Jeopardy (2002)

BBC (ended 2004)





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  • Jeopardy is a great showed created by the BBC which may be its downfall. This brillant creation was stuck to the ABC Childrens programing in what could have possibly filled a nice time slot on other channels. NEEDS TO BE RELEASED ON DVD

    This show had it all and it was deemed as a child's program but it has much more potential than that it could still be a hit. It combines such ideas that I have only seen in hit shows like Prison Break and Lost ideas that may have been taken from the producers of these big shows who knows.

    The BBC have made a big mistake by not putting this show onto DVD Australian viewers have never seen the series the whole way through and plenty of people would buy the DVD Box set.

    This great show has probably been passed its prime and we will probably never see a DVD series which is really sad for such a great show.