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January 2008 Online Contestant Test

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    Jeopardy! and Sony Pictures are staging the Jeopardy! Online Test again this week. The East Coast test took place this evening at 8 pm ET. Tests for other time zones will be held on Tue. and Wed. See the official Jeopardy! site for more details. Even if you live in the Eastern Time Zone, you can still take the Tue. or Wed. test (but not both) if you missed out on tonight's test. An individual may only take the test once this week.

    I haven't watched the show in quite some time. I didn't get much of an opportunity to study up for tonight's test, and I think I'm a little sleep-deprived from all the long hours at work this month. It showed. I think I did pretty poorly this time around. I think the last time the passing score was about a 35 out of 50. I seriously doubt I'll get that.

    Now that I have a moment to relax, some of the answers that escaped me are now coming to mind. Among them are the painter Marcel Duchamp, and Halle Berry of all people! How could I not recall her name? I knew the answer. I could even think of her appearance in the James Bond movie Die Another Day and her Oscar-winning performance in Monster's Ball and yet I couldn't come up with her name. I think I left at least 10 items blank or filled with gibberish.

    At least it seems that Sony is now scheduling these online tests every January. The first one was held in March 2006. I'll have to read up this year and prep more carefully in December and next January in anticipation of the next online test. I will get on the show one of these days.
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