Season 1 Episode 10

Journeys End in Lovers Meeting

Aired Friday 10:45 PM May 03, 2002 on Showtime



  • Quotes

    • Jeremiah: It's nothing personal. It's just...
      David: You don't trust me.
      Jeremiah: I don't trust you.
      David: How is that not personal?
      Jeremiah: Every time someone drags God into the conversation, it's because they want something. It's a con, it's a hustle, or worse. So excuse me if I look at all you've got going on here, and I wonder what it is that you're really up to.
      David: You know, a few centuries ago, people went on pilgrimages all the time to testify to their belief, to encourage hope, to receive absolution. They expected miracles, and they got them.
      Jeremiah: I believe in miracles a lot less than I believe in whatever it is that you're selling.
      David: Why? It's a new world. The rules have changed. Technologically, we've been plunged back into the middle ages. Right? Maybe, that's the only place where miracles are possible. Maybe, God stopped appearing because He got tired of all the noise. Maybe he only appears when the world is quiet enough to pay attention. Either way, I know we will find our miracle at the end of our journey. Tell me something. Do you believe that there's hope for a better world, Jeremiah?
      Jeremiah: Yeah. Yeah, I do.
      David: Well then, like it or not, you and me and God, we're all on the same side.