Jeopardy (2002)

BBC (ended 2004)





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  • group looks for aliens

    Jeopardy is about a group of eight kids from Falkirk, Scotland and their teacher who go to Australia in search on Aliens, but things don't quite accordingly to plan. In Series One, the group go to Australia to look for aliens, where things get out off control. The kids find themselves alone, discovering that the park ranger and their teacher have suddenly disappeared. This begins their adventures as they try to find out about ysterious locations such as a cave with paintings of alien spacecraft and a myserious island where people act like children... all leading up to a rather inconclusive finale where they finally regroup and meet two aliens who turn out to be a single one split in two... and this leads to the ending where a double version of two of them comes into class at Falkirk. Some strange plot twists and central coreplot... interesting characters... quite a good mystery/adventure show. It has a videotape style method... due to the plot of the kids trying to find aliens and recording their adventures on tape all the time.