Jeopardy (2002)

BBC (ended 2004)





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  • Jeopardy is definitely underappreciated. It's spectacular! For a kid's show, it is spectacular!

    Jeopardy is one of those great shows that never gets recognised.

    The program could go and do anywhere and anything. Unfortunately, it didn't use all fo its potential whilst it was on air but it was still spectacular! I don't understand why the show ended after just three series, because it was excellent. And the end of every episode and series there was a grabbing cliffhanger that just ensured you wanted to watch the next episode. The way the entire series ended, with the kids returning to Scotland and then a happy, sad or spooky ending was a fantastic idea. But they should have continued it. It needed to be continued. They should release it on DVD, that's the only way to fully relive the experience.

    This was, and still is, an amzing series that needs to come back. Unfortunately, they never did realise how big it could have been and could still be...