at 1130 Bel Air Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Today, the house is no longer on the celebrity tour in order to dissuade curiosity-seekers. Description: Once called Blonde Paradise, the Mediterranean two-story yellow stucco mansion has a tiled roof, four chimneys, twenty bedrooms and six bathrooms. The backyard patio includes an hour-glass shaped swimming pool, hot tub, pool house and garden plus a guest cottage and two-car garage. Ghostly Manifestations: Hollywood is an area full of ghost stories. Numerous hopefuls travel out there in search of fame, fortune and recognition of their talents only to have them destroyed by the elite club known as show business. Few get in, and the few that get in don’t let anyone else in. Jennifer Farrell was one of the lucky ones and her home has served as inspiration for many other hopefuls. If the rumors are true, maybe you can still find her inside, and ask for advice or a good contact. Rumors that the place was haunted by the late star started shortly after 1982. Several sorority girls heard a woman’s voice yelling at them to get out of the house. Soon after, tour buses starting to go by had passengers asking about the Jennifer impersonator who leaned out the window and waved exuberantly and joyfully at the bus as Jennifer Farrell often did in her life. Sometimes she doesn’t appear at all, but numerous witnesses have seen a window pop open as the bus stops outside the front gates. George Elliott owned the house from 1983 to 1992. Not much of a believer in ghosts, he claims he never saw or experienced anything that he couldn’t explain. His son, Joey, on the other hand was soon reporting a long list of strange occurrences ranging from footsteps from empty halls and objects that moved around by themselves. Now in his thirties, Joseph “Joey” Elliott is now a teacher at Los Angeles High School. He admits he wanted to buy the house when his parents wanted to move into a smaller place, but the finances just weren’t there. “I was never scared.” Writers and producers of paranormal TV shows often interview Elliott. “It’s hard to be scared of a friendly spirit that watches over you and takes care of you. Both my sister and I felt Jennifer in the house, and maybe my mom. Dad just wasn’t open to the experience.” “We experienced a lot of the typical ghost stuff.” Elliott continues. “There were footsteps, doors that closed by themselves, curtains sometimes swayed on their own. I remember once I was with my dad in the back yard trying to get the barbecue to work and I got a chill up my back. You know it’s a weird chill when you’re standing in the sun and its ninety-five degrees out. We both heard a woman’s laughter coming from an upstairs window and looked up to see if my mom was watching us, but she wasn’t. I don’t think it was anyway, because my mom doesn’t laugh like that. Dad said it was someone’s voice carried by the wind. I just sort of pretended to agree, but a few minutes later, I looked up to the window again and, I think, I think, I actually saw her. Jennifer. She was watching us from my sister’s room.” Now a twenty-eight year old contractor, Marilyn Elliott doesn’t have many memories of anything unusual from her years living in the Farrell House. She does recall her father tried several times to paint over the house’s yellow color with white, but the yellow continued returning. “Yellow and pink are two colors very hard to cover up.” She admits. “We had the same trouble trying to paint Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace when the owners there wanted to sell it, but the original colors kept returning despite what sort of paint we used.” “Our mom started to believe us a bit more about Jennifer haunting the house about a year before dad sold the place.” Joseph Elliott continues. “She said she’d be coming home and she’d see an curtain pull back as if someone was peeking out. First few times, she probably thinks it was dad, but when he wasn’t home, she’d think a strange person was lurking through the house. Finally, I’d tell her, ‘Mom, it’s just the ghost.’ She probably didn’t believe me at first, but later on, she would start talking to her. ‘Hi Jen, are you in here ? I’m just getting dinner ready. Please don’t scare me.’” “One time, mom heard a little dog barking in the rumpus room in the basement.” He continues. “She’d send Dad down there to catch what we thought was a dog that had wandered into our house by mistake, but he‘d never find it. We’d all hear these barking sounds or the sounds of little feet scratching the wood floors, but there wouldn’t be a dog in sight. Later on, I got a copy of the only biography ever done on Jennifer Farrell and it revealed she was a dog lover. In her life, she had rescued three Chihuahuas, a Pekingese and a Pug from the local shelter and kept them in the house.” “The last time I saw her,” Joseph Elliott responds a bit dismayed. “Was after dad sold the house. I had come back to the house to get several things I’d left behind after moving into my own place and, I think it was her, I hope it was her, and I heard someone in the pool. There were the sounds of splashing and laughing as someone was in the pool and I looked out my window and saw…….” He pauses as if looking for the right words. “This extremely beautiful blonde woman in a white bikini tanning by the edge of the pool. I rushed down the stairs, through the foyer and the dining room stood outside on the patio, and she was gone. My first and only really good look at her, and I messed up by frightening her away. I think she looks better now than she did in life.” The Hollywood tours no longer stop outside the house, but in 1993, just before the tours stopped, one tourist driving by the house took an excellent picture of the front of the house as he leaned out of his bus window. The remarkable