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Fifteen years after a virus wipes out almost everyone who had passed puberty, the survivors are living on the scraps of the old world. Now they must either continue the downward slide, or begin to rebuild the world, taking responsibility for themselves and the world and each other. Jeremiah is one of the children that survived the big death. For 15 years, he has been looking for his father who disappeared during the chaos. He meets with Kurdy and together they will help the people to better their world. Jeremiah is loosely based on the long running European comic by the same name written by Hermann.

    Fox kicks off an early fall: picks up pair

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    • Mediocre show with an interesting premise and plot that progresses nicely but flat characters, sub-par actors, and a melodramatic script that delivers endless monologues made it grow a little stale.

      I watched every episode of this series mostly because the plot and story kept me interested. Unfortunately, beyond that there's not much to praise here and is overall pretty mediocre. The main characters are relatively uninteresting and 1 dimensional, partly because of the acting but mostly because the script just didn't allow the characters any personality. There were some other aspects of the show that grew a bit stale over time as well. What started as inspirational dialogue after a couple episodes grew to be long preachy monologues in every single episode. Too many times the main characters were saved because side characters decided at the last minute to "do the right thing" and suddenly flip-flop their character's moral stance for the cause. Here is where personal preference comes heavily into play here. This show is very much a show about good triumphing over evil -- black and white, the path is always clear; in a show with this gritty and dark of a story there needs to be some gray area. We need to see some hard decisions being made, some more character flaws, and some points in the story that the "right" decision isn't really clear. The current result is that the story -- especially the single-episode stories -- becomes very contrived and formulaic after a while.

      Bottom line: It's an entertaining watch if you have time, but don't set aside time for it. Some may consider it inspiring, while others (like myself) consider it cheesy and preachy much of the time.moreless
    • The war of 2012 is upon us all, your show could save lives, as the war of 2012 will be biological in nature to reduce the population to a manageable degree by Satan, he will also have the same charismatic personality and enslave all who oppose himmoreless

      Jeremiah is a very good story plot, and the cast is perfect for this series, Good Job ! but what you do not realize is that it is also coming to pass weather we like it or not, The avian flu scare , LOL it was our Governments attempt to implement Marshal Law, why ? because if our Government Declares Marshal law, then the Chinese Government will send a million of there very elite Imperial guards to police our country ! it is already in our Law books, it was passed into law during the Clinton regime and can be researched by anyone, so maybe you should bring it back ! in order to give us Americans a chance to learn some survival information which may or may not save some of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, GOD is in the equation with his mighty warrior Jesus Christ but he will end it all after 3 and a half years of Hell on earth, your show can and will help Millions learn what it might be like, it might be worse or better then you depict, but ! it will be bad no matter how you see it. Miracles are real ! it would be a miracle if the amount of people in your show actually survive the 2012 biblical war, but i am uncertain if that many will make it, I know they will not let you mention the NWO, or the illuminati or the masons but your writers have done a very good job in describing them already and they know what they are doing, Let them write it without corporate dictatorship and we can see our future through there eyes ! and possibly survive the real Biological War of 2012 !moreless
    • Fifteen years after a virus wiped out everyone who had passed puberty, the survivors are living on the scraps of the old world. Now they must either continue the downward slide, or begin to rebuild the world, taking responsibility for their lives.moreless

      It was a great series and I was sad to see it go but I think it was time for this series to end. To anyone who into science fiction series then this might be your show because it also have action and drama all mixed in this series. I'm very happy I was old enough to see and understand this series when it was showing new episodes. But it not a complete last because now the series is now airing the series on Sci-Fi Channel every so often. To Showtime, the network I believe created and aired this series, keep up with the good work.moreless
    • This is the best show I have ever seen, hands down, Heroes and Smallville even Prison Break and CIS aren't even close to this show, this show is just the best it's one of the shows that makes you actually feel what the characters are and inspires you.moreless

      This is the best show that has ever been made, they manage to pack so much into an episode and yet your never lost, this show is about the characters, the people but it's not too dramatic it's down to earth and it isn't inhibited by censors. This show shows the struggles the characters go through when trying to rebuild the world, the pain they endure and the bastards they have to kill to do it, and not everyone makes it but they still keep going, they know if they don't succeed someone who won't allow freedom will.

      I'll leave you will a quote from the ending (SPOILER)

      "I say we go over and talk to them

      What if they shoot at us?

      Then we shoot back, there's always time for bullets my man"moreless
    • Great show based on a great comic book and even though it parted greatly from the original work. With a wonderful apocalyptic storyline and a welcome back to tv for some of the eighties and nineties biggest stars.moreless

      Great show based on a great comic book and even though it parted greatly from the original work. With a wonderful apocalyptic storyline and a welcome back to tv for some of the eighties and nineties biggest stars. The wonderful premise of a world made to start over with a new generation was very intriguing. As a purposefully dichotomy we see the young taking up arms and abusing the weak just like their parents. We see children thrown into hell become parents themselves so many young parents was a jarring site. Seeing the old who survived the big death manipulate the world as they had done before was great. It showed how no matter how much things change they stay the same.

      It was a real kick looking back and seeing some of scifi's now stars when they were little unknowns. One can't mention the show without wonderful performances from Malcolm Jamal Warner, Luke Perry, and Sean Austin. The show did end early but I think ending with the war potentially over was a good move. The show gave us a goal and a common enemy to defeat and ended it once that finish line had been crossed and left us with good memories of a good show.moreless
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