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  • Fun with Alex!

    The contestants make it look so easy... but the games are reallllllly a lot of fun to go along with. Lots of opportunities to win here. I like the writing idea. A Classic!
  • I play on Nintendo.

    I enjoy watching Jeopardy I play on Nintendo.
  • I learn a lot, but the judges' calls tick me off and Alex's "I can do any accent" attitude is uncharming. Especially when he pronounces "Don Juan" as "Don Jew-on"

    The main problem I have with this show: the judges. They nitpick some contestants and then let others slide.

    The issue of pronunciation: If you make a long "a" instead of a short "a," sometimes they say the answer is wrong.

    Pluralization: I understand this sometimes, like when the category limits the number of letters in the correct response or adhering to book titles. But usually, they just nitpick with the addition of "s."

    Memorable mess ups:

    to an Aesop fable question a woman replied, "What is 'The Turtle and the Hare'" and they gave it to her. No! It's "The Tortoise and the Hare"

    some question about a camera lens that uses "these three primary colors": "What are red, blue, and yellow?" dubbed incorrect. The correct answer: "Red, blue, and green." Green is a secondary color! The question set up the wrong response! The guy should have received credit.

    a question about the title of Mercury/Hermes' staff and the symbol for medicine: no one pronounced "Caduceus" correctly, but again the question is wrong. The U.S. symbol of medicine is inaccurate. Caduceus with two snakes is exclusive to Hermes; the rod of Asclepius is the symbol of medicine with only one snake.
  • Good Game Show.

    It has great questions, and it also opens the show to kids, teens, and college students. It is a game show that everyone will enjoy, your children, dogs, cats, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, fish, bananas, and you. This game show also has been on many game consoles. I don't know anybody who doesn't like a game show as simple as jeopardy. Even If You're behind in this game, a daily double could bring you in the lead. Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 2,800 4,400 7,200 Daily Double 5,600 As I said before, this is a very simple (With Challenging Questions) that everyone will love.
  • Perfect

    This is probablly my favorite game show at the moment. I like the concept of this show of how people answer questions and move up the ranks of the game each week (or episode whatever.) Another thing I like (which is also the main "make it or break it" factor for me) are the questions. I like how diverse they are each episode, like some questions will be about historical happenings and others will be about gardening and others will be about foreign foods, and I usually learn a couple things each time I watch it. If nothing else is on besides this, don't hesitate to watch. 10/10 A+
  • My Favorite Game Show

    I like the concept of people picking categories and the amount of money, I like the daily doubles, final Jeopardy, etc. I think this is the best game show on TV and I think it is clever. Some of the contestants that become champions I do not like, but overall I think this is a great show. It's fun to keep track of how many you have gotten right. When I was younger I really wanted to be on it someday. Anyways, this is my favorite game show on TV, and as such, my overall grade is an A+. Perfect
  • This is a gameshow so it doesn't have any summaries.

    Three words, this...! Honestly this show should be for adults because of there high attention spand. The show is so quite which makes it feel boring and pathetic. Mabey if they put background music to cover the quiteness it won't be so bad. But, still this definiatly an adult show.
  • A very good game show.

    It's one of the best game shows ever and It's really better than that very dreadful Nickelodeon GUTS.But it's not better that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.It askes some questions that are kind of easy and I love the Movie Questions.The Movie Quetions are like so easy,but some of them are pretty hard to figure out.Some of the questions are like so hard and some of them are so easy.This is really one of the best game shows ever made and it's better than some of the worst game shows ever made and some of the good ones excpet for Who Wants To Be A Millonaire.
  • Easily the best game show on TV.

    What can I say about this show that hasn't already been said? Jeopardy! loved throughout the country and loved by people of all ages above 6th grade. This game show I try never to miss. Keeping score against the competitors on the show as well as getting together with family and friends to compete as the show is airing are great times. In my personal opinion, Alex Trebek looks as if he hasn't aged in the past 15 years or so - but, more importantly, Jeopardy! would not be Jeopardy! without him as the host. You would also think the questions to the show would have become redundant over all of these years - but this show is as fresh as ever.
  • I love it!

