Season 2 Episode 4

Deus Ex Machina

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Oct 31, 2003 on Showtime



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  • Quotes

    • Theo: I'd rather follow the man who has the power and doesn't use it, has the ideas, who thinks that they're better than he is than the man who likes power too much and will do anything to get it. The man who thinks that he is bigger than the ideas.

    • Theo: Why don't you go to what's ever left of the East Coast and ask about Daniel? Or the Tall Man. He goes by that one, too. They say he's like one of these guys from out of the old world. Tall and straight, good teeth, and eyes that see straight through you 'til Sunday. And when he speaks, huh, you listen. He's building something out there. Something big and scary.

    • Kurdy: So, how's it going with the rest of the founding fathers?
      Erin: Ugly. I just don't think they're taking this seriously.
      Kurdy: Well, should they?
      Markus: Shouldn't they?
      Kurdy: Think about it. Everyone in there got to where they are by fighting everybody else. Now, they have pushed and pulled and bit and scratched their way into running a town. Then a couple towns and then more. And every step of the way they've had somebody trying to con 'em or take it all away. Now, you think guys like this are gonna bend over just 'cause we ask 'em to?
      Erin: I know, it's just, it's just that they...
      Kurdy: They want to believe. They do. You can see it in their eyes. For sixteen years, they fought to build something and they don't want it to end when they die. They want to believe in all of this. Just like I did when I got here. But in the outside world, it's hard to trust anybody.

    • Kurdy: You're here.
      Smith: Good observation.
      Kurdy: You were just at the mountain.
      Smith: Good memory.

    • Theo: Never talk with your mouth full.
      Markus: Your mother tell you that?
      Theo: No, a hooker.
      Markus: I could've gone all day without knowing that.

  • Notes

    • Listed at the beginning are:
      Peter Stebbings
      Ingrid Kavelaars
      Kim Hawthorne
      Byron Lawson
      David Palffy
      Scott Heindl
      Kavan Smith

  • Allusions

    • The title is a Latin term literally meaning, "god of the machine" this is a phrase that is often applied to the end of an ancient Greek play when everything would work out by a God's or Goddesses's last minute intervention. Much like how Theo's speech at the end of the meeting got all of the leaders to agree.

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