Season 1 Episode 18

A Means to an End

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Jul 05, 2002 on Showtime



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    • (Markus is drunk)
      Jeremiah: We gotta get you sobered up before that council meeting.
      Markus: You're starting to sound a lot like a camp counselor from Camp Not-A-Lot-Of-Fun. It's okay. I can walk, I can walk.
      Jeremiah: Oh, really?
      Markus: I can handle walking.
      Jeremiah: All right. There you go.
      Markus: It's the spinning and gravity I'm having trouble with.
      Jeremiah: That's what I thought.
      (Erin walks in and sees Jeremiah helping Markus stand)
      Erin: What are you two doing?
      Jeremiah: Uh, having a party. Come on. Give me a hand.
      Markus: Erin.
      Erin: Where are we going?
      Jeremiah: Gotta get some coffee into your friend here.
      Markus: Is this what I missed by not going to college?
      Jeremiah: Yeah. It's not much to write home about.
      Markus: Jeremiah, I am home.

    • Kurdy: You know what gets me about this council? When was the last time they've been on the outside? Do they have any idea what's going on as they sit in here all nice and cozy?
      Jeremiah: Nah, but they're about to find out. 'Cause all that stuff outside is gonna come knocking at the front door pretty soon.
      Kurdy: You go the way Markus goes, at least you have people you can count on when the hammer falls. You go the other way, you're all alone. That's not playing it safe, that's terminal.

    • Jeremiah: You never struck me as somebody who'd run.
      Theo: Theo does not run, honey. I might walk fast, but that's just the shoes.

  • Notes

    • Listed at the beginning are:
      Peter Stebbings
      Kim Hawthorne
      Byron Lawson
      Ingrid Kavelaars
      Kandyse McClure
      Steven Grayhm
      Suzy Joachim
      Gabriel Mann

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