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NBC (ended 1984)


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  • Jennifer Farrell is a ghost who forms a bond with a young teen who just moved into her home.

    M. Night Shyamalan is hailed as an original thought provoking director but many ideas of his has been done before. Case in point "The Sixth Sense" was about a kid who sees dead people. Well over twenty five years ago there was a show about a kid who kid see a dead woman named Jennifer. The Elliots move into a Hollywood home that used to be inhabited by Jennifer Farrell a Hollywood actress.

    This show is delightful, heartwarming and funny. I agree fully with the other reviews about the show. I gotta say after trading for this show with another user my efforts were not wasted. It seems to have everything you could want in a decent comedy show: A nice lead, decent writing, interesting episode. Plus in this day and age of the reality oriented genre now forming shows like "Jennifer Slept Here" are unique.

    Jennifer has refused to leave to "the other side" (actually it's never quite explained why she is still a ghost) and annoys Joey Elliot the young son of the house. I say annoy because Jennifer's ghostly activities aren't scary but more of a poltergeist activity are aimed at laughs. Likewise, Jennifer's functions seems more to be like a guardian Angel to Joey making him make good decisions in his life.

    The show only lasted for one season and while it's a very entertaining show which I've managed to get I can see why it was canceled. For starters, this show has many plot holes. It's never explained fully why Joey is the only one that can see Jennifer. Later on, the writers decide to throw away this ability by making Jennifer visible to other people. It's also not explained early on why Jennifer is still in the house? Did she kill herself? Was she murdered? It's never really early on. Seeing as this was a lighthearted comedy, I'am assuming the writers did not want to tread into this territory although in the long it would have helped with the logic of the show had this show continued for another season.

    Ann Jillian is great as Jennifer. While she isn't really mentioned as a great actress she is a longtime TV veteran and this was around her highest rise so to speak in Hollywood. The episodes vary from episode to episode and never get boring. In one episode Joey falls for a girl in his class that is just using him to get Rick Springfield tickets in another episode Jennifer is disrupting production of her own life story inside the house.

    All in all it's a decent show once you ignore all the plot holes. The characters are likable and aren't one dimensional. This show is yet to be released on DVD but it's worth tracking down.