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  • How dumb can you be?

    Final contestant does NOT know the answer. The person hasn't got a clue what the answer is. Would someone please tell me WHY does this person bet any money at all? I have seen people like this bet all their money! Refer to review title!
  • review

    on October 8th Matt Jackson answered a wrong answer as well but it wasn't his fault, the question was wrong to being with, it was to do with sitcom moms and was asked the mother from the cosby show and the mother from family ties what were their jobs, he answered a lawyer, well the mom from the cosby show was a lawyer but the mother from family ties was not a lawyer so that question/answer shouldn't have counted, and my second request, does Matt Jackson really have to interrupt Alex all the time it is getting very annoying to watch, stop it
  • Mabye later but not now

    I will take a break from watching this show until the questions, especially the final questions are no longer un-interesting. why can't the questions be more interesting instead of boring, like your stupid book questions especially about the author and whoever is involved in the making. WHO CARES>>>>>> More interesting please, more fun please, more diversity please, no more boring stupid questions please,,,, Thank you so much, i will check back in the winter to see if it has changed or even still exists thanks for reading Alex, please try to loosen-up...
  • oust alex!!!

    I hardly care to watch Jeopardy anymore. Alex Trebek has become so arrogant that he seems to feel he actually knows the answers to all the questions and acts surprised when a contestant, especially a woman, correctly responds to a difficult question. It is time for a new host!!!!!
  • this afternoon jeopardy july 2 2015

    the champion gave an incorrect answer that was accepted as correct. "what quality does the pope have when speakkng 'ex cathedra?'" she answered "infallible". wrong. it is "infallibility".
  • Wrong winner for 6-6-15

    Wrong winner. The correct answer is Univ. of Oregon. Not just OREGON. Two major colleges in Oregon. Come on, Walt Disney allowed Donald Duck for Univ. of Oregon. I thought answers had to be specific. Their is only one major college in Oregon with Donald Duck for a mascot. Univ. of Oregon. The middle guy won with the correct response to the question!
  • Crisscross the Board

    In Alex we have another Chu who looks for the daily double each time. Why can't the rule be that the contestant starts with the top question and works down instead of jumping all over the board. It gets boring. And why, tonight, 4/16 was he given so long to come up with Venice? He was way over the time allowed.
  • Wrong Answer!

    The term Algorithm is not derived from a 9th century Persian mathematitian's name as noted, buy from a latinized book's title. Ironic that it was the Final Jeopardy Answer in today's program involving Teachers.
  • Wrong!

    Isaac Asimov did not invent the term robot.

    It was devised in 1921 in a play by Karel Capek titled Rosumovi Univerzln Roboti or, in English, Rossum's Universal Robots.
  • Thanks for the Ken Jennings tip

    I just saw thisthanks, I can watch or at least DVR it just in time. I did find this clip. I don't know what it is but I just have to watch when he is on.

  • Ken Jennings back Monday on Millionaire

    Just saw Friday Millionaire show and Ken J. got up to $58,100. Show ended while he was still in Round 1. It went fast! Now we have to wait till Monday to see if he can go all the way. Grrr!
  • Ken Jennings

    All the minds on Jeopardy are amazing -- and for the guts it takes to try to answer these questions on national TV! I'm always blown away by the stuff they know-- amazing! Anyone going to watch Ken Jennings on Friday's Millionaire? That clip on youtube is intense! He for sure wins $100,000 but all of his lifelines are gone! Makes you wonder how hard those questions were?
  • teacher rockers

    I loved the section where there were all those rockers - like the lead singer of Kiss - who here teachers. Anyone remember any of the other ones they mentioned? It was on the show 08/07/14,

  • Ants in your pants?

    Jus t today (08/08/2014) @ 2:30 . CDT, the male teacher who won got jobbed out of $2K because of a judges mistake. The chimp Goodall recorded fishing for was indeed 'fishing' for and catching known to the uninformed as "white ants!" You owe him an apology, and you and the $2,000 you took away.

    "Chimp Behaviour -- Tool Use

    One of Dr. Goodall's most important discoveries was that chimpanzees make and use tools, an activity long thought to be exclusive to humans. In 1960, at Gombe National Park, Jane observed two chimps pick up small twigs, strip off the leaves, and use them as tools to fish for termites in the ground, which they then swept into their mouths as a snack.

