Season 1 Episode 3

Man of Iron, Woman Under Glass

Aired Friday 10:45 PM Mar 15, 2002 on Showtime

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  • There are very few episodes of any series that can pull off any comic or super-hero related stuff in a serious setting - but this episode pulled it off!

    This is how you correctly pull the heart strings and connect it to serious problems in the past and the hope for the future. The problem is that inserting a comic-based or super-hero based storyline usually looks ridiculous in a "serious" show. However, because Straczinsky knows where he's coming from, he successfully weaved believability (dirty, make-shift costume, "real" problems) into the world of the comic book ("Iron Cave") and amazingly added a touch of genious with the laptop database idea. The show never goes overboard, never drops into farsical state - it's just a hard, dirty look into the mind and the escape from reality, adding a great touch of hope at the end. Excellent episode!