Season 1 Episode 4

...And the Ground, Sown with Salt

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Mar 22, 2002 on Showtime

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  • AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC! I hated 90210, barely ever watched it, but Luke Perry, Malcom Jamal-Warner, & Jason Priestly were killer in this episode! Spoiler included below!!!

    To watch someone so "psychotic" behaving wanting to destroy a world he never created or had anything to do with and the destruction he was willing to cause was incredible! I don't know that this was a pivotal part in the movie but maybe in my lifei watching the things going on! The man wanted to be "GOD" and was in his "part of the world" but he went out destroying other cities just to destroy! The character's wife got pregnant and he told her she was his angel, and that angels don't have babies! He ordered the men to kill her the next morning and she overheard it! I think the coolest part I HaVE SeEN In AnY MoVIE was the VERY END of this episode! The woman walks out after saving the prisoners into their palace and has something in her hand...she yells at Jason Priestly's character "HEY GOD, I'M YOUR **** ANGEL" flips the switch to the bomb and blows the whole town to bits ending that persons reign of terror! A sacrificial thing she did saved part of the world that was left standing! INCREDIBLE...made me laugh histerically but I guess deep down inside there was a horror that can't be described and a weird feeling all over! If you get into this episode from the beginning you will not be ready for the ending I just discussed unless you read this!
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