    This was the first time that an animal, other than a human, was observed to modify an object to create a tool, and then use the tool for a specific

  • hurricaine

    are you kidding me. they are showing the ocean waves instead of jeopardy. what the hell is wrong with this state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved the episodes with Julia!! she is AWESOME! Wish she would have went on 20 more episodes!!! loved her!!

  • Painful!

    The 5/27/14 show was painful to watch. At one point I didn't think there'd be a final Jeopardy round at all. Once Julia started running off the answers in the Jeopardy round, I pretty much stopped watching the show. I'm certainly impressed by the depth of Julia's knowledge but it seems like the quality of her opponents hasn't been her equal during the streak. Not sure why that's been the case but as her winning streak has gotten longer I've become less interested in watching the show.
  • Julia Collins

    seriously, it is time to get her out. They make sure they keep giving history questions in the second half because they know she will blow it out of the water!! I am sick of seeing her face on there. Will not watch it until she is they need to choose another history buff to go up against her.

    Some people criticized Mrs. Chu for picking questions randomly, but did you notice that, at the final quest. he would bid only enough so that the contestant behind him would tie his final dollar amount if they bid everything. Other contestants would bid that extra dollar and beat you by it. Chu's final play is the most admirable way to play!!
  • OOPS!

    While watching your program Friday, March 7, 2014, on WKYT Lexington, Rutter answered a question in Double Jeopardy in the category - CAUSES & EFFECT - "This genus is the most common bacterial cause of a sore throat" with - "strepdubbacacus" - Alex ask him to repeat it at which he correct to - "strepdacacus". Your judges who are usually quick to catch this kind of thing did not call his hand to it. They are most often strict about accepting the first answer. In final Jeopardy the final scoring before the question was Mike Dupee - 14,300 and Brad Rutter 30,600. Mike had the correct answer bidding 14,000 making his total 28,300. Brad however missed the question. He bid nothing. You declared him the winner showing him with 30,600, when in reality if you had counted his answer wrong as you should have you would have subtracted 1,200 from his with that 1,200 and the 1,200 you added that makes 2,400 that should have been subtracted from his total making it 28,200. So as you can see the real winner is Mike Dupee by $100. I hope you will make this correction or some compensation for Mr. you.
  • The best game show on TV, better than Wheel Of Fortune.

    This show has three featured components that Wheel Of Fortune will never have.

    1. A "Clue Crew"

    2. A host that does exceptionally well at pronunciating foreign names, words and/or phrases.

    3. Special tournaments that are held once a year.
  • Eh, it has its moments

    The game show does feel half decent if you ask me. It has become one of those classic game shows that just went on the be bigger than life without warning, ut it did get boring sometimes, I`ll tell the haters that.
  • smack

    As much as I enjoy Jeopardy, the new set and designs are so awfully garish and hideous that it destroys any enjoyment that I have in watching the program. -- So, that may be it for me.
  • O. Henry

    The correct title of the short story in the question is The Ransom of Red Chief, not The Ransom. Why was that response accepted?
  • What is the smacking about

    While I love the show do not watch it as often as I used to as the announcer seems to have developed the habit of smacking most of the time when he reads the answers. That is verry annoying.
  • If I'm not mistaken, you're mistaken

    I was only listening with one ear, but I think your Final Jeopardy Question on the 8.8.13 episode was something like "In what national song does the pronoun change?" The accepted correct answer was "God Save the Queen/King" Since when are queen and king pronouns. The current champion was understandably unable to answer the question. How is this going to be rectified?
  • Correct spelling?

    It is terrible that your show rejects an answer because of a spelling mistake. If you can understand the answer, and it is correct, then this is all that counts. Spelling is a separate skill from factual recall; it is controlled in a separate area of the brain, and has a strong, visual memory component; but it is poorly correlated with overall intelligence. Some people like dyslexics may never be able to spell well, but may otherwise be quite gifted/ intelligent/ knowledgeable. Your show is to have participants compete for excellence in recall, not in their ability to spell otherwise your show will deteriorate into a boring spelling bee. It is unfair particularly to children. Do you remember the kid who missed Emancipation Proclamation? He will never go on a show again, nor will any kid who isn't sure of his spelling. Shame on you.
  • Stop saying "one of the only" on Jeopardy

    One of the only doe not exist, yet it appears regulalry in the it right!!!
  • wrong

    Ddecleation of war aganist japan was dec 8 1942. No decleration of war was in 1942. This is the third mistake I have seen on your show in over thirty years.
  • Knowledge

    comprehendable questions that sometimes relate to high-school subjects. There was even a guy who was on Jeopardy 75 days. This show deserves to still air.