    I love everything about Jeopardy. Alex Trebek is so cheesy and serious that he is downright hilarious. Sometimes he is really kind of mean! Obviously, my favorite weeks are celebrity weeks - those people are dumb - and college weeks. I just love it! Even when the show makes me feel like an idiot because I don't know even a handful of answers, it is still fun to watch. My husband and I kind of compete against each other. It gets a little tense! I hope that this show stays on the air for quite a while. It is a good family show.
  • Let's see how much knowledge you possess!

    What can I say? It's just a fabulous show that's fun to watch.

    I was not always a big fan of the show, but just recently, I chose to start watching it regularly and I'm glad I made that choice. In a way, Jeopardy! is a show that can make a person feel not-so-bright and yet a genius at the same time - feeling like a Harvard graduate after correctly responding or being embarrassed that you went to a public school for not knowing one of the clues. That is what makes the show so fun - seeing how much you do know.

    But with that said, it doesn't prove if you're "smart" or not. It's a show about how much information in various categories you are familiar with. A great deal of the clues are practically "useless" knowledge. But, that's okay. The people on the show are no better than you or me; they just may have a higher interest in knowing all sorts of data.

    Still, the show is a lot of fun. The host, Alex Trebek, is a wonderful icon for Jeopardy!. His demeanor fits perfectly for the whole image that surrounds the Jeopardy! name-brand. For some, me being one, Jeopardy! inspires people to learn new things. That's why I enjoy the show so much.

    If you haven't seen a game, I encourage you to watch at least one show. You might even find yourself becoming enthralled!
  • This show is very informative and captivating at the same time.

    OMG!!! I would soooo do Alex Trebeck! He is so hot with his knowlege. I bet that he should know a few things about me, if you know what I mean ;). Man he is almost as hot as the purple teletubbie. I would soooooo have a threesome with them. If only Alex was single. I would so steal him from his wife. After all I am one sexy dude. He would push me onto te bed, rip off my blouse and skirt, and do me up god knows where. Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeeah... Any way this is a really good show. Bye now ;).
  • Jeopardy! is a game-show that is currently being hosted by Alex Trebek.

    Jeopardy! premiered on March 1, 1964. Alex Trebek started hosting the game-show in 1984. In my opinion, this is one of the best game-shows in the business. It's a show that I give a perfect 10. The questions are difficult, but they are still very educational. The popular game-show has had kids and adults play. Since 1984, Johnny Gilbert has been the announcer. Former announcers have been John Harlan and Don Pardo. Before Alex Trebek hosted Jeopardy!, Art Fleming hosted it from 1964 until in 1975 when he wanted to do a radio talk-show. Jeopardy! is a show for kids and adults to watch. I hope Jeopardy! can stay on the network for many more episodes.
  • Educational and Fun.

    Jeopardy is a game show for all ages. You'll learn so many things you never known before. Or if you think you got the bronze then play along to at home and answer as much questions as you can. Alex does a great job as host I dont see anyone who could take his spot. The game itself is well skilled range. Particularly I like questions about history. Oh and not to mention the show has pop culture references that will make you laugh. You can win lots of money on here like that other guy who had like 2million or something.

    Good show highly recommended to watch.
  • The most famous game show ever.

    We played games like this at school, to help us do well on tests mostly. But the hard thing about it is the categories and the answers to every one, and the most frustrating thing I dislike about it is you lose money every time you give an incorrect response. And what's even worse is that you won't get to play Final Jeopardy if you end with a negative score. The best champion I can ever imagine is Ken Jennings, with over $3 million and 75 days as a contestant. It's a good thing they eliminated the winnings limit, or else it would've never happened.
  • a game show where people compete answering questions from various categories.

    a great game show and one of my personal favorites. it is fun to play along at home and try to answer the questions before the people on the show. great if you want to learn a ton of random and very interesting facts. it is fun to watch and see how much you know, and it is even funner when you have a couple of people to watch and guess along with. the categories vary from anything about music to politics and history to books and science. there is a subject for everyone, and the show makes learning a lot funner.
  • Nice show!

