Jeopardy (2002)

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  • Season 3
    • Episode 40
      Episode 40
      Episode 14
      Who are the twins? What is "red eye"? Can Harry and Lucy go back and prevent any of the events from having happened in the first place? Some of these questions are answered in the last ever episode of Jeopardy...

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    • Episode 39
      Episode 39
      Episode 13
      Harry and Lucy run off. The head steward tells the others that he has a new game for them to play "Scaring Harry and Lucy" Harry and Lucy get lost and Lucy gets emotional over it. Harry thinks something is up, because no one has followed them. Leon and Shona get board and end up playing tag. Leon manages to find Harry and Lucy. Harry pushes Leon over and stamps on his foot. Harry and Lucy run off and find a cabin, they go in side to hide and look around and find beds with the others name on, and then they see two beds with there names on them. Gerry arrives and finds them. Lucy and Harry ask Gerry if he can remember anything, Gerry can't and thinks he is too young to be a teacher. Lucy and Harry manage to get him to play blind man's bluff with them and manage to escape. Harry and Lucy arrive at a river and Harry decides to go look for a way to the beach. Harry arrives at the beach and sees boat in the water. Meanwhile Lucy is hiding but hears Simon calling out to her and she freaks out and runs off and runs into Harry. They go to the beach and decide to wade out to the boat. The man in the boat turns and Lucy freaks out, it's the wittiness. Lucy says it wasn't four who disappeared but them two and they split. Harry calms her down and they notice that there is another person in the boat the witness is a twin. Harry exclaims that they are aliens and they've arrived to help. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 38
      Episode 38
      Episode 12
      The group aren't to sure if they had just seen Simon, because he looked like he was pleased he was going back to A.S.T.R.I.D. They head back into the bush and Harry goes of looking for some food, Harry returns says he found a fig tree, but it turns out to be a regular old tree. They hear laughing near the water and head toward it and are shocked to see Leon, Shona Chrissie and Simon splashing about in the water, they then see the stewards arrive and are shocked when the others don't run off. They, Gerry, harry and Lucy head back into the bush and talk about the alien virus and leave that once a person gets abducted they get the red eye, split, disappear and reappear on the island, with there memory wiped. Lucy tells the others her plan to get back with the others. They plan to act childish, like the others where, to get in. This works, but hey are brought in for questioning. The head steward decides to let Harry and Lucy out with the others and keeps Gerry in for more questions. Harry and Lucy connect well with the others and play a game of rugby with them, they then decide to play truth or dare, which ends up with Simon and Leon getting into a fight. The head steward goes out to stop them, leaving Gerry alone in the office. Gerry goes through the file and learns that there are inferred security camera's that show people, who have split, as black (rather then red). The head steward come in with the camera and Gerry appears red. Gerry gets red eye and splits. Outside, the group are playing rugby and Gerry suddenly appears from thin air and is acting childish, Lucy says she can't cope any more. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 37
      Episode 37
      Episode 11
      Simon, Harry and Gerry find themselves in a cabin, with blindfolds. They are told Lucy is in the sick bay room. They are asked questions by the stewards, but they are tight lipped about it, and refuse to speak. The stewards decide to question them one by one. So they take Simon, as well as the batteries from the camera's. Meanwhile Lucy finds her self in the bush and sees Harry in the swamp calling for help. Lucy freaks out and wakes up screaming, Lucy discovers she was dreaming. Whilst the steward is questioning Simon he is called away. Simon looks out the window and is stunned when he thinks he can see Chrissie walk past. Simon manges to climb out the window and manages to find Lucy, when they are caught by the stewards. Simon tells them that he has managed to convince Lucy to cooperate and thinks he can convince the others as well. The stewards take Lucy and Simon back to the others. They manage to escape through the floor. Lucy, Harry and Gerry continue on, but Simon gets his shirt stuck on a pipe, the others go back for him. Simon hears Chrissie laughing and freaks out, and gets red eye and splits. Lucy, Harry and Gerry head toroids the bush. Harry gets hit buy