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  • OOPS!

    While watching your program Friday, March 7, 2014, on WKYT Lexington, Rutter answered a question in Double Jeopardy in the category - CAUSES & EFFECT - "This genus is the most common bacterial cause of a sore throat" with - "strepdubbacacus" - Alex ask him to repeat it at which he correct to - "strepdacacus". Your judges who are usually quick to catch this kind of thing did not call his hand to it. They are most often strict about accepting the first answer. In final Jeopardy the final scoring before the question was Mike Dupee - 14,300 and Brad Rutter 30,600. Mike had the correct answer bidding 14,000 making his total 28,300. Brad however missed the question. He bid nothing. You declared him the winner showing him with 30,600, when in reality if you had counted his answer wrong as you should have you would have subtracted 1,200 from his with that 1,200 and the 1,200 you added that makes 2,400 that should have been subtracted from his total making it 28,200. So as you can see the real winner is Mike Dupee by $100. I hope you will make this correction or some compensation for Mr. you.