Season 2 Episode 1

Letters from the Other Side (1)

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Oct 10, 2003 on Showtime



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    • Interrogator: Would you like something to drink?
      Markus: Yeah.
      Interrogator: In return, will you give us the names of the other individuals involved in your attempt to overthrow the United States government?
      Markus: There is no United States government. There hasn't been one in fifteen years.
      Interrogator: This place is the government. The lawfully established seat of power...
      Markus: This place is a bad memory. This place is a testament to everything that was wrong with the old world. A triumph of brute force over basic humanity.
      Interrogator: Does it make it easier for you to think of us in that way?
      Markus: Easier? No. More honest? F**k, yeah.

    • Guard: Come on. Let's go. The President wants to see you.
      Jeremiah: The President? The President of what?
      Guard: The United States, asshole.
      Jeremiah: The United States Asshole. USA. The initials are still the same.

    • Mister Smith: God says you're late.
      Kurdy: God says what?
      Mister Smith: You're late, I've been waiting here for almost an hour.

    • Markus: You know how you spent the last fifteen years looking for Valhalla Sector?
      Jeremiah: Yeah.
      Markus: Well, I could've saved you the trouble. They crashed the big meeting in St. Louis. They hit us with guns, bazookas, tear gas, tanks, APVs, helicopters, rockets and I'm pretty sure at least one of them used really harsh language.

  • Notes

    • Things Left Unsaid Part Two
      Excerpt Starring
      Kandyse McClure

    • Listed at the beginning are:
      Peter Stebbings
      Ingrid Kavelaars
      Byron Lawson
      Michael David Simms
      Robert Wisden
      Suzy Joachim
      Robert Foxworth

    • Joanne Kelly is added to the main cast.

    • Sean Astin is added to the main cast.

    • The introductionary speech is changed for the new season.
      It's been 15 years since a strange disease wiped out all of the adults and left us kids to fend for ourselves. Now I'm moving ahead through the past.

      The music is also changed. It is the same piece as was played during the closing credits of the pilot.

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