a ball and they go in the direction that it came from, and find an abandon softball bat. Meanwhile Lucy finds her self alone and gets spooked, but discovers its Gerry trying to catch up with her. Meanwhile Harry walks into a tree and gets knocked out. When Harry comes to he walks into a swamp and freaks out. Lucy comes and sees Harry and begins to freak out, seeing it's exactly the same thing in her dream. Harry manages to get out and calms Lucy down. Gerry arrives and he and Lucy tells Harry to change. While he is changing Gerry and Lucy hear a truck go past. So Harry, Lucy and Gerry follow the truck and arrive at the sign that says Alien Space Travel Research Investigation Department (A.S.T.R.I.D. in an acrostic) and realize they need to go back to where they just escaped from, when the see a truck go in with Simon sitting in the back. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 36
      Episode 36
      Episode 10
      Gerry gets into the ambulance an drives off. Simon gets Gerry to stop the ambulance, Simon asks Harry how they can be sure if Gerry is the real thing, and not working for Stanich or the aliens. Lucy, still in the ambulance, hears the radio and them being told to pull over and let them out. Lucy gets out and tells the others that they've bee found. They decide to walk the rest of the way. That evening Simon shows Harry the tape of the cave paintings and shows him th one of a figure splitting into two people and suggests that Gerry may have got made into two Gerry's and they got the alien one. Gerry tells Simon all that happened to them. Simon then suggests, to Harry that the aliens could of fed that information into Gerry. The next day Gerry tells the others that he heard Stanich mention Marronconba Island quite a bit and suggest that they go there. After another argument they head off. When they spot a road block, they manage to go pass unnoticed and believe that it's a sign that there is something at Marronconba Stanich doesn't want them to know. They arrive at the beach and see several islands, and are not sure which one is Marronconba so they head into town, Harry notices a boat with out a driver circling in the water. In the town they find several wanted posters, for there capture. Simon rings the number and discover Stanich on the other end. They are found by a boy, Eddie; Lucy tries to talk to him but he runs off. Simon manages to catch him and makes a deal with Eddie, he'll have a kick of the soccer/ foot ball with Eddie if he promises to keep quite. The others decide to leave Simon alone for a while. While having a kick around with Eddie Simon is found by Eddie's dad, Tony. The others come back and find Simon in the house and introduces them to Tony, who lends them his boat. The group arrive at the island and Lucy says it's almost too perfect when two men appear. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 35
      Episode 35
      Episode 9
      Stanich tries to get Harry, Simon and Lucy together, but the truck driver wants Stanich to write a witness report saying he didn't do anything illegal, Simon and Lucy run off, Harry who hides behind a car and waits to see what Stancich does, but the car he is hiding behind drives off. Lucy tries to tell Simon about the red eye, but he finds it hard to believe. Harry appears with his camera and shows Simon the video of Chrissie getting the red eye and splitting. They decide to continue on there way. Harry decides to get some supplies and goes into a shop, while Lucy and Simon continue on. Harry notices Stanich and hides. The owner asks if he is an alien, Harry is shocked, so the owner rephrases his question and asks if he is an illegal alien, Harry plays along and says that he is, the owner tells him to turn himself in, so Harry tells the owner everything. Stnaich heads towards the shop, the owner lets Harry out back and goes to Stanich and tells her that nobody has been there. The group get back together and hide under a house and tell Simon how that fear causes the red eye. When Stanich and Professor Sharpe appears and the group run off. Stanich goes after Simon, but Lucy collapses, because of her injured leg, Professor Sharpe and Harry tend to Lucy. Stanich catches Simon who demands to know about Astrid Island. Stanich is shocked he knows about it. Stanich takes Simon back to the others where an ambulance is waiting. Simon asks again about Astrid Island, but Stanich refuses while Professor Sharpe wants to talk. Stanich forces them into the ambulance and tells the driver to take them to the airport. On the way they see an injured bike rider and get out to help. When the doors open and Harry, Lucy and Simon come face to face with Gerry Simmons, asking if they remember him. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 34
      Episode 34
      Episode 8
