Jeopardy (2002)

BBC (ended 2004)





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  • This is the best drama show ever. I love it. Not only is it film where I lived, but because it's so dramatic and it's wicked :D I always used to watch this when I was a kid, but then it stopped broadcasting. Now its back on. I'm so excited right now.

    Eight scottish teenagers find out they have won a competition, the UFO club held. They are given the chance to visit Australia and investigate extra terrestrial activity, happening in Paramundi park. Once they reach their campsite, after flying across the world, Sarah hears suspicious noises outside to check it out. She discovers its a alien and tapes it, only to find out that she taped over it. Now the team are hunting down extra terrestrial activity in the bush. But things start to go out of their routine, when each person of the group start to disappear, one by one.