shot shows the sun glistening off the empty house, every nuance and detail of the structure just perfect. Standing just inside the glass windows on the balcony is the nearly obvious presence of a woman in white with short blonde hair waving to the guests out front. History: Built by Silent Film Star Ricardo Laughingwell in 1927, the house was a gift to Jennifer from her studio in 1963. For the fourteen years she lived there, she threw countless parties and even used her home to film movies and house ceremonies from weddings to birthday parties. After her death, the house was sold briefly to a young couple who lived there for less than a few months until a fan from a studio tour died while climbing over the front wall to get into the property. Sitting empty for a while, in 1982, the house was being used as a sorority for several girls from nearby UCLA. Engaged in sex, drugs and alcohol, they reportedly abandoned the house after a strange voice yelled at them “Get Out !!!” several times in the middle of the night. It was sold the next year to George and Susan Elliott, a couple from New York City. They had two kids: Joseph (14) and Marilyn (8) at the time. Joseph is now a history teacher at Los Angeles High School. Today, the house is owned by television personality Alan Brady from New York City. While he rarely stays in the house, he does rent it out for use in the movies. Identity of Ghost: Jennifer Farrell was an obscure actress who only made about twenty-two films in her career. Born January 29, 1930, she had tried to break out of the typical “dumb blonde” stereotype by playing intelligent blondes with a sort of wise-cracking Eve Arden personality when in real life she was actually one of the friendliest and warm actresses in the business. She had won several beauty contests before she became 24. The wife of a studio executive reportedly started her career by saying she was beautiful enough for the movies. Jennifer’s first starring role was the obscure 1954 film, “So This Is London.” Cast almost entirely in B-Movies, she never got enough roles to prove her full talent and she actually made a bigger career out of being a pin-up. Blessed with a 163 I.Q, she managed most of her own career and in 1963, Mammoth Pictures in Hollywood offered her a role in a TV-Series called “Heartbreak Hospital” which also starred up-and-coming actress Ginger Grant. Jennifer also discovered she had been diagnosed with advanced leukemia and was prescribed with pills with a high lead content. Accidentally poisoning herself before her career ever really started, her body was found in bed by her housekeeper on August 5, 1977. Comments: Jennifer Slept Here, NBC-TV (1983-1984) Hauntings loosely based on Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace and Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee among others. Jennifer’s career based on that of Allison Hayes (1930-1977). *Ricaro Laughingwell from Gilligan’s Island, Episode “Castaway Pictures Presents” *Alan Brady from the Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966) *Mammoth Pictures from The Beverly Hillbillies, Episode “Jed Becomes a Movie Mogul” *Ginger Grant from Gilligan’s Island (1964-1967) ======================= Another Summary: The ghost of a beautiful and sexy movie star, Jennifer Farrell whose spirit still roamed her Beverly Hills mansion on the ghostly sitcom JENNIFER SLEPT HERE/NBC/1983-84. Jennifer died in 1978 and five years later New York lawyer George Elliot, his wife, Susan and their children, Joey and Marilyn, took up residence at Jennifer's mansion at 32 Rexford Drive. Soon Jennifer learned to tolerate her live-in guests and eventually she revealed herself to their teenage son, Joey and began to help him adjust to life in California. But Jennifer would only appear to Joey. As friends, they occasionally helped each other out of predicaments. So when Joey wanted to scare the Fanucci Twins, Jennifer appeared during a mock séance, and when a nude photograph of Jennifer (taken for a calendar shot in 1966 when she was broke) comes up for auction, Joey comes to rescue and keeps it off the market. Jennifer's film credits included Desire, Stairway to Paradise and after her death a biopic entitled The Jennifer Farrell Story (unfortunately, the film's starring role went to Jennifer's old rival). Jennifer came to California from Illinois when she was 17. Before going West, Jennifer attended Pinehurst Elementary school and Lanford High School. She dropped out of school at 17 and ran off to California looking for fortune and fame. He first job was as a waitress at Danny's Dinner. Other people to visit Jennifer's mansion included Marc, a con-artist teenager who lived next-door and Jennifer's deceased mother Alice Farrell =============== Runtime: 30 min (13 episodes) Country: USA Language: English Color: Color Sound Mix: Mono ================= CREW: Directed by John Bowab Charles S. Dubin Michael Lessick Alan Myerson Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Douglas Arango writer Nick Arnold writer Larry Balmagia writer Tom Chehak writer Phil Doran writer Bruce Ferber writer Terry Hart writer Ken Kuta writer David Lerner writer Rick Mittleman writer Larry Rosen writer Larry Spencer writer Larry Tucker writer Jurgen Wolff writer Produced by Douglas Arango .... producer Phil Doran .... producer Patricia Rickey .... supervising producer Larry Rosen .... executive producer Larry Tucker .... executive producer Original Music by Clint Holmes (theme) Ann Jillian (theme) Joey Murcia (theme) Bill Payne (theme) Costume Design by Ret Turner Makeup Department Dale Miller .... hair stylist: Ann Jillians personal stylist and credit should be listed Art Department Bill Brzeski .... assistant art director Other crew Joey Scarbury .... theme vocalist Larry Spencer .... story editormoreless