      Chrissie and Simon wake up and realize they have one full day left before they disappear. So they decide to go and look for Gerry in the town. Stanich ells Sharpe not to tell Lucy and Harry about Gerry and the others. Harry over hears them talking. Simon and Chrissie arrive at a beach when a dog approaches them and Chrissie, who doesn't get along with dogs, throws a stick into the ocean and the dog goes in after it, the owners tell them not worry, the dog likes water too much that it's hard to get him out of the water at times, so they go in after the dog, Simon decides to go in and help them. Chrissie watches the witness report about four of them walking into the waves and Chrissie heads out into the waves and screams. Lucy tries to contact Gerry but a hand grabs her. Sharpe arrives at Harry's room, to discover he is missing. Simon manages to calm Chrissie down after her vision of them in the waves. Lucy is relived that it's Harry who grabbed her. Harry tells her what he over heard and the manage to escape, but not after Stanich alerts the security that they've gone. Simon and Chrissie decide to look up Astrid Island on the internet at an internet cafe. Harry decides they need to escape buy bus or train and leaves Lucy hiding while he goes to get a timetable. Stanich and Sharpe agree Harry wouldn't have left without Lucy. Stanich gets a phone call telling her they know where Lucy is. Lucy talks about how much she loves Harry when Stanich appears. Lucy sees Harry and heads out towards him. Simon sees Harry and Chrissie sees Lucy, a truck is heading down the road and almost hits Lucy, Chrissie manages to pull Lucy away. Harry notices Chrissie's eye go red and then watches Chrissie split. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 33
      Episode 33
      Episode 7
      Stanich tells Harry and Lucy that Simon and Chrissie might of vanished, like Shona and Leon, so they continue on to find Professor Sharpe. Simon and Chrissie are dropped of by the white Ute in the middle of the bush, Simon decides to look around to see if he can find anybody, Chrissie stays put. Stanich, Lucy and Harry arrive at Professor Sharpe's, and discover that Gerry's file has gone missing. Lucy and Harry tell Sharpe abut the eclipses and Leon disappearing, and Sharpe gives Harry a check over. Stanich asks Lucy if she can remember anything important, but Lucy says she can't. Later Lucy, Stanich and Sharpe are talking about the red eye and how people might get it, they work out that it's to do with fear, because they're afraid for their lives. So they agree to try and keep Harry calm. Simon and Chrissie set up camp, and find Shona's camera and watch the last things she said, about if she said to much or not. Sharpe tells Lucy that there have been a lot of reports about abducted people who have disappeared recently in Australia. Chrissie and Simon spend the night in tents when they hear noises out side and freak, but end up thinking it might be a kangaroo, when Simon steps into some poop, so they decide to sleep in the same tent. Lucy tells Sharpe she thinks Stanich is hiding something and Sharpe tells Lucy she'll learn the truth soon enough. Lucy goes to see Harry, and he begins to have a fit, and Lucy calls for help. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 32
      Episode 32
      Episode 6
      Simon and Chrissie go through Gerry's file and discover he was last checked by a Professor Sharpe, and that he maybe on Astrid Island. Stanich calls some, named Sam, and tells Sam what has happened. Harry and Lucy decide to keep looking for Shona. Simon and Chrissie go off and buy some camping gear and a map, but can't find Astrid Island on it. Harry and Lucy arrive at the lake and Harry sees Shona struggling in the waters and he freaks out and goes into rescue her, Lucy stops him and notices his eye has gone red. Lucy manages to get Harry out and shows him that Shona wasn't in the lake but a log. Chrissie begins to find it hard to carry the bags and refuses to walk. Harry and Lucy arrive back in the bush and Harry's eye turns red again, when Stanich appears. Stanich tells them that she has heard that some people, who have had alien encounters get the red eye, and that her friend Professor Sharpe might be able to help them, Harry and Lucy are reluctant to go with her, after lying to them before, but decide to go just to b safe. Simon and Chrissie end up hitch hiking and a white Ute appears. Lucy, Harry and Stanich are driving down the road when Lucy says she saw Simon and Chrissie on the other side of the road. Stanich turns around and goes back, but Simon and Chrissie are not to be found. Tape Stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 31
      Episode 31
      Episode 5
