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  • Season 1
    • A Girl's Gotta Come Through in a Clutch
      Guy gets dropped by his agent, Bernie, and becomes depressed, never leaving the house or his bed. To get his spirits high Jenny convinces two fans to give him an award, unknowing that is an award for a lifetime achievement of bad acting. Meanwhile Maggie sees a cute new car for sale at the mall and buys it, even though it's a stick shift and neither her nor Jenny know hot to drive it.moreless
    • A Girl's Gotta Get Ready for Her Close-up
      Jenny and Maggie get jobs as extras in a new film, but Maggie suddenly gets a line and Jenny gets extremely jealous.
    • A Girl's Gotta Go Vogue
      Inky Pete's is taken over by World of Copies and in retaliation to the new uniforms they are being forced to wear, they quit there jobs to take up a modeling job offer.
    • A Girl's Gotta Make Room for Daddy (2)
      After initially having some trouble, Jenny finally tells her father the truth. He plans on continuing his life with a current flame but changes his mind and come home to try and be a father for Jenny. He eventually decides he's not ready for this and goes to leave. But a phone call from Jenny's current boyfriend changes everything.moreless
    • A Girl's Gotta Make Room for Daddy (1)
      Jenny discovers $3000 stashed away in an old teddy bear of her father's and decides to blow it all on a trip to a resort where her father once stayed. She get even bigger shock when she meets her supposedly dead father staying there.
    • A Girl's Gotta Protect Her Assets
    • A Girl's Gotta Hang with a Celebrity
      Jenny and Maggie really start living when they meet a famous actress in a dance club.
    • A Girl's Gotta Get It
      An aspiring writer brings a screenplay he spent the last two years of his life writing to Inky Pete's, but Jenny loses it on the bus before she can make copies. So she has to try to get it back from a sleazy producer. However the slimy producer brings it in to Inky Pete's not knowing that Jenny and Maggie work there.moreless
    • A Girl's Gotta Merger
      Maggie's brother comes to L.A. to seal a multi-million dollar merger between two candy companies, but he thinks Maggie and Jenny will screw it up for him.
    • A Girl's Gotta Love a Wedding
      Max and Cooper get hired to film a wedding and they get Maggie Jenny to assist them. While working Jenny gets hit on by the groom and Maggie by a 13 year-old boy.
    • A Girl's Gotta Deck The Halls
      Jenny and Maggie's plan for a Christmas in Utica are ruined when the airline goes out of business, so they try to make the best of it in L.A.
    • A Girl's Gotta Lie
      Maggie brings Jenny along on a date because she thinks the guy will be a real "snoozer". The guy happens to be a relationship therapist and stands in the way of Jenny and his brother's possible relationship when Maggie tells him that Jenny just got dumped by her fiancée. And seeing as this isn't true Max poses as Jenny's ex-fiancée and is thought to have left Jenny for Cooper by Maggie's fellow.moreless
    • A Girl's Gotta Live in the Real World
      Jenny starts dating Zak, who's supposedly a struggling musician who comes from a poor family. What she doesn't know is that Zak is actually stinking rich. When Jenny finds out she dumps him for not being honest, in return he tells everyone at MTV's "The Real World" (the show he's on) that she dumped him because she couldn't handle the fact that he's poor. But Jenny exposes him for the fraud he is.moreless
    • A Girl's Gotta Spike
      Maggie feels left out when Jenny spends all her time with her new jock friend.
    • A Girl's Gotta Work
      Jenny and Maggie get jobs at Inky Pete's.
    • A Girl's Gotta Pierce
      Jenny gets her tongue pierced thinking it'll impress the people at a Malibu party, but it backfires when her tongue swells up after accidentally eating spicy food.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Jenny learns that her long lost father has died and she inherited his house in the Hollywood Hills. At first she wants to sell it but she later changes her mind.