    This was one of those shows that I watched during my childhood, got lost somehow, then I just started to get to watch again. It is still exciting and informative, and I try to watch out for the show whenever it airs. It does get frustrating sometimes when you can't answer much of the questions, but it is still entertaining (at least for me). What I like the most is when the game comes down to the final jeopardy, and its very critical what amount you bid. Some games are won and lost in this way.

    Overall, still a good show, and I hope it continues for a long time. :D
  • This show is very interesting. Taught me things i never knew.

    This show is absolutly one of my faves. As a host, Alex Trebeck does a very great show. Not only giving out questions but adding a little humor in the mix. And they choose the right topic to question on. And teen week rocks. This show is gonna last in so many memories.
  • Enjoyable, entertaining, and educational!

    I have been watching Jeopardy for the last few years, and I really enjoy watching it. Occasionally, I get some of the answers to the challenging questions that appear. Sometimes I learn a little from watching the episodes every weekday. The rest of my family watches the show, and they also learn a few things, whether it be about history, mathematics, science, or civics. The show is also entertaining, with host Alex Trebek and creator Merv Griffin, who also created the famous Wheel of Fortune. I would recommend this show to anyone who would like to learn new things every day.
  • I love this show I like what they've done with the place the new podiums but the host is okay. I like the fact they win near 20.000 per character.

    So I like this show better than Wheel of fortune even tho I'm to good when it comes to that show I guess every puzzle. On a scale of 1 to 7000 I rate this show 6863. Ken Jennings the best Jeopardy champion of all time he won over two million dollars he stared of the first episode of 1 vs. 100.
  • I (Won Then) Lost On \"Jeopardy!\"

    I was a fan of the first incarnation of this show with Art Fleming. When it came back with Alex Trebek, I kind of thought it ws a little too high-tech. But I guess it was a sign of the changing times and \"Jeopardy!\" had to change too. I like the challenge of having to phrase your response in the form of a question. But my real joy for this show came when I finally got the chance to be on it! In \'02, I finally passed the contestant test (no easy task, it took me three tries to do it) and got my opportunity to be on the game. Became a two-day champion in the process. That is why I have such a respect for Ken Jennings\' 74-day run after they got rid of the five-day limit. If you watch the show, continue to do so. If you ever get the chance to go on it, GRAB IT! It will be the most fun you\'ve had in your life!
  • I love Jeopardy!

    I've watched this show since I was in middle school and I've always been good at answering the questions, even the ones that the contestants don't know. I remember blowing my family away by answering questions that on one should know especially a kid. But when you look at this show in relation to other game shows you have to rank it in the top 5. This isn't a reality tv, game show where sex and controversy outweigh skill, this a real game show that depends on intelligence. I hope this show continues for many more years long after, all the rest of these show are cancelled.
  • A pretty good game show that asks the most obscure questions.

    Jeopardy! is a game show where three contestants answer difficult questions by picking the dollar amount off the board. At the end, the final question is asked and the combatants have to come up with an answer and a wager within 30 seconds. Even though this show asks the most obscure questions most of the time, it still manages to be informative and educational. The part where the host talks to the contestants personally is the least interesting part and the show could do without it. It is a very competetive show that requires one to use their knowledge, which makes this much better than "Wheel of Fortune."
  • This show is a game show that has been on tv for a pretty long time. It comes on at different times because if you live somewhere else then it will be another network and at another time. You can check on to see when it comes on daily.

    I like this show a lot but I feel as if the questions are really hard. A lot of the questions are from the 80's where most people do not even remember if they are like 25 years old. I also feel as if they should stop doing those Tournament of Champions because I like to watch different people everytime. I also like when they do the Kids Versions because I know i could beat them if I was on that show with them. I hope you guys watch this show but it is not worth missing a show for.
  • Although it makes me feel dumb sometimes, it draws me into it.

    Everyone knows the Jeopardy! song. Jeopardy is a game show that will never end. The only time it will end is for two constents. It makes me feel dumb sometimes while I watch It. Well so does W.W.T.B.A.M. The only thing I would do to draw a higher viewer attendence I would change the color, and ask a little easy questions.
  • Okay show. Good game. On how long?