      Shona turns around and sees Stancih and freaks out, Shona demand Stanich to tell her where Leon is, Stanich says she doesn't know. Harry and Lucy wait for Shona and talk about how everything doesn't seem real, Lucy says she feels like Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'. Simon and Chrissie hitch a lift and end up getting taken to town by a police mechanic. Shona tells Stanich what happened at the eclipse. Stanich says she will help her find the others. Shona suddenly sees Leon, but it turns out to be a solider, whom Stanich manages to get rid off; Shona's eye goes red. Harry and Lucy decide to go look for Shona. Simon and Chrissie end up at the hospital, but Chrissie refuses to going, after what happened to them the last time the went. Shona and Stanich are driving around, but Shona can't remember which way she came from. Harry and Lucy find them selves back at the ravine and see blinding flashes of light, Harry thinks it's another alien encounter, but it turns out to be the reflection of the sun of a passing jeep. Harry wants to see whose in the jeep and Lucy doesn't, she wants to keep looking for Shona. Simon goes into the hospital and asks for Gerry, the receptionist says they have no record of a Gerry Simmon. While she is distracted Simon sneaks around the desk and goes through the files and finds Gerry's among them and rushes out. Shona and Stanich arrive back where Shona was meant to meet Lucy, but find them selves alone. Shona freaks out and Stanich tries to calm her. However Shona is to freaked and Stanich becomes startled when she sees Shona's eye go red and then splits into two people, both of which then disappear. Tape Stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 30
      Episode 30
      Episode 4
      The group go down the ravine, and can't find Leon. Chrissie and Shona accuse Simon of pushing Leon over. Shona decides to stay and continue looking for Leon. Harry and Lucy decide to stay with Shona. Simon and Chrissie decide to go look for Gerry at Moongooba hospital. Harry and Lucy agree that Shona is keeping something from them. Meanwhile Simon and Chrissie get lost. Lucy hears movement behind them, and Harry believes they're being followed, so they set up a trap; but end up catching Chrissie. Chrissie says she needs some water so Lucy and Shona go with her, Chrissie admits she doesn't need water, just to get away from Simon, because she is finding him too annoying at the moment, Lucy says the same thing about Harry. Chrissie and Simon continue to look for Gerry. Shona tells Lucy she needs time alone; Lucy let's Shona have the time alone, which causes Harry to get upset. Chrissie and Simon see one of the authorities vehicles. Shona decides to tell the others about Leon's red eye, and that she thinks it's the aliens who are taking them one by one because they some how got them upset. Shona goes to get some water when she sees a figure behind her and turns around and gasps. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 29
      Episode 29
      Episode 3
      The group find themselves back on the glass mountains, as the eclipse finishes. They look around and see soldiers looking through the area. They decide to go look for Gerry, but stay hidden, in case they aren't invisible anymore. Simon saves Chrissie when she finds her self with a snake on her. On the way down the go pass a cabin, where Leon goes inside and says he isn't feeling. Leon rejoins the others, and he begins to see double. Harry suggests that they use Simon and Leon as decoy to send the soldiers away from the group, Leon tells the group he isn't feeling well, which causes Simon to get fed up with Leon. Lucy hears movement and the group hide, but are discovered, by Lil and Stan. Lil notices Leon's leg is badly bleeding, Leon was hiding on an bull ants nest, and suggests he goes to the Moongooba hospital. Lucy looks at Lil's watch and finds out her watch has also stopped, but according to the date on the watch they have three days before the four walk into the waves. Lil and Stan leave and agree not to tell anybody that they've seen them. Leon begins to get worse, and Lucy and Simon agree to be the decoy's. Simon and Lucy go back to the cabin and Simon suggests they call Stanich for help, Lucy refuses, in case it's Stanich who leads them into the waves, when they see Lil and Stan talking to the soldiers. Harry and Chrissie agree Leon is slowing the group down and begin to plan to leave him behind. Shona refuses and Leon gets up set and walks off, causing Shona to go off at Harry and Chrissie. Shona catches up to Leon, who collapses onto the ground and Shona notices his left eye has gone red. Later the group all arrive at the ravine, where Leon and Simon get into an argument and Leon falls off the edge of the ravine. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
    • Episode 28
      Episode 28
      Episode 2
