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  • Jeopardy is a great showed created by the BBC which may be its downfall. This brillant creation was stuck to the ABC Childrens programing in what could have possibly filled a nice time slot on other channels. NEEDS TO BE RELEASED ON DVD

    This show had it all and it was deemed as a child's program but it has much more potential than that it could still be a hit. It combines such ideas that I have only seen in hit shows like Prison Break and Lost ideas that may have been taken from the producers of these big shows who knows.

    The BBC have made a big mistake by not putting this show onto DVD Australian viewers have never seen the series the whole way through and plenty of people would buy the DVD Box set.

    This great show has probably been passed its prime and we will probably never see a DVD series which is really sad for such a great show.
  • This is the best drama show ever. I love it. Not only is it film where I lived, but because it's so dramatic and it's wicked :D I always used to watch this when I was a kid, but then it stopped broadcasting. Now its back on. I'm so excited right now.

    Eight scottish teenagers find out they have won a competition, the UFO club held. They are given the chance to visit Australia and investigate extra terrestrial activity, happening in Paramundi park. Once they reach their campsite, after flying across the world, Sarah hears suspicious noises outside to check it out. She discovers its a alien and tapes it, only to find out that she taped over it. Now the team are hunting down extra terrestrial activity in the bush. But things start to go out of their routine, when each person of the group start to disappear, one by one.
  • group looks for aliens

    Jeopardy is about a group of eight kids from Falkirk, Scotland and their teacher who go to Australia in search on Aliens, but things don't quite accordingly to plan. In Series One, the group go to Australia to look for aliens, where things get out off control. The kids find themselves alone, discovering that the park ranger and their teacher have suddenly disappeared. This begins their adventures as they try to find out about ysterious locations such as a cave with paintings of alien spacecraft and a myserious island where people act like children... all leading up to a rather inconclusive finale where they finally regroup and meet two aliens who turn out to be a single one split in two... and this leads to the ending where a double version of two of them comes into class at Falkirk. Some strange plot twists and central coreplot... interesting characters... quite a good mystery/adventure show. It has a videotape style method... due to the plot of the kids trying to find aliens and recording their adventures on tape all the time.
  • Jeopardy is definitely underappreciated. It's spectacular! For a kid's show, it is spectacular!

    Jeopardy is one of those great shows that never gets recognised.

    The program could go and do anywhere and anything. Unfortunately, it didn't use all fo its potential whilst it was on air but it was still spectacular! I don't understand why the show ended after just three series, because it was excellent. And the end of every episode and series there was a grabbing cliffhanger that just ensured you wanted to watch the next episode. The way the entire series ended, with the kids returning to Scotland and then a happy, sad or spooky ending was a fantastic idea. But they should have continued it. It needed to be continued. They should release it on DVD, that's the only way to fully relive the experience.

    This was, and still is, an amzing series that needs to come back. Unfortunately, they never did realise how big it could have been and could still be...
  • It's all about the angles

    Thankyou Jeopardy producers, I did not know my life could be complete until I watched an episode and realised that life really is just about multiple hand held camera angles.

    I really think they should up the ante and have 3,000 camera angles simultaneously running in a \\\'24\\\' split screen format to take things to that edge where I am sure we all want it.

    I am not real sure what the show is about but keep it coming as the nausea of the pictures keeps me distracted long enough to pass through the half hour of my life I shall never get back.

  • the great thing about jeopardy is that even if you aren't the age its aimed at it never fails to scare you

    This is probably the best series ever because it shows that the BBC aren't afraid to scare the hell out of kids to the absolute limit. This series shows through melissa's struggle to reach the camp, the abduction sequence and the car crash that this is probably about as scary as kid's TV is allowed to get and for that I applaud the creators of jeopardy. Its very difficult to scare kids and have it within the limit that parents won't complain that its too scary but even without gore + swearing you can still be scared. I prefer this to blair witch project for christ's sake! And thats exactly what this is supposed to be for kids, and its better! I'm really suprised this hasn't got its own DVD release yet. All I have are the first few episodes that I recorded off the TV and most of seasons 2 and 3. But 1 was definitly the best by far. Why won't the BBC stop releasing reincarnations of things like chronicles of narnia and give this a DVD release
  • A really good show

    When I watched the first episode I found it really confusing and didn't like it so I didn't bother watching the rest, I returned to it mid series 3. Why did I leave this show from what I saw this is an excellent and gripping series, and I really want it on DVD.
  • Jeopardy is brilliant! If you like sci-fi drama than this is the programme to watch. The acting is excellent and the cliff-hangers at the end of each episode leave you begging for more.

    Jeopardy started in 2001 on BBC 1, children’s television. Right from the very first episode I was hooked its combination of suspense and thrilling drama reeled me in.

    In the first series we are introduced to a group of Scottish teenagers who with there schoolteacher go on a trip to search for alien activity in the Australian Out-back. What they find is more than any one expected recording every move on their camcorders.

    By the third and final series the group have gone from eight people to only six and are being threatened by an alien virus which is causing members of the team to disappear and find themselves mysteriously on a desert island. This is patrolled by the Australian authorities, who dont want anyone to find out what has been happening.

    On the strange and chilling experiences the group have they never actually met an "alien" but the music and outstanding acting make you believe there is something strange out to get them and it wont stop at nothing. The only thing you do see is the actions of the aliens. This is enough to get you SCARED!

    The aliens have affected their lives in every way when they try and signal for help by writing S.O.S with stones in the ground they find the stones have been moved into a strange alien language. Every part of this children’s drama makes you on the edge of your seat.

    Although a children’s drama I think it could make a blockbuster film! The only criticism I have is that the series came only every two years which leaves you with a long wait.
    I could not imagine a person who could watch Jeopardy and not love it and not get sucked in for more.

    Cyrus Nayeri

  • A show about scottish kids in australia with a few aliens.

    Jeopardy is one of the best shows for people who dont want childish cartoons or serious adult shows. It is a cross between dgerassi and stargate. The aliens and viruses and all the other weird things are balanced out with teens fighting, falling in love and facing their fears.

    This is one of the best shows to use when studying character building on film. The complication at the end of season one sends them all into new character, each dealing with the problems in their own way so everyone can really understand each character.

    Shona decides not to look after the first aid kit and doesn\'t want to go out with Leon.
    Harry becomes superman.
    Simon starts to get all philosophical and very, very lost in his mind in wich he turns to \'the dark side\'
    Chrissie becomes less flirty and more down to earth
    Leon jokes around and laughs
    Lucy really stars, and grows confidence and leadership.

    These characters are well defined and well acted. Jeopardy is a wonderful show, even if at times, a bit silly. Even though no one can figure out how they can keep there cameras charged or completly forget about melissa.
  • This was a really well conceived show. Keeps you glued to the tv.

    This was a pretty good show. For an adult person it still was pretty good. There were a few continuity problems and the amaturish sharky camera does detract from it a bit.

    Once thing that puzzles me is that if show was to take place over a 4 week period. Jut how many batteries did they use if they were on the camera every few minutes. You'd think that all they could carry was the batteries themselves.

    Another thing was in one of the episodes in Season 3 where they come back to Fallkirk, one of them say, while in the school parking lot, that the place is deserted BUT if you look closely in the backgrould, there is a car driving by.

    All in all this was a TREMENDOUS effort put forth by the cast and crew. Very well done. A lot of fine actors especially since for a lot of them this is their first time out.