    It's a fun game show to watch and intrest me so much! It's a good old fun game. My teacher made us play it and anyone else can play it even at home. That the cool thing too. So it kinda cool. It kinda good and average so i give it an 8.5 because it should be perfect if they ajusted a copule a more things like the people playing and maybe the host.
  • A: One of the best game shows of all time. Q: What is Jeopardy?

    Jeopardy is one of the best shows ever! Why can't people just learn to love the way of the game show? From the start of the show "This Is JEOPARDY!" to the end "Promotional consideration provided by..." and everything in between, Jeopardy is just awesome, but you don't have to take my word for it... (Reading Rainbow music sting, that dah-dah-dah)
  • Over all, a worth while watch in my opinion but can anyone tell me why they have so many tournaments? I am a little tried of seeing the teens compete since I can guess alot of the answers. I like to hear the more complicated questions. I want a challenge.

    I have watched the show a few times but I have found alot of fun out of the few times I watch it on CTV. I have a beef about the usual teen tournaments. I am sick of seeing them, almost every two months. Can anyone agree, that this show is fun to watch if there is a challenge. But I like it when it is challenging. I was able to watch Ken Jennings compete in his last 17 days as the sole champion. 74 days!!!
  • Finally a place to put all that useless trivia to good use...

    Jeopardy! is a wonderful game show that make you actually have to think. Unlike many other game shows on the air, this show can actually teach you things that you may need to know someday. It is also one of the few shows that you can play along with other people to see which of you is the smartest.

    Jeopardy! requires you to use those items you’ve learned in school that you have locked up and never thought you would have to think about again. For almost everyone who watches the show there are categories that they loathe and ones they rejoice upon seeing. I know that I for one, am that way. A show whose categories can range for “18th Century Authors” to “Academy Award Winners” is definitely a show that I have to watch.

    Alex Trebek is perfect as the host of Jeopardy! My favorite times are always the ones in which Trebek accidentally reveals the answer, although that does not happen that much anymore. I mean this show was so popular, it got it’s on “Saturday Night Live” skit in which Will Farrell played an amazing Alex Trebek.

    The show also has tons of tournaments, including ones for teens, college, and my favorite when all the 5 time winners return and compete in the big tournament to see who is the best champion of the year. Although, watching that episode makes me realize that I am not as smart as I am while watching the Teen and College tournaments.

    My only quibble with the show is that they now let people be champion for how ever long they win. Thus the reason we all were forced to see Ken Jennings for an eternity. I think it was great that they let it go past 5 games won and then you are out, but 100 or more is just absurd. I mean the producers had to love it because it gave them great rating of “Is this gonna be Ken’s last night?”, but after a while I got sick of seeing him.

    However, Jeopardy! will always be one of my favorite shows on the air, no matter the genre. It’s finally a place where I can put all those useless facts to use, if I ever got on there that is.
  • Stands the test of time and worthy of being called the Best Trivia Show of all time.

    Jeopardy definately is a classic game show. This being an era when game shows have been all but removed from primetime, save a few other examples, in favor of other genres, in particular Reality TV, Jeopardy has stood strong. The ratings have waivered from time to time (though enjoyed a nice boost for a time thanks to Ken Jennings), but I think most people still enjoy the challenge or sitting down and playing along at home to see how many questions you can correctly answer, or (my personal favorite) see if you can find a correct response that eludes all three of the contestants.

    Some people have not like some of the changes in the shows format (the increase in question point values and removal of a five-day maximum visit) but I think they have added something to the show. I remember classic game shoes like Tic-Tac-Dough were contestants could come back an indefinate number of times, and I feel that removing the five day limit is sort of a throwback to the classic hayday of game shows.

    Jeopardy still brings a lot of variety and intrigue to the table. The question format covers everything from physics and ancient philosophy, to modern pop culture. No matter what your strong suit is, there will always be a catagory on the board that you will have some familiarity with.

    Some people like to stay sharp by reading a book, or playing chess, but I prefer to test my mind by watching Jeopardy and following along. I usually learn something new and get a chance to realize that I still remember random facts that I thought I had forgotten so long ago.
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