      David and Sarah tell the others that they where last seen walking into the ocean, and that the service of hope was for them. Chrissie says it's getting too much and runs outside and sees her parents down the road. Chrissie calls out to them but they can't seem to hear her. Shona also thinks it's getting too much and wants to see her mother. Shona rushes of home, with Leon and Sarah following her. When Shona's mother comes to the door Sarah tells her Shona and the others are back, Shona's mother tries to comfort Sarah saying it's hard on them all. Shona calls out to her mother but she doesn't notice her. When they get back to the others they tell them what happened and they agree they must be invisible. The group begin to feel tired so they set up in a hall for the night. David and Sarah tell the others that they found them selves back in Scotland on the 22nd of November and the next day the police began to question them, because that was when the others disappeared. Later, while David and Sarah aren't there, they begin to brake down and say they can't cope. David and Sarah come back and they find a TV and watch a news report, about the service of hope. They also watch an interview with the witness, who says he saw four youths walk into the waves. The group ask David and Sarah which for was it, what happened to the other two and where is Gerry. David and Sarah tell them they don't know. The agree to meet each other at the library. The next day the group, except Shona and Leon, go to the library, where David tells them he thinks they have been through some sort of alien portal. Meanwhile Leon tries to make Shona happier and take her to a restaurant, where they see Tracy, who Shona doesn't get along with, bagging the service of hope. Leon and Shona take some of her chips, which gets Tracy confused and blaming her friends. The others get back together and they tell Shona and Leon they believe they need to go back to Australia to find out what happened. Shona and Leon are reluctant to go. That night they are back at the rocks and holding hands, when David and Sarah tell them they can't go and let go. The others are upset and say good-bye to them. Like when they arrived the other disappear in the same way; leaving David and Sarah alone in Falkirk. Tape stops (End episode)moreless
    • Episode 27
      Episode 27
      Episode 1
      The group decide to hold hands again, in hopes of David and Sarah coming back. They hold each others hand and there is a sudden blur of lights and everything goes darker and colder. When it gets lighter they discover they're back in Falkirk Scotland. They decide to go to there families until they find David and Sarah. They split up into two groups, Harry and Simon and Chrissie in one and Lucy and Shona and Leon in the other. Harry's group go to the school and discover that nobody is in the school, they hear a noise and begin to panic, but discover it's the others, who went to town and found nobody there either. They look around the school grounds and discover Gerry's car, so Harry's group go into the school to see if they can find him. Once inside Chrissie makes way to the room where they have there UFO club meetings, Harry and Simon follow her in. They hear foot steps, and think it's Gerry, but are disappointed to see it's the caretaker. So they hide behind the door as he walks pass. They then decide to leave but discover the door was locked by the caretaker. They manage to escape through the window. They all decide to split back into their groups and go to David and Sarah's houses. On the way to David's house Harry, Simon and Chrissie decide to go to a cafe. Inside Harry notices that nobody is there, Simon asks Chrissie out on a proper date, but she refuses and tells him to ask her when it's all over. They go out side and notice a sign on a shop window. "Closed for services of hope." They reckon everybody is at the memorial statue, so they head there only to discover that nobody is there. Meanwhile the other go to Sarah's house, Lucy knowing where the key is hidden unlocks the door and they look around. They manage to find the dress Sarah was wearing the last time they saw her, but they decide to leave. Shona pick up the newspaper, which was delivered whilst they where inside. At David's house they overhear people telling each other to hurry up so they can go to the cathedral. The group get together and Shona shows them the newspaper. They are shocked to discover they have missed six weeks. They decide to go to the cathedral, where they see a whole lot of people, upset. They decide to give them selves up. When they do the come face to face with a shocked David and Sarah, who tells them they can't be there, because six weeks go they disappeared of the coast of Australia. Tape stops (end episode)moreless
